Karma Wellness Water-LogoHave you heard of Karma? Noooo…not that kind of Karma! The Karma I am talking about is a good thing!

Karma is a bottle of goodness that contains natural spring water which becomes a flavourful, vitamin filled, healthy beverage when you add the potent powder.

Let me explain….

Meet Karma’s Passionfruit Green Tea Flavour aka Mood Elevation

Karma-Passionfruit Green Tea


You noticed the powder within the airtight cap? That is what contains all the awesome vitamins and nutrients.

Karma-Passionfruit Green Tea-Cap (1)


On the top of the cap is a protective seal. To mix the powder into the pure pristine clear spring water contained within the bottle simply remove the seal, press the button and shake well.

Karma-Passionfruit Green Tea-Button


As you can see in the photo above, when the button is depressed, the powder is released into the spring water within the bottle.

Karma-Passionfruit Green Tea-Infused


The water is beginning to turn green!!! Remember to release all the powder and shake well!!

I love coming across new products, especially ones that I have never heard of before. This was going to be a real treat for me and I couldn’t wait to taste these beverages.

Karma Wellness Water- Product Line


Rasberry Guava Jackfruit aka Fitness Accelaration:
I love raspberry but have never tasted it in combination with Guava let alone Jackfruit! Heck, I don’t even know what a Jackfruit is! All I have to say is thank heavens for Google.-lol-
This combination is tailored to replenish valuable nutrients the body needs for physical or fitness activities. It’s high in potassium for energy, sodium for water, calcium for bones, mineral and electrolyte balance and glucosamine for joints and cartilage plus many other vitamins and nutrients.


Karma-Raspberry Guava Jackfruit-Supplement Facts

WOW!! That’s more than what I would receive eating all day I think!!!


I loved the flavour as it was not too sweet and as a matter of fact I had to really try and swirl the liquid around to see if I could sense and taste any sugar at all. It kind of reminded me of when my mom used to make me powdered punch but didn’t add any sugar or very little at all. Stevia is the reason for the “hint o’ sugar” taste. Stevia is 300 times more sweet than sugar hence very little is needed and it is a natural sweetener . I found that the blends of the fruits mixed very well and complimented each other is a very tasteful way.


Pineapple Coconut Flavour aka Healthy Hydration:
Mmmmmm can you say Pina Colada!! I am a huge fan of these two ingredients, especially when mixed together. I just loved the taste. It was such a burst of flavour, my taste buds fell in love.
The combination of all the ingredients are designed to boost vitality. Some of the main contributors are green tea extract as a natural source of caffeine, reservratrol for anti-aging (asscoaited to have these effects), l-tyrosene which is an amino acid to help reduce stress and fatigue.
Supplement Facts can be viewed HERE


Acai Pomberry Flavour aka Immunity Booster:
Whatever Acai and a Pomberry are, I have to say that I like it! To me this combination had a flavour reminiscent of Blueberry but not quite! I just can’t put my finger on it. It was delicious not the less.
The ingredients contained within this beverage are super boosters for immunity.
Supplement Facts can be viewed HERE


Passionfruit Green Tea Flavour aka Mood Elevation:
I like green tea and passionfruit, however, I’m unsure if my taste buds were a fan of the two flavours combined. I did like the flavour but I have to say that it wasn’t my favourite, although it was the hubby’s blend of choice.
I am sort of happy that the hubby liked the spirit lifting liquid. Maybe his moods will improve (I can only hope -lol-) Yerba Mate leaf extract is the ingredient that is responsible for mood.
Supplement Facts can be viewed HERE


What I love about these drinks are that they are chuck full of vitamins and nutrients and do not contain sugar. They are a very healthy alternative if you are one who really doesn’t like to drink water alone. Ohhhhh and best yet, they only contain 20 Calories!!! Win Win if you ask me.


Keeping it Separated for Your Benefit
Karma’s innovative cap is designed to keep the goodness of the nutrients contained within the powder locked away until you release it. They have done this so that the vitamins and other minerals do not lose their potency over time while the bottle sits, this in turn gives the product longevity.


Children can have some good Karma Too
Moms can be rest assured that Karma Wellness Water is a safe and excellent source to be used as a dietary supplement and flavoured beverage alternative for your children. Also, these drinks are lactose and gluten free!!


Karma won’t brake the Pocketbook
You will be pleased to know that the 18oz bottles retail for between $2.39 to $2.89!! That’s awesome for a beverage that is actually good for you.


For further information about Karma Wellness Water, to find a retailer nearest you or to purchase online, please visit their websiteHERE


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~ Christine