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Give the Gift of Coffee with Coast to Coast Coffee


Something that will pop up in the majority of my Christmas Gift List choices is that I like to give unique gifts to the people I love. I put a lot of time and effort into thinking about what to give, and making sure that those choices are appropriate for the person I am giving them to. I like to think outside of the box, and I like to give gifts that are specific to the likes and personality of my friends and family. Generally speaking, you are not going to see a lot of gift cards or boxed gift sets from Walmart from me. There is nothing wrong with gift cards or boxed gift sets (I enjoy receiving both) but Christmas time, and gift giving in general, is a time when my creative side really shows.

So, what do you get the coffee fanatic on your list? You could get them a gift card to a local coffee shop. You could get a ready made coffee gift basket at the mall. OR you could think outside the box and get them freshly roasted coffee that will be delivered right to their door!

About Coast to Coast Coffee

Coast to Coast Coffee is Canadian. They offer FREE shipping across Canada with your order. Their coffee is Organic, Fair Trade and roasted in small custom batches just before shipment. This guarantees fresh coffee that tastes amazing.

Coast to Coast Coffee offers four different Plans: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or One Timer.  Prices range from $16.95 to $18.95 for 400g of freshly roasted coffee which works out to about 40¢ per cup.

Coast to Coast Coffee offers ground coffee or the recommended whole bean coffee (for a fresher product).

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I received a surprise package of 4 coffees. I mentioned that my preferred roast was a medium roast, and that I preferred whole beans so I could grind them myself. The roasts I received are: Mexico Chiapas, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Guatemala Nahualá and Peru Penachi.


14702256_10154030833041732_5452340407253656140_n 14721441_10154030833011732_2008118185879309424_n

Mexico Chiapas is a light-medium roasted coffee from Chiapas. It has a well balanced acidity and a smooth finish with a fruity and nutty flavour and caramel and cocoa undertones. Its very earthy.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is a light-medium roast from Yirgacheffe. It is very aromatic with wine like undertones. Once brewed, this a citrus aroma and has a tangy bitter sweetness.  This is the coffee Coast to Coast recommends for those who enjoy to drink their coffee black.

Guatemala Nahualá is a medium roasted coffee from Quetzaltengano. Its well balanced with a very rich chocolate flavour and a hint of smokiness. It has a nice clean aftertaste and finish.

Peru Penachi is a light-medium roast that has hints of baker’s chocolate and a subtle ripe black cherry note.


I am a huge coffee drinker and lover, and truly believe most days I have more coffee than blood running through my veins. Life without coffee is a life not worth living in my opinion. Coffee is what keeps me going, keeps me functional, and allows me to “people.” Without coffee, I can’t “people” or even think in a coherent manner. My excitement over trying these amazing coffees was hard to contain. The day after I received my shipment I got right to work testing each variety.

14717282_10154030833006732_4787814717017074535_n 14650164_10154030832906732_6384512271571971583_n 14680573_10154030832736732_3881575030593381650_n
I have nothing bad that I can say about the coffees. Each one was delicious and enjoyable. My favourite was the Guatemala Nahualá. It was smooth, the aftertaste was pleasant and enjoyable and there was a really nice smoky nutty aroma.

I only grind enough coffee each morning for what I need that day, and I’ve been keeping the beans sealed in air tight containers. They recommend using a glass jar, but I’ve been using my Tupperware. By grinding daily, I am keeping the beans fresher, and my morning coffee is tasting better!


What I like:

  • Freshly roasted to order
  • Excellent selection of Coffees to choose from
  • Affordable and FREE shipping
  • Organic and Fair Trade
  • Tastes and smells as good as described

What I don’t like:

  • NOTHING. There is absolutely nothing I didn’t like. The choices, the aroma, the customer service, the packaging, the descriptions, and most of all the TASTE, were all wonderful and better than expected! There is NO DOWNSIDE to Coast to Coast Coffee! Affordable, convenient, and perfect for each and every coffee lover!

Why does Coast to Coast Coffee make a great gift?

  • They offer Organic and Fair Trade coffee delivered for FREE to your lucky gift recipient’s mailbox.
  • Their coffees are fresh roasted, and they are sent out for shipping within 24 hours of when they are roasted!
  • Easy shopping and online ordering, no crowded malls!
  • Flexible gift giving options! You choose how often and for how long your gift will last!
  • Their gift packaging is personalized with a festive holiday tag.

Right now, just in time for ChristmasCoast to Coast has an EXCELLENT Holiday Promotion going on! If you purchase any recurring gift (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly) of 6 orders or more, they will send you a FREE package of coffee! FREE!  Just enter promotion code “gift2016” upon checkout and they will send you instructions explaining how to claim your free coffee.

Follow this link to place your order and cross some names off your list today! http://www.coasttocoastcoffee.ca/coffee-gift.html 


If you would like to connect with Coast to Coast Coffee or learn more about their coffee and service check them out online here, or visit them on social media.
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CoasttoCoastCoffeeInc
Twitter https://twitter.com/C2CCoffee
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/coasttocoastcoffee/
Google + https://plus.google.com/+CoasttocoastcoffeeCa2014



Disclosure: I received samples complimentary from Coast to Coast Coffee for testing purposes. Opinions in this post are my own and have not been altered or influenced in any way.



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  1. kristen visser

    lol I too am in a relationship with coffee! it understands me and helps get me through my day. i have been making my own coffee a home more instead of going out and spending money . The Guatemala Nahualá sounds like my kind of coffee and mmmm the smell of coffee beans. is anything better then that?

  2. Lynda Cook

    This looks like great coffee, I like to grind my coffee too, but I haven’t bought myself any beans in awhile

  3. Darlene Schuller

    Oh this looks really good.. as I was looking at the pictures of the beans I could almost smell them… ahh sweet coffee.

  4. Trisha Y.

    I never think of ordering gifts sent directly to homes, this would be a great idea!!

  5. Darcy Koch

    Although I am not a coffee drinker, I do LOVE the smell of fresh, roasted coffee. And I agree, homemade and different gifts are the best. I certainly enjoy them. What I really like are homemade gifts from children. They are so proud of their work and it brings a smilr to their face to see how much you appreciate their gift.

  6. jan

    Oh wow – I am on this! We love our coffee beans and trying out different sorts.

  7. Melissa Bowers

    I love fresh grind coffee. Nothing tastes better in the morning. Great review thank you

  8. Cheryl MacPhail

    What a great gift idea for the hard to buy for coffee lover!! thanks for the review 🙂

  9. Lynda Cook

    I love my coffee and will grind my own beans, but I have a problem with what kinds of beans to buy, I love my coffee but I’m not very good at understanding the bean!!

  10. Treen Goodwin

    Awesome , i have never actually ground my own coffee beans , my mom does all the time , i’m too lazy lol , guess i will try it out and see , i’m sure the coffee is much fresher and tastes awesome thanks for a great review 🙂

  11. Julie

    That is a really great idea for coffee lovers and is much more personal than a gift card, I like it!

  12. Victoria Ess

    This is such a nice gift idea! I love that they have a free shipping option!

  13. Jenny L.

    I love coffee. How exciting to get some sent to you!

  14. Calvin F.

    Definitely a great gift for coffee lovers, the whole house smelling like coffee first thing in the morning.

  15. Elizabeth Vlug

    I love your comment about coffee being able to make you “peoples” LOL. I couldn’t agree with you more. This looks like a great gift idea for that coffee lover in your life. Thanks for the review.

  16. Gord

    It certainly helps with how each coffee tastes. I generally don’t drink coffee(especially from a well known canadian franchise) but would consider this brand.

    • Gord

      I meant how you listed each coffees taste profile. It helps me and probably others to chose the one most suited to our own tastes.

  17. Now this is a subscription service I don’t see much of! I love coffee but I can’t say I’m a real connoisseur. Having said that, there aren’t very many people I know who wouldn’t LOVE to receive this!

  18. AD

    This would make a wonderful gift; I’d gift it to myself if I could (allergic to coffee). I love coffee.

  19. kalvin baker


  20. Hahaha…I can’t “people” without coffee either…love that statement! Those beans look like they a full of smell and flavor. Sounds like a wonderful brand.

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