The Grossery Gang

Your Shoppin’s Gone Rotten!

The Grossery Gang™ are the craziest, zaniest new collectibles with attitude!
Collect, swap and play with the coolest Grossery Gang™ characters around!

the grossery gang

If it’s chewy, gooey with guaranteed spewy then you’ve likely got your hands on a Grossery Gang Series 2 Moldy Chip Pack! Rip one open and see what you find inside! The fun times (and fragrant fumes) never stop when the Grossery Gang’s involved! So come on down to the Yucky Mart to hang with the grossest of gangs and see if you can collect them all!

What are The Grossery Gang? Basically, they are Shopkins that have spoiled, or gone bad. Moldy, rotten, and disgusting, they are sure to be a big hit with your kids. There are 150 different characters to collect in series 2 including characters that are common, rare, ultra rare, special edition and limited edition.

We received a package of The Grossery Gang Moldy Chips, series 2.  Included were 10 disgusting and gross characters plus a Rotten Receipt Collector’s Guide list (so you can keep track of your collection).

grossery gang

Our package contained:

  • Awful Sauce: Grot Pepper Sauce (Common)
  • Sour Dairy: Blue Spew Cheese (Rare)
  • Fungus Fruits: Krud Kiwi Fruit (Common)
  • Gooey Breakfasts: Rancid Raisin Toast (Common)
  • Untasty Treats: Slobstopper (Rare)
  • Fungus Fruits: Squished Banana (Common)
  • Scummy Sodas: Oozy Orange Juice (Common)
  • Gross Greasies: Gooey Nachos (Common)
  • plus TWO surprise Grossery in Milk Crates

grossery gang

Our Surprise Grossery were:

  • Fungus Fruits: Pukey Passionfruit (Ultra Rare)
  • Glowin’ Gadgets: Smell Phone (Special Edition)

grossery gang

grossery gang

Hayden claimed the package of The Grossery Gang at first sight, telling me that he really really wanted the Shopkins.  I explained that they were called The Grossery Gang, and he now he calls them The Gross Shopkins.

What We Thought:

Hayden loves how “squishy” they are, and their funny faces. But most of all he loves how GROSS they are. The mold, the ooze, the disgusting names. He thinks they are hilarious, and he has given them all little personalities and plays with them like they are stinky, rotting, farting action figures. He’s already created a LONG WISH LIST of additional characters that he wants to try to collect.

I love that these require no batteries or internet connection relying, instead, on good old fashioned imagination.

grossery gang

You can purchase The Grossery Gang Series 2 Moldy Chips 10 pack, and other Grossery Gang items at ToysRUs. Prices range from $3.99 (for a pack of 2) to $29.99 for the Mega Pack and Vile Vending Machine (which each contain 20 characters). The 10 pack (like what we reviewed) retails for $12.99.

grossery gang

The Grossery Gang

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