Influenster-ImPressNails-VoxBox 002I received a VoxBox from Influenster containing 2 packages of imPress Press On Manicure nails by Broadway Nails. “I received these products complimentary from @InfluensterVox  for testing purposes.”

I really loved the colours and the easiness to apply as opposed to mussing and fussing with glues.


PART 1: May 16th 2014

My initial thoughts on the nails were that they would be great for a night on the town or for someone who does’t do much working with their hands.

I have seldom worn fake nails so these are taking some real getting used to. I have been putting these nails to the test since I applied them and I had lost 3 of them within hours of application. 1 down the sink when I did the dishes. 1 went down the shower drain and the other, well I don’t know where that one went, it just wasn’t there when I glanced at my fingers as I had been constantly checking to see if I was missing any nails. That being said, and since I am somewhat of a novice, it could and probably was user error in the application of the nails, meaning ME!! All in all I think they are cute, fun and work great in a pinch.

I had expressed my initial opinion on the product on the Broadway Nails Facebook page. I was almost immediately contacted and informed that I would be sent another set of nails for testing. I quickly replied with my shipping information. Along with a reply that my new set of nails were on their way I was given a few helpful hints when applying the imPress Press On Manicure nails.

“Please prep your nail with the included prep pad after making sure your natural nails are free from polish. Also please be sure to remember that sizing is very important, always choose the size that best fits your nail and it is better to go with a slightly smaller size then to chose a slightly larger size. If you don’t choose the right size they will not stay on the maximum time. You want to avoid contact with water for 30min-hour. Over the next couple of hours after application you should press down on the nails this will help them last longer.”

In reading the simple instructions provided me and in retrospect, I had done everything that was in these instructions.


So, today I await for my new nails to arrive and I will once again apply them carefully, diligently paying close attention to the detailed instructions.

…… to be continued…..

Monday June 2nd 2014

My nails finally arrived. I received 2 more NEW sets. I fell in love with the French Nails and the multi-colour nails are sooooooo funk-a-delic !! I have the PERFECT dress I can wear them with.

ImpressNails-Part2 002

I really could not wait to open them and I followed the instructions that I was given to the letter!!!  I chose to wear the French Nail pattern first. Love the look of them, neat and natural for everyday wear.

ImpressNails-Part2 005

Monday June 2nd ~ 3:15 pm: It has been 4 hours since I have applied my nails and no signs of lifting whatsoever. I am beginning to become “impressed” with these nails.

Monday June 2nd ~ 8: 30 pm: I am happy to report that the #imPressManicure nails are all snug as a bug and remaining ever so pretty on my fingers.

Tuesday June 3rd ~ 7:15 am: The nails passed the overnight test. No nails were found stuck on the hubby’s back, on the bed sheets or have fallen on the floor. All nails have remained intact on my fingernails where they should be. Happy Happy Camper here 🙂

Final Report

The nails are still snug and tight and no signs of loosening whatsoever. I am now in LOVE with these nails. I believe, in retrospect, that the initial nails that I received may have been old or perhaps defective in the sense that they may have been not enough glue on the nails. The prep pad that I received with the first set was dry compared to the overly soaked prep pad that I received with my recent pair.

All in all, I am impressed with #imPressManicure and #BroadwayNails

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.