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Give the Gift of Reading with I See Me Personalized Storybooks


In my house we love books. Books surround us in almost every room. My dream house would have a room covered in shelves for books, books, and more books. One of my favourite type of books to get my kids are personalized story books. They always love reading books with their names in them. It takes the joy of reading up a notch, and makes it almost magical.


One of my favourite companies to order personalized children’s picture books from is I See Me. They have a large selection of beautifully written and illustrated books that keep the magic of reading alive. Over the years we have collected a few different books from I See Me.

We have Hayden Can Change The World!


And Hayden’s Sing Along Book! (This one also came with a personalized CD)



We have Hayden, We Wish You More


and My Very Own Name


We also have God Loves Kristopher


and Kristopher’s Night Before Christmas.


My Night Before Christmas is one of my favourites of all our I See Me books. Its fully personalized, with room for all five of my boys (there is the option of up to 4 additional names that you can include in the book), and even room for either a dog or a cat. T’was the Night Before Christmas is my all-time favourite children’s story, and I really love what I See Me has done with it to personalize it. Its really a very special story!

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Our newest I See Me book is Hayden’s Magical Snowman!


As with all I See Me books, the My Magical Snowman book is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colours. The story is fun, a little bit silly, and heart warming. Hayden never gets sick of hearing his name in a story. He was 2 when he received his first I See Me book (My Very Own Name). He is 6 now, and his face still lights up whenever I read him one of his personalized story books.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-11-44-40-pm screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-11-44-29-pm

The My Magical Snowman gift set comes with a matching colouring book and a personalized Christmas ornament. Hayden LOVES to colour, so he was very excited to receive a colouring book, and he’s already asking me when I am going to put up the Christmas tree so that he can hang up his new ornament! Personalized Christmas ornaments are also something that I really love, and this one is going to fit right in on our tree!  One side has a photo of Hayden on it, and the other side has the snowman from the story.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-11-40-29-pm screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-11-40-38-pm screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-11-40-50-pm

I See me books are more than just books. They are timeless, treasured keepsakes to be cherish always. My hope is that these will get passed down to my Grandchildren one day (far far in the future)!

I See Me has a really nice collection of Christmas books perfect for holiday giving! You can check out the selection here. This year, put a smile on their face and give them the gift of reading with their very own I See Me personalized storybook!


If you want to learn more about I See Me and their products, and stay up to date on their newest selections and promotions, visit them on social media and/or sign up for their newsletter!

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ISeeMeBooks  

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ISeeMe_Books

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Email promos/discounts and updates:  http://www.iseeme.com/preference-center.html


Starting on December 1st, you can enter to win a copy of any I See Me Book of your choice! Make sure you come back at 10am MST December 1st to find out how you can enter!



Disclosure: I received samples from I See Me  for testing and review purposes. Not all products mentioned in this post were samples, many were products I already had. Opinions in this post are my own and have not been altered or influenced in any way.
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  1. Cheryl MacPhail

    These books are so cute!! Such great gift ideas 🙂

  2. Cheryl MacPhail

    I would choose the Magical Snowman if I won 🙂

  3. Treen Goodwin

    I would choose T’was the Night Before Christmas , super fun 🙂

  4. Alison Braidwood

    If I won I’d get the Sing Along book. My three year old niece would LOVE that.

  5. Janet M

    I would choose My very own Name.

  6. Julie

    My daughter already has the personalized Night Before Christmas so I think the We wish you more sounds really cute!

  7. Lynda Cook

    These are awesome books, such great keepsakes

  8. The book I would most like to have is GRACE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD

    I love these personalized books and the fact that they can be read all year round.
    Amie Gaudet recently posted…THE CHEMIST by Stephenie Meyer is a riveting page-turner that solidifies her debut as a Thriller author My Profile

  9. ivy pluchinsky

    I love the Magical Snowman one!

  10. Joni W

    I would chooose the God Loves ____ book. They’re so adorable.

  11. Bailey Dexter

    I would love to pick up Evely the HELLO WORLD,My Very Happy Birthday Book. I have one for Hudson and he looks it! What a great keepsake!

  12. Audrey Stewart

    I think children will want to read more if they see their name, and believe the story was just for them. The Happy Birthday Book would be the best.

  13. Brittany

    I would choose night before Christmas! My little boy would love it!

  14. I would choose My Very Own Fairytale

  15. Melissa Bowers

    If I won I would pick Sing Along Book!

  16. Catherine Robichaud

    I would probably choose The Sing Along Book for my grandson who just loves to sing.

  17. Caryn Coates

    I would choose the Magical Snowman if I won

  18. Gillian Morgan

    I would choose the My Night Before Christmas.

  19. Elizabeth LaBlance

    All of them look great

  20. William Ng

    My Very Own Name!

  21. Cherin McKenzie

    I would pick My Very Own Name

  22. Silvia D

    love personalized books! I would love the Night Before Christmas one!

  23. Joanne Elford

    I would pick the Sing Along Book.

  24. Crystal Parsons

    i like these books they are so cute my youngest would love this kind of book that has her name on it.

  25. angela m

    I would choose the My 12 Days of Christmas (Family Edition) if I won.

  26. lori butler

    i like the change the world book

  27. Christine D

    The night before Christmas book! Obv with the correct name for my kiddos! Such an awesome personal gift!

  28. loriag

    I would choose the book Hayden Can Change The World if I won. We actually have a nephew Hayden who this would be lovely for.

  29. Nicole Aben

    I like the personalized night before Christmas book because I’d love to have 12 Christmas books to do an advent countdown with my kids and it looks adorable!

  30. Josh S

    I think I would get My Very Own Fairy Tale Storybook for my daughter. Thanks

  31. I would chooseT’was the Night Before Christmas

  32. If I won I would get the Sing Along book for my little grandson. He
    loves music and I know he would enjoy this cute book. 🙂

  33. definately the magical snowman

  34. Jennifer P.

    I would choose the Princess Personalized Book – my daughter would love it!

  35. Deanna Petrie

    I would choose the Night Before Christmas book. Great article.

  36. Nancy Barrett

    So cute! I would choose “We Wish You More”.

  37. Debbie S.

    What a unique gift. So personal and self esteem lifting. I would choose the Magical Snowman.

  38. Robyn Bellefleur

    I would get one in my youngest daughter’s name. She is becoming a avid reader and would love one of these.

  39. LeslieC

    They all look like great books but I would choose the Sing along Book!

  40. Juliee Fitze

    I would like to get Kennedy’s sing along book.

  41. Heather Swanson

    Magical Snowman

  42. AD

    OMGosh, these are wonderful, personalized books! My godson would love these (he’s two and loves to read); I would love the Sing Along Book for him. Or the I Can Change The World Book. Thank you!

  43. Diana

    I would pick night before christmas

  44. Marlene V.

    I like the I see Me! Night Before Christmas.

  45. Kim K

    I think the sing along song book is great!

  46. I would chose the Magical Snowman.

  47. Linda

    I would get the Change the World book.

  48. Janice Cournoyer

    I would choose night before Christmas! My grandson would love it!

  49. Trisha Y.

    I would get the sing a long book. My daughter would LOVE it!

  50. Julie F

    I would choose Twas The Night Before Christmas

  51. I really like Kristophers Night Before Christmas

  52. Monique L.S.

    I think I would pick the My Night Before Christmas book. Would be a lovely keepsake.

  53. I would pick T’was the night before Christmas!

  54. nicky

    These look great! I would choose the Magical Snowman book.

  55. JoKing

    I would choose the magical snowman

  56. Sherri F

    My Very Own Name!

  57. my daughter would love night before christmas

  58. Cheryl

    I would pick the magical snowman

  59. Linda Klages

    I’d choose the Christmas song book with CD

  60. Sunshine G

    We’d choose the singalong book – family randomly bursting into song is a thing around here.

  61. Aimee

    The magical snowman

  62. Amelia Pond

    I would choose the God Loves … book if I won

  63. Lorraine Wiebe

    I would take all the books but if I had to choose one it would be Kristophers Night Before Christmas

  64. Carla kopp

    Night before Christmas my son Nolan would love it, he would enjoy all of them

  65. Jaclyn Mercer

    I would get The Night Before Christmas. My son is just learning to read and it would be a really special gift!

  66. Laura

    I love the personalised night before Christmas book!

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