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Surving the Summer with Gold Bond

Gold Bond
Surviving All that Summer Brings Our Way

Gold Bond

Summer – the shortest season of the year, or so it seems. Time to get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and – sweat! I’m going to get right down to the nitty gritty and be – blunt. Let’s talk about sweaty boobs and itchy groins. This is the one thing about summer that I dread. This summer, I’m going to be lathering myself up with Gold Bond.

Gold Bond has been a staple in our home for as long as I can remember. Hubby swears by it’s ability to relieve burning and itching of the skin, especially during the summer months. I had never tried it, until now.

I love the summer months and the heat – yes – that glorious hot breeze and the summer sun beating down on me. The one thing I don’t like about the heat of summer – aside from the bugs – is sweating. I sweat a lot over most of my body but the one area that I can’t seem to tolerate is in-between my boobs – errrr I mean breasts. Wearing a bra almost 24/7 doesn’t help either. I am always burning and itching which leads to scratching and rubbing which makes the burning and itching so much worse. My skin becomes red and irritated so much so that I have actually rubbed a layer of skin off which is painful. It’s also embarrassing! Have you ever been in the grocery store or park or anywhere public for that matter and just had to scratch that area or else? Yeah – that! I am certain that I have received a few stares and glances my way – no matter how inconspicuous I tried to be.

Hubby is always trying to get me to use some of his voodoo ju ju remedies. Creams, lotions and potions that he swears will cure all that ails me. I never listen. He has stock in Gold Bond – or at least he should have. He always has some on hand and keeps a tube or two in his car so he has some on hand everywhere he goes.

When I was given the opportunity to try some of Gold Bond’s products, hubby couldn’t have been more happier and when the package arrived, he opened the box, took out the pump bottle and began to use it. He looked at me with a grin on his face and asked me if I wanted him to rub some on me. Well – I said no -lol- I can put some on myself, after all, it wasn’t my back that was in need of healing. I broke his bubble -lol-

Gold Bond Medicated Anti-Itch CreamAnyhow, I took the tube of Gold Bond Medicated Anti-Itch Cream out of the box, opened the lid and squeezed the cream onto my hand and began to rub it all over the affected area. IT BURNED!!!! I said to my hubby “WTF are you trying to do to me?!!!” I mean I was panting -lol- BUT that sensation lasted briefly and guess what?!!!! There was no more pain – no more burning – no more itching AND within a short amount of time, the redness went away. I couldn’t believe it! Hubby’s voodoo ju ju treatment worked!! Then I heard those words that I seldom to rarely hear – from him anyhow ” I told you so!” -lol-

I couldn’t do anything but smile back and say “Yes – you were right!” and let me tell you those words tasted like salt water in my mouth!

So, there ya have it. If you are like me suffer from the burning and itching from summer sweat and heat, this cream is for you. I am going to be using it from now on!! Gold Bond Medicated Anti-Itch Cream is also great for relief from, insect bites,  skin irritations, scrapes, burns, cuts, dry itchy skin and sunburns. You can find out more about this product by visiting the Gold Bond website: http://www.goldbond.ca/EN/medicated/anti-itching-skin-cream.aspx.

Now enough about me and my breasts. -lol-

Gold Bond Intense Relief Medicated Anti-Itch LotionHubby uses the Gold Bond Intense Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Lotion for his groin area. He uses it all year round but more so in the summer months. He gets chaffed and his skin burns and gets really red. Once he starts to feel it, he grabs the Gold Bond and cakes it onto the area. I’ve told him before that he doesn’t need to rub that much onto his skin but he has never been one to be able to judge sizes or amounts – such as the size of storage container he should put the leftovers into – but that’s another story for another day!

He feels relief instantly and even though the itching and burning subsides, he still puts some on every other day – just to be on the safe side.

Aside from the burn and itching of the groin, the Gold Bond Intense Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Lotion is also great for relief from, insect bites,  skin irritations, scrapes, burns, cuts, dry, cracked or chapped skin and sunburns.

You can find out more about this product by visiting the Gold Bond website: http://www.goldbond.ca/EN/medicated/anti-itch-skin-lotion.aspx

Be Prepared!! Take Gold Bond products anywhere. They are easily carried in a backpack or bag. Place them in your car for when you travel. Place them into your first aid kit! Take them to the park because pesky bugs are always biting and children always seem to be getting scraped knees and other boo boos. Get out and go camping, fishing and hiking! Don’t let the summer heat, bugs, bites and burns stop you from having fun and going on adventures because #AdventuresAreGold.

Gold Bond-Travel Pack

Purchase Gold Bond and SAVE!! Click on the Photo to Print.

Gold Bond Coupon

Gold Bond has other fantastic products such as Gold Bond Ultimate, another one of hubby’s favourites. You can check them out on the website: http://www.goldbond.ca/ and for our USA readers: http://www.goldbond.com/

Disclosure:  I received samples from Gold Bond for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

Christine is the proud mother of three amazing adults in their 20s, and one ‘fur baby’, a dog named Tracker who is never far from Christine’s side.  A devoted gardener, during the spring and summer months Christine can normally be found tending to her flower and vegetable gardens.  Living in Southern Ontario near Lake Erie, Christine enjoys spending time outdoors, is an avid hiker and fisher, including ice fishing in the winter months.

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  1. Victoria Ess

    I definitely need this for the summer!

  2. Lynda Cook

    Gold Bond is awesome and helps and relieves the itchies!! I use it the powder all the time, I like it very much!!

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