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New Joico Blonde Life for Blondes by Choice

Blondes Come to Life With New Joico Blonde Life!

Blonde Life

Blondes have more fun – or so I’ve heard. Maybe that is why more and more often, women are choosing to go blonde. Did you know that globally about forty-six percent of women who colour their hair go blonde? Going and staying blonde can brighten your life but it can be tough on your hair. That’s why Joico invites you to live the Blonde Life with its new line just for all the “blondes-by-choice!”

There is a lot of work to be done when “going blonde”. With regrowth, touch-ups, toning, damage, and dulling of the hair, going blonde – and staying fresh-out-of-the-chair blonde – is a high-maintenance mission. Joico Blonde Life™ is a lightening and brightening system just for blondes.

The Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Lightening Powder and Veil were created with the strand-strengthening amino acid Arginine, and an exotic nutrient-rich blend of Tamanu and Monoi oils, all of which banish the challenges of brassiness, off-tones, fading and damage that blondes experience daily. Blondes by choice that are tired of dealing with coarse, porous, hard-to-detangle hair are looking for products that specifically nourish and revive their delicate strands. By combining elasticity-boosting Arginine, rich oils Monoi and Tamanu, with detoxifiers and Joico Bio- Advanced Peptide Complex®, Blonde Life repairs damage, replenishes strength and prevents breakage in one fell swoop.

Blonde Life Brightening ShampooBlonde Life™ Brightening Shampoo:
To Nourish and Illuminate.
Joico’s Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo, is designed specifically for bleached, double processed and high-lift blondes.

More Info: HERE
Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo (300ml): SRP $20.95 CAD







Blonde Life Brightening ConditionerBlonde Life™ Brightening Conditioner:
Illuminating Hydration & Softness.
Forget the heavy, gloppy treatments that weigh down fine, blonde strands. This nourishing formula combines the lightness of a lotion and the power of a serum to provide instant,intense hydration. Each highlighted strand is polished to a high gleam, giving incredible shine and detangling power. This is a deeply nourishing conditioner that instantly revives blonde hair without weighing things down.

More Info: HERE
Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner (300ml): SRP $22.65 CAD




Blonde Life Brightening MasqueBlonde Life Brightening Masque: Hydrates, Detoxifies and Illuminates.
The perfect companion for Blonde Life Shampoo and Conditioner, this instant treatment transforms bleached, brassy, fried hair into soft, glossy, reflective strands that have body and elasticity – the kind that makes everything move, bounce and shine.

More Info: HERE
Blonde Life Brightening Masque (150ml): SRP $25.95 CAD



Blonde Life Brightening Lightening PowderBlonde Life Lightening Powder: On- or off-Scalp Lightener
Blonde Life Lightening Powder enhances golden strands with an ultra-high-lift formula. It has a powerful conditioning formula and can be used with foils or without. Very easy to rinse and remove and is enriched with Arginine, Tamanu and Monoi oils.

* Proven to keep blondes bright and on-tone for up to 8 weeks (when using Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner/Masque, which preserve over 80% of hair colour after 18 washes).
* Blonde hair that looks healthier and feels nourished.
* Strengthens hair, reduces breakage by over 54% in just one treatment (against combing breakage on damaged hair; in reference to Blonde Life Lightening Powder when used with Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque rather than a non-conditioning bleach).
* Up to 9+ levels of fast-acting lift (refers to Blonde Life Lightening Powder).
* The quickest way to brighten and lighten hair (refers to Blonde Life Lightening Powder versus other Joico lighteners).
* The Blonde Life system’s soft notes of Jasmin and vanilla are complemented by fresh notes of nectarine, green melon and Meyer lemon, with base notes including sugared musk, vanilla and Cashmere Musk.

Latest Addition Blonde Life Brightening Veil: All-In-One 

Blonde Life Brightening Veil
It’s a multi-tasking powerhouse that treats vulnerable blonde locks and protects them from mechanical, thermal, and UV damage, so you end up with only the most beautifully brilliant, healthy-looking blonde that shines! Ward off everything from UV and frizz, and stay shinier and healthier than ever.

* Instantly detangles
* Shields hair from UVA/UVB rays protecting hair-color against damage and fading due to exposure
* Helps keep blondes brighter
* Provide protection from thermal styling up to 450° F (232° C)
* Leaves Hair soft to the touch
* Instantly boosts shine
* Reduces frizz
* Makes hair more manageable
* Improves elasticity
* Hydrates thirsty hair
* Doubles strength (against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. non-conditioning shampoo)

BLONDE LIFE™ Brightening Veil FAQs
* Can be used on damp hair to instantly detangle, soften, shine and protect against thermal and UV damage
* Use on dry hair when using hot styling tools to protect against thermal damage as well as an extra dose of UV protection.
* Repels water. Typically, a characteristic of healthy hair. Healthy hydrophobic hair resist swelling, frizz, and breakage.
* While Blonde Life Brightening Veil was designed with the special needs of bottled blondes in mind it works to condition, soften, add shine and protect all hair color.
* Use daily after Blonde Life Shampoo & conditioner or masque or anytime you want to give your hair extra shine and UVA/UVB protection.
* Before blow drying on freshly shampooed hair, use Blonde Life Brightening Veil before using stylers. When used on dry hair, Blonde Life Brightening Veil’s clean, lightweight mist will refresh hair’s softness, shine and protection.

Joico Blonde Life products are available nationwide in Canada. You can find store’s near you, here: http://www.joico.com/salon-locator/

Social Media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoicoCanada/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoicoCanada
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joicocanada/


A Mom’s Perspective has partnered with Joico Canada to bring you this opportunity to win a Blonde Life Prize Pack.

Blonde Life Giveaway

Prize: Value $89.54 CAD
Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo (300ml): $20.95
Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner (300ml): $22.65
Blonde Life Brightening Masque (150ml): $25.95
Blonde Life Brightening Veil (150ml): $19.99

There will be One(1) Winner

Eligibility: Canadian Residents Only 18+

End Date: June 27th 2017

Good Luck!

Please note:
All Mandatory entries must be done for the extra (optional) entries to count.
ALL entries are checked and will be validated.
Winner(s) will be randomly selected using the Giveaway Tools random selector and notified via email.

For Full Rules, please see our Giveaway Rules under the Policies & Terms tab found here.

Disclosure: This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by Joico Canada.  A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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  1. Karen E. Hill

    Born a blonde, stayed a blonde my whole life, A little help with it nowadays, but no gray yet! High and low lights provided by my hairdresser but Joico products have always been my go to gals!

  2. Allie f

    Myself and my mum-
    We both have blonde highlights!!

  3. Debbie White Beattie

    I accidentally went blonde when I was 16 because I asked for highlights and she did almost my whole head with highlights to where it looked like I had actual brown highlights instead. Although it was a mistake I ended up loving myself as a blonde. Ten years later I dyed it back to brown and hated it so much that I went back to blonde very quickly and I’ve never looked back.
    I would like to try this line of products because I know that Joico makes some of the best haircare products on the market, so I would love to see what it could do for my hair.

  4. Shirley OFlynn

    I have blonde highlights. I decided to go blonde because my natural hair color is a sandy blonde and the highlights brighten the look of my hair. I have heard wonderful things about Joico products and I would love to try them. Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. Shirleyp

    I have burnette colored hair, these would be for daughter who is blonde. I dont have a blonde story

  6. I’m not blonde but my mom is, natural…that’s what it says on the box. She chooses to be blonde because she has beautiful green eyes and it matches well.

  7. Kelly

    I wanted to try a platinum purple and was told to strip my hair first. My hair got a little damaged and won’t hold the color I want but I am rocking the blond look except for the mega damage.

  8. kristen visser

    I was born a blondie 🙂 throughout the years my hair color has changed but I always end up going back to blonde. I feel most confident when I am <3 I would love to try these products. I don't use anything strictly for blonde hair

  9. Athena

    I’m naturally blonde, but I also help it with some extra highlights!

  10. Lisa Rumolo

    I didn’t choose to go blonde. I needed a new look for a before and after fitness contest. Hairstylist bleached my hair blonde! Love being blond. Would love to try products to keep it fresh

  11. Louise

    I choose to be blond because I’m now 52 and grey hairs are coming. With blond hair you don’t see it as much LOL 🙂

  12. Soozle

    I went blonde as I needed a change and it ended up feeling like I was meant to stay this shade!

  13. Jolie

    When I started having grey hair, I decided to go blonde as I thought it would make look younger 🙂

  14. HEIDI C.

    I was very blonde as a child but my hair darkened as I got older to a dirty blonde-light brown shade. I found it very dull in appearance so I started getting blonde highlights added in. Now, my hair is much brighter and the blonde frames my face in a nice, fresh way.

  15. Dana Miller

    I chose to go blonde to lighten and brighten my hair and complement my complexion. I want to go blonder this summer to update and freshen my look for my upcoming 30 year grad reunion. I would love to try Blonde Life products to nourish and protect my locks! My hair always feels dry when I go blond.

  16. nicky

    I have dirty blond hair that gets lighter in the summer. I’d love these products because it would be nice to keep my hair bright and healthy this summertime season!

  17. jan

    I have always had blonde hair although it is getting much darker as I age. Irony is I always admired really dark brown!

  18. Jennifer P.

    Well my Blonde Life story is that I am a natural blonde who always envied people with darker hair who seemed to have so many more options in terms of colouring if they wanted to change their hair up a bit – I have never really been able to do much colour change since my hair is naturally a light blonde. However, now that I am older I have really come to appreciate my blonde hair and I love it now. While all my friends are trying to hide their grey that shows in their dark hair, I am still all blonde, or if there are any whites/greys they just blend in. My hair has darkened some with age, so I now add blonde highlights to my hair 2-3 times a year (no need in the summer when it lightens naturally). I would love to try these products to keep my hair lighter and brighter. My hair can get frizzy and dry sometimes too, and these products sound like they would help that!

  19. patricia furlong

    ive had many different hair colors , with blonde being one of them. im not blonde now but like blonde highlights in myhair. so this would either go to me or my daughter.

  20. Alison Braidwood

    I’m a natural blonde, but I do use John Frieda’s Brightening spray to add streaks before the summer sun does it naturally. So I’d totally use these for myself :0

  21. Rosanne Robinson

    My daughter is a blonde and she loves Joico products, so I would love to win this terrific prize package for her to enjoy.

  22. Florence Cochrane

    I choose to be blonde so the grey don’t show up so much at the roots.

  23. Suzanne G

    I would like the products for my daughter who has bleached blonde hair. These products sound like something her hair could really use.

  24. Charmaine

    My hair is blonde, but I colour my hair at home and have trouble finding good toning products. Thats why I will love to win this!

  25. Nancy Montgomery

    While I am a natural blonde, I no longer go out in the sun so the hair isn’t as light as it once was. These products would help me feel and look more like myself.

  26. George Meek

    My wife is 75 years old and her hair is blonde….

  27. Heather Swanson

    my daughter would like these products.

  28. linda paley

    my hair is light brown [so boring] – so I lighten it and am darkish blonde

  29. Daniela Plume

    I was blonde as a child. my hair now is light brown but i’m planning to go back to my roots 🙂

  30. angela eagle

    Im a natural dark blonde. The products will be for me. I am getting older and my hair is dull so I would like to brighten my blonde. Trying to stay out of the sun means its not as streaked as it once was.

  31. I always choose to go blonde because it is a color that looks amazing on me I was born blonde. It also makes me look younger so I have been told

  32. Marlene V.

    I am not blonde but my auntie is. I would love to give this to her as a gift.

  33. Irene W

    I am a brown hair gal, and I have blonde highlights. I love the blonde and the brown combination…looks nice..

  34. toni velthuis

    I love being blonde! was born blonde and it may or may not still be my natural colour! my hair needs a ton of moisture and I love my made-for-blondes products!

  35. janine a

    i have always been super blonde but since having two kids my hair has gotten darker with each pregnancy so now I’m dying it to get it back to where I want it 🙂
    Love being blonde, we have more fun don’t we? 😉

  36. Calvin F.

    For a friend who is blonde. I don’t have many blonde friends.

  37. Sarahjferg

    I love being strawberry blonde. The color works with my complexion.

  38. Maria Goulart

    I went blonde to cover my grey hair… love it and so does everyone else!

  39. Elena

    I’ve always been blonde and I love my hair colour.

  40. Kim M

    I was born blonde and have always coloured my hair blonde. Joico is a fabulous line and I would really like to try these items. Needless to say these would be for me.

  41. wendy hutton

    I was born a blonde but with age my blonde is turing more grey so I would love to try these

  42. Gillian R.

    I bleach my hair to create a sombre look which obviously means there is going to be some damage. I would love to try the mask.

  43. Wendy Jensen

    I really need the UV protection. I love my blonde hair because it suits me.

  44. hard to find a good shampoo for blonde hair tbh

  45. Kristen.Erica

    Ever since discovering platinum/white blonde hair 8 years ago I’ve been obsessed with achieving and maintaining that perfect shade of snow white blonde. It’s my favorite hair color that I definitely prefer out of all the hair colors, and a hair color that I feel most attractive in. I’ve even lost hair/had bald spots due to being obsessed with platinum hair and bleaching it almost 20 times over the course of only a few weeks. My hair has since grown back. I could definitely use these products as I will be bleaching my hair back to platinum soon and these products would definitely be able to assist in that process.

  46. mohammad anjum

    . These products sound awesome

  47. Karine

    I recently had a lot of blonde highlights, would love to use this!

  48. Juliee Fitze

    I have always liked Blonde hair and as the saying goes Blondes have more fun.

  49. Dar

    I have a blonde panel in my hair! I love the lightNess of it set against my dark brown hair. But have no products for it.

  50. joy

    the products would be for my daughter – she just had her hair done in balayage.

  51. Grace S.

    Blonde works great to hide the grey! So now I am blonde!!!

  52. My hair is highlighted blonde. This product line would brighten the blonde for sure.

  53. Caryn Coates

    I would love to win this for my sis in law who is blonde

  54. Darlene Demell

    My hair is like a butterscotch color but my daughter in law is blonde and her hair needs help. So this would be for her if I won.

  55. Julie F

    I have gone a shade lighter for the summer so these products would be great!

  56. ihave blonde highlights

  57. sophie lapierre

    I want to be light brown & blonde for this summer, I’m just in need for a change color look right now ! I’ve been like that when I was pregnant (13 years ago) and it was veery pretty so I just want it back 😉

  58. Jessica Wiebe

    My hair is usually a light brown. It becomes blonde by the summer sun. Would love to try these products to see how they help my hair stay healthy.

  59. I was born a strawberry blond and I have been a blond for all my 55 years. I have to use color now to cover my grays. I am always looking for haircare that is especially formulated for blond hair. I would love to try, share and review @Joico Blong Life. I have bought and used Joico shampoo and conditioner very nice haircare. But until I seen this contest I never knew about this Joico Blond Life Haircare Products. Thanks for giving one of us the chance to win. Good Luck Everyone

  60. Steph D

    I was born a blonde but as I get older it keeps going darker and darker [more dirty blonde now]. I get highlights a lot to make myself look more platinum blonde like I used to be 🙂

  61. Marlene J

    I have heard good things about Joico & I have blonde hair, so this would be helpful in maintaining my hair looing nice.

  62. Robyn Bellefleur

    I went blonde after my hair grew back once I finished my chemo treatments. I love being blonde now.

  63. Chris MacDonald

    I went completely grey at the age of 35 so I chose to go blonde for a younger look and would love to win these Blonde Life products!

  64. Amber Y

    I’m not blonde, but my mom and my sister are. My mom had always been blonde and my sister flips back and forth through blondes and reds and purples and browns. I think they’d both really like these products though.

  65. Josee B

    I’ve always been blonde and will continue to be if I can help it..Never tried Joico products but have heard great things

  66. Lisa H

    I started years ago with some blonde highlights and gradually become completely blonde. I like how lighter hair plays off my facial features. I’d like to try these products to keep my colour looking fresh.

  67. Elaine Beierbach

    Love blonde high;ights

  68. LisaM

    I am not blonde but my mother is. She far prefers it to her natural colour so I would be giving her this set!

  69. Melissa Black

    I am a natural blonde, have been all my life. I find that as I am growing older, and more grey appears, my hair colour is lighter and lighter.

  70. Aimee

    This would be great for my daughter who has beautiful blond hair. This would keep it nice

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