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Japanese Kit Kat Bars – My Taste Test Adventure

Japanese Kit Kat Bars

Kit Kat Taste Test

japanese kit kat

My son has been begging, and begging, for Japanese candies for months, and months. For his upcoming birthday all he has asked for is Japanese candies, snacks and Kit Kat bars. My first attempt at buying a sampler pack of 12 mini bars resulted in having my order refunded (it never arrived). My second attempt fared much better. For about the same amount, we received two sampler packs for a total of 24 mini bars with 13 different flavours.

Did you know that there has been more than 300 limited edition and/or regional Kit Kat flavours produced in Japan in the last 17 years? 300 different flavours!

From our samplers, I taste tested eight different varieties of Japanese Kit Kat bars, putting the rest of them away for Thomas for his birthday.


kit kat

The Raspberry Kit Kat was very strong. I happen to love raspberries so I enjoyed this one (but if you are not a raspberry fan you probably won’t like it). I liked the pink colour, it is so different from the Kit Kat bars we have here in Canada.

Dark Chocolate

kit kat

This one is marketed for adults in Japan, and has less sugar in it that the other varieties. It tastes exactly what I expected a Kit Kat made with Dark Chocolate would taste like. It wasn’t very sweet, but it was quite tasty.

Vanilla Ice Cream

kit kat

This looks like Cookies and Cream, but has a different taste. I couldn’t place it to begin with so went to Google to try to figure out what flavour this was. Turns out it is Vanilla Ice Cream and it tastes very similar to Vanilla Ice Cream. I prefer our Cookies and Cream variety that is available in Canada, but this one wasn’t at all bad.

Sakura & Roasted Soybean

kit kat

Roasted Soybean didn’t sound overly appealing, and I fully admit that I googled what Sakura was before tasting. Sakura is Japanese Cherry Blossom, and that sounded interesting. This one was really mild and pleasant, not at all overwhelming. If Thomas wants to share another one with me, I wouldn’t say no.


kit kat

This one was absolutely delicious! Flavour wise, it reminds me of the little after dinner mints at the Olive Garden. Really good. We have our own Mint Kit Kat version available in Canada, so next time we go to Walmart I’m going to buy one to see it if it as good as the Japanese version.

Strawberry Cheesecake

kit kat

I hate hate hate hate Cheesecake, but I sucked it up and gave this one a taste. It didn’t taste like Cheesecake, instead tasting more like a Strawberries and Cream. It was okay, not my favourite, but not horrid like I was expecting (because Cheesecake = grossness).

Japanese Sake

kit kat

I could smell the Sake on this one before I even opened the package, and once opened it was overwhelmingly strong. I do not drink alcohol, and even when I did I didn’t drink wine, but I was a good sport and tried it. Made with Sake powder and white chocolate, there is nothing mild about this bar. It was weird, and I felt like I could get drunk just off the smell alone. I would not eat this one again, but I can say I’ve tried it!

Green Tea

kit kat

Once I got past the odd green colour, this one was actually my favourite of all the Kit Kat bars that I tested. It is definitely green tea, and that works really well with the chocolate. I loved this one, and I believe I can buy it at T & T Supermarket (so I will be making a visit there at some point this summer to check it out and possibly stock up).

I would love order more Kit Kat bars from Japan to try even more varieties. I think this is one of the best things Thomas has ever asked for as a birthday gift and I can’t wait to watch him testing out all of his new goodies (because he’s not only getting the Kit Kat bars, he’s getting a large box of assorted Japanese chips, candies and snacks as well).

This is not a sponsored post!

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  1. Soozle

    How fun! What a cool idea 🙂

  2. How fun! I haven’t tried Japanese Kit Kat bars, but my mom is Japanese so I’ve tried lots of Japanese candy. One of my favorites is Botan rice candy. It has an edible wrapper.
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  3. Guppy

    I regularly get the Family size multipack of 70% Dark KitKat at my local Real Canadian Superstore. I’ve also tried the orange version (not bad) and the mint (not so great). I wish we could get more varieties!

  4. I have only ever seen the green tea one, but I like the sound of raspberry

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