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KD Novelties Personalized Books #kidsbooks

KD Novelties Personalized BooksI have to say that I was not quite sure what to expect from KD Novelties Personalized Books. I wondered how interactive the story would be and how Riley would become a “star” of the story.

Ordering my copy for review was quite easy and might I say much easier than I thought it would be.  All you do is fill in the information and you are done. All the information that you put on the form is placed into the story. Everything from your child’s name, age, hometown and selected relatives and/or friends. There is even a placed where you can write a dedication to your child. For Riley, I had written ” Hoping your adventures take you on fantastic journeys. Love You!!”

All you do is fill in the information and you are done. Here is a screenshot of the order form that I filled out.

KD Novelties Personalized Books-Personalize

I then received a confirmation email right away that contained all the information that I had placed on the form and also to ensure me that my order had been received. I also received an email when my order had been shipped.

The book that I chose for Riley was Dinosaur Land. Riley loves dinosaurs so I thought this would be the perfect adventure for him to be a star in.

From the initial ordering of the book to the delivery was quite fast, even though I live in Canada. I opened my package right away as I couldn’t wait to see the results. When I opened the hard cover I found Riley’s name and that he was IN Dinosaur Land and the dedication that I had written!!!

KD Novelties Personalized Books-Personalized

As with any purchase, an honest mistake can be made. When I turned to the 2nd page in the book, I had discovered that everything was correct except it was showing a State instead of the Province which is Ontario.

KD Novelties Personalized Books-Personalized-1

I had contacted KD Novelties regarding the mix-up and they were right on top of things and issued me a new book with the correction and proper information right away. They were truly sorry about the mishap and I could tell that they meant every word. It’s nice when a company stands behind their product and can admit when a mistake has happened and strive to do all they can to rectify the error. That made me truly happy and like the company and product even more.

KD Novelties Personalized Books-Personalized-2

The look on Riley’s face was priceless when he discovered that HE was in the story. He was even more happy that Mommy and Daddy were in the story too!!! That memory will last a lifetime and he will always have the book to look back on.

KD Novelties Personalized Books-Personalized-Riley

I love what KD Novelties brings to children and families with their products. A simple book and a story but yet the impact and the smiles they bring are truly PRICELESS.

KD Novelties Personalized Books-Personalized-Riley-1

The books themselves are fairly inexpensive. Dinosaur Land was only $9.95!! That’s not much of a price to pay to see the look on your child’s face.

KD Novelties wants you to love what you purchase and because of this they offer an Interactive Story Samplewhere you can preview a book that you would like to purchase with YOUR child as the STAR!!

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Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from KD Novelties for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.




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  1. Lynda Cook

    So awesome that they fixed the mistake and were all good about it, he looks so happy to have his very own book!! love his smile!

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