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Kerr’s Maple Kisses, Chocolate Cream Butter Toffee and Greek Yogurt Fruit Chews

Kerrs-LogoKerr’s has an extensive line of products, which I am certain you are aware of, or at least have sampled a few. From Fruit Drops to Moos and their Holiday products, they are loved by many.

Kerr Bros. Limited, located in Toronto, Ontario Canada was established in 1895 by Edward & Albert Kerr.
Originally located in St. Thomas Ontario, they sold their store and moved to Brantford in 1898, with yet another move in 1904 they finally settled at their location in Toronto to be closer to suppliers.

Generations and 115 years later, Kerr’s has been a leading Canadian manufacturer of confections.

Peanut & Tree Nut Free:
Those allergic to nuts will be pleased to know that Kerr’s does not manufacture items that contain peanuts or tree nuts. While they do warehouse items that have been manufactured at a separate facility, these items are stored separately.

Gluten Free:
Jelly Beans and Gum Drops are the only products that may contain or come in contact with gluten (wheat, oats,barley,rye).

Kerrs Quality Assurance

Who doesn’t know about Molasses Kisses??? The All time Halloween favourite!

Kerrs Molasses Kisses

As far back as I can remember, I waited anxiously for Halloween to arrive. It was then I knew I was about to receive a sea of Molasses Kisses within my Halloween Trick or Treat bag. I vividly remember my mom inspecting our goodies before we were allowed to even get a taste. Molasses Kisses were her favourite too! She would sneak some away and say they didn’t pass quality control. I knew better though as I’d see her eating them when she thought I wasn’t looking. -lol-

Christmas just wasn’t…well…Christmas without Any of these Kerr’s Products

Kerrs Strawberry Bon Bons

Kerrs English Mints

New Tradition….Perhaps??? Kerr’s has a new product called Candy Cane Toffee…..Sounds Yummy!

Kerrs Candy Cane Toffee

Oh…Last but not Least…The Lollipop

Kerrs Lollipops

Still to this day, these are one of my favourite Lollipops. Did you know that Kerr’s was one of the FIRST Lollipop’s MADE IN CANADA?!!! They still use the paper sticks for safety reasons. Truth be told, I prefer the paper sticks to those newfangled plastic kind. Even though when I get down to that last little bit on the stick and the paper starts to come off from all the saturation from saliva I have produced. I just don’t like the feel of those plastic sticks. Also not to mention, I have had little bits of plastic break off into my mouth. Kudos to Kerr’s for keeping with traditions.


Kerrs Maple Kisses

Kerrs Maple Kisses CandyKerr’s Maple Kisses are Maplicious!

After all, why wouldn’t they be, being made from 10% CANADIAN Maple Syrup. The Maple Kiss resembles a Molasses Kiss but are not as hard. These candies are melt in your mouth, chewy and delicious bite sized morsels.



Kerrs Cream and Butter Toffee

Kerrs Cream and Butter Toffee CandyKerr’s Chocolate Cream and Butter Toffee is dreamy.

Definitely a savour the flavour candy. Chocolate and Toffee together! Rich, creamy and smooth are the words best to describe this sweet treat. Kerr’s Chocolate Cream and Butter Toffee is a NEW Product so keep an eye for it at a retailer nearest you.


Kerrs Greek Yogurt Fruit Chews

Kerrs Greek Yogurt Fruit Chews CandyKerr’s Greek Yogurt Fruit Chews come in an assortment of Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry flavours.

Made with real fruit, honey and juices, they taste just like what you would expect them to.I am a huge fan of raspberry yogurt and I found it to taste very much like ..well…a raspberry yogurt. The Strawberry and Blueberry flavours are just as great. These candies will certainly make your mouth water!

This product is Gluten Free too

For more information about Kerr Bros. Limited, please visit their websiteHERE
For Product & Nutritional Information, please visit HERE


Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Kerrs for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.





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    How can I order Maple Kisses on line. I didn’t se an order form

    • amomsperspective


      They don’t have an online store so I’m not sure where you order them from, sorry.

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