JustADropReview 008I must admit that I was a little less than optimistic before using these products. After all the years of using different sprays, scented oils, candles, and other odor eliminators that simply did not do the job you can understand my lack of belief so to speak.

A little bit personal here but, meh, I have to be honest! I take multiple pills a day for various ailments, 23 pills a day in total. For migraines to sciatica, arthritis to thyroid and irritable bowels. As we all know and can attest if you have taken medications for a while, especially a cocktail as I am, you will know that they can cause fowl odors in your urine and stool. I know the personal embarrassment as there have been many a day and time when I would cringe having to use a bathroom other than my very own. Heaven forbid if someone had to use the facilities right after me!!! *smacking cheeks in a Home Alone moment*

I couldn’t wait to try this product to see if it DID actually eliminate odors and as a result my embarrassment along with it.

The package that I received to review was Just’a Drop’s Assorted 3 Pack consisting of the following:

Just-a-Drop-3 scents

I was absolutely amazed at how well the product worked. All it takes is literally Just’ a Drop!! First, I had sampled the Eucalyptus scent. I like Eucalyptus but to me it reminds me of having a cold and having to steam in a hot bath taking in vapors to relieve congestion in my chest. I wasn’t overly excited about that scent but that’s just me. Second, I tried the Refreshing Spring. Now that scent I did like as well as the third scent I tried which was the Floral Oasis. I really enjoyed using both. All the scents were wonderful and not overbearingly powerful and really did mask …no …ELIMINATE the odor.

Aside from medications and physical maladies that may cause us to have odor, certain foods can as well. I will tell you that I MADE my hubby use this product, especially after eating the cabbage we had the other night AND the fajitas and burritos the day after!! As if I was not totally impressed and loving the product already, I really fell in LOVE with Just’a Drop at that moment.

The easy to store and convenient travel sizes are great to carry in your purse or even your back pocket if need be. I know I will be carrying this product with me EVERYWHERE I go!

What Makes Just’a Drop so Unique?

Biodegradable ~ Septic Safe

These two attributes are a plus for me as we live on a farm and we use a septic tank. I love finding products that are septic friendly, in which I do have a hard time finding, especially in this rural area where they should be more readily available.

Just’a Drop’s innovative, advanced concentrated formula eliminates the odors BEFORE they occur. One 15ml bottle lasts for months, is the equivalent to using 3 cans of sprays and available in 3 Great Scents.

Just’a Drop is NEVER tested on animals, contains NO Parabens (widely used as preservatives) or Phthalates (mainly used as plasticizer they are substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity).

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