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Cleaning up life’s little and big messes with Libman

The Libman Company
Helping to Keep Homes Clean Since 1896


I like to spend as little time cleaning as possible. I like products that get the job done right the first time and not having to clean after I clean. My cleaning tools need to be efficient, durable and long lasting. After a few weeks of house guests, I put some of Libman cleaning products to the test.

To be honest, I had never heard of nor seen any Libman products until recently. I was curious and googled the company to find that Libman has been in business since 1896! “Where have I been?” I asked myself. When talking with some friends of mine they were sort of shocked that I had never heard of the company. They had been using Libman cleaning products for quite some time and love them.

It was then I contacted the Libman company to see if I could try out some of their products. I was sent a lovely assortment of cleaning supplies. I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Then – it happened! I was and have been inundated with company the past few weeks. Some staying just during the day while others stayed overnight which extended for a week or more. I love company, most days, but not when I have work to do!

For one of the weeks I had 5 grown men and 1 hubby treating my house as if it were some frat house on a college campus. Reminiscent of Animal House, there was partying, loud music, beer and food. It amazes me to this day how every pot, pan, plate and utensil can be used cooking bacon and eggs! Then the next wave of home invaders appeared. Hubby was thrilled to have more company – me not so much. I had my fill and just wanted some peace and quiet!! Needless to say my house was and still is destroyed – completely! I gave up trying to clean up after toddlers in adult form. My floors look like they have never been cleaned in months. There’s food that is now so dry I’ll probably need a chisel to remove it. There is what looks like spilled water but my guess is it’s most likely beer. Mud all over from their shoes tracking in crap from when they went for a walk in the woods with the dog. Oh yes – that too – muddy paw prints alllllllll over. I want to cry.

Well now that my house is “back to normal” it’s clean up time. I am NOT doing this alone either. I am no maid and hubby knows better. So like a child, he will be learning the consequences of his actions and clean his mess up. Maybe next time he will have some respect and possibly make his friends have some respect for our home – and me!

This is going to be fun – fun – fun – NOT! As a rule, I am the one who cleans the house. Hubby is so very AD/HD oh look there’s a squirrel. Now, I can’t be 100 % sure BUT I think when he “helps” me clean the house and is tasked with sweeping the floor then leaves the broom and debris laying in the middle of the floor with only half the room swept, I truly think sometimes that he is doing it on purpose.

Isn’t it funny how things happen though. Since receiving all these fabulous cleaning supplies, I keep seeing Libman commercials everyday since they arrived.

I received the following Libman cleaning products:
Libman Cleaning Products
Upright Dustpan
Extra Large Wide Angle Broom
Spray Mop
Microfiber Wet/Dry Mop
Tornado Mop

Before I administer my “punishment” to the hubby, I wanted to check out the cleaning products for myself. I mean – after all – other than my little experiment in “Preventative Cleaning Practices” and “You’re Never to old to learn how to Clean” lessons today but more than likely over the next few days, I will be the one using everything.

I have to say that I love the Upright Dustpan and Extra Large Wide Angle Broom. I found the two to work in harmony together.

Libman Angle Broom and Upright Dustpan

Having a body that hates me, some days it’s just too painful to bend over and use a tradition dustpan. Sometimes I have to literally pry myself up back into an upright position. Now – I can stand upright, sweep the debris into the dustpan and dump it into the garbage can. Plus, as you can see, I can leave the dustpan standing at the ready on the floor until I have everything swept up into a pile. The dustpan is steadfast and doesn’t teeter and want to fall over. It’s very well made and quite sturdy. It’s also the perfect height for me. It’s almost as if it were made for me. The length of the handle comes to about mid waist. Although it does work very well, as with every dustpan I have ever used, it too leaves behind that one line of debris that ya just can’t seem to get rid of – but that’s okay by me! The Broom is fantastic and built to last. I love the width of the broom head and the angle of the bristles. They are built tough but only time will tell if they get that tell tale fraying as a lot of broom seem to get over time. Reaching into corners are so easy with this broom and I found that with one or two passes, I was able to remove everything from all the tight spaces.

The Spray Mop is great for cleaning up spills and tracked in mud quickly and efficiently.

Libman Spray Mop

The handle has a very nice length so I’m not hunch over. To propel the cleaning product onto the surface, you must squeeze the trigger located at the top of the handle. The cleansing spray comes out a vessel near the base of the mop.

Libman Spray Mop Sprayer

The container that houses the cleanser is removable so you can easily fill it up with water or any cleaning solvent you desire to use.

Libman Spray Mop Removable Cleanser Container

I found that initially, the container was a little difficult to remove but after a few times it became easier. For me, because I have arthritis in my hands, I wouldn’t use the Spray Mop to clean an entire floor, especially in a large room. My hand would get sore from all the squeezing of the trigger. It would be perfect for the kitchen or mud room or high traffic area. The cleansing pad is machine washable too and can be washed up to 100 times. Maneuvering the broad mop head is easy as it pivots 360 degrees and can be used on any surface such as tile, marble, linoleum, stone, and more. Replacement pads are available as well.

The Microfiber Wet/Dry Mop has a super large cleaning head. It can certainly wipe along a wide area and get cleaning done a lot faster.

Libman Wet-Dry Mop

That said, I put this to the test to see how well it absorbed liquid. I took a small mug of water and poured it onto my floor. At this point, the mop head was dry.

Libman Wet-Dry Mop Test 1

I started to wipe along the floor and the Microfiber mop head seemed to just push the water along the floor without soaking it up. I persisted for a bit longer and the pad did begin to soak up the liquid. That said, the pad became saturated to the point that I could have continued on mopping my entire dining room – which I was not ready to complete at this point in time.

Lipman Wet-Dry Mop Test 2

The mop is great if it is already wet and used as a mop but as I soon discovered, not so great when applied to liquid and the pad is dry. What I did discover was that the Microfiber Wet/Dry Mop is great for use as a floor duster. Tracker’s pet hair stuck to the pad like white on rice.

Last but not least, I tested the Tornado Mop. I’ll say it right away, I don’t like yacht mops – never have and never will. More often than not, I find that the strands get caught on things and have a tendency to rip away or they simply get old and the mop head begins to disintegrate. I don’t like the way they clean my floors either. I find they are good for settings such as a warehouse or grocery store – but not ibn my home. That being said, I love the Tornado Mop. I like that it has the ribbons around the strands which connects them altogether and that I can easily wring the water out from the mop as well – with a simple twist of the handle.


I did find that I had to juggle the mop a bit in order to get the mop head into place and sitting properly. That I can deal with. I find that these types of mops are great for cleaning up heavily soiled areas and spilled such as water or any other type of liquid and mud that has been tracked in by man or beast, as long as the mop head is wet. If the mop head is dry, I find that it tends to push liquid around and takes quite a bit to absorb.

All in all, I found the Libman cleaning products to be great tools for my defense against dirt, dust, pet hair and whatever hubby brings my way. These products would be ideal for any home, cottage, trailer or even a boat!

Like what you see?
Libman products can be purchased at Canadian Tire and Home Depot.
Visit the Libman website to view all they have to offer.

********** WIN IT **********

A Mom’s Perspective has partnered with The Libman Company of Canada to bring you this opportunity to win Libman Cleaning Prize Pack (ARV $80.00 USD)!

Libman Cleaning Prize Pack Giveaway

There will be ONE(1) Winner

Eligibility: Canadian Residents Only  18+

End Date: September 26th 2017

Please note:
All Mandatory entries must be done for the extra (optional) entries to count.
ALL entries are checked and will be validated.
Winner(s) will be randomly selected using the Giveaway Tools random selector and notified via email.

For Full Rules, please see our Giveaway Rules under the Policies & Terms tab found here.

Disclosure: This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by The Libman Company of Canada.  A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I received a samples from The Libman Company of Canada for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

Christine is a mom, a soon to be grandmother and a fur mom to one ‘fur baby’, a dog named Tracker who is never far from Christine’s side. A devoted gardener, during the spring and summer months Christine can normally be found tending to her flower and vegetable gardens. Living in Southern Ontario near Lake Erie, Christine enjoys spending time outdoors and is an avid hiker. She also loves doing small diy projects in her spare time.

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  1. Joyce S

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  8. Dianne G.

    I have a few Libman products and like them. I have a stick mom as well as a broom that I have used so much it really needs to be replaced. I think that Microfibre Mop might work well on my wood floors. They really seem to show the dirt and this looks like an easier solution to keep them looking good instead of having to vacuum them every other day.

  9. Melinda

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    I have never heard of the Libman company before this – I am interested to test how well they compare to similar products on the market. I’d also like to give something like this to someone for Christmas this year so I’d like to get my hands on the best one! Great contest – thanks!


    I have heard of this company on blogs. Libman products look like great products for cleaning…

  13. Michelle W

    I have heard of The Libman Company but have not tried any of the products. If it makes cleaning quicker and easier, I need it!

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    I have heard of The Libman Company before on Facebook. I’m frustrated with wringing my drippy sponge mop, my broom that leaves dIrt behind & having to crouch to use a dust pan. As the saying goes “There’s got to be a better mousetrap.” In this case Libman makes a better mop, broom & a upright dustpan that I would like to try.

  18. Marlene J

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    I have heard of their products and seen them and would definitely love to try The Libman Company I’ve heard many great things. My reason for wanting the products and trying their brand, well first off my swiffer, I had two one for downstairs and one for upstairs no word of a lie it just snapped! BOTH of them snapped at the top, the purple part just literally broke right off it was crazy, o figured when the first one did it that it was no biggie since I had a second and weeks later that one did the EXACT same thing! I am left with no mop or anything accept my hand and a rag to wash my floors of my house lol not a good time. I hear great things about Libmans and the quality of their products with my health declining with my brain tumour cleaning is getting harder and harder for me so being able to get and use a more high quality brand that works the first time and not the tenth time would be a serious improvement for my household and extremely beneficial. Thank you for this opportunity.

  20. Alicia Boisvert

    I forgot to mention in my above company that I love that Libmans is a Canadian company! I love supporting my Canadian companies and would love to more!

  21. Great products. I particularly like that the cleanser is removable so you can easily fill it up with water or any cleaning solvent you desire to use. And the upright dustpan with the extra wide angle broom makes sweeping easy.

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    I’ve never heard of them before – but I love the idea of using the microfibre mob for pet hair! (we have two long haired cats)

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    However I would live to try their products!

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    • Trisha Y.

      I like to try new things that make my life easier, these cleaning products would do that!

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    I never heard of them before. However, the products look useful for fall.

  85. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’ve heard quite a lot about these products over the last few months. I’d love to win these for my son who has his own place now. He ‘borrowed’ my vacuum cleaner about a month ago and I’ve not seen it since! I’m sure he doesn’t have much in the way of cleaning products so this would be marvellous for him. After college and getting A+ in his finals this year he’s still searching for a job.

  86. Scott Ellis

    I have heard the libman name before, but its been a while. Winning this kit would definitely give me s boost in wanting to clean more.

  87. Irene Eichler

    I just recently heard of their products on social media and I am interested in trying them out . With 4 kids 2 cats and a large dog running around my house and cleaning tool that makes it easier for me would be great !

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    I have heard of them for years. That is why I want to win them. I heard what good products they are.

  91. I have heard of thiwr products but never tried them. I have cats and now foster kittens who flick litter everywhere this would be great to help keep the mess under control.

  92. Tammi L.

    I just recently saw another blog post about Libman… and I want to try it because you guys have made it sound amazing!

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    i haven’t heard of the The Libman Company, but I would love this for my new condo it would be great to use

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  96. l p

    new to me but would really help with fall cleaning. thankx

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    I have never tried Libman products before but I like the assortment of cleaning tools and would like to try them. I have Laminate flooring so these would be very useful.

  109. Jayne Cameron

    I have never heard of Libman products before but I like the assortment of cleaning tools and would like to try them. I have Laminate flooring so these would be very useful.

  110. Sab Edwards

    I saw the post on fb about the bucket foot thing and was wondering why this wasnt around sooner!!

  111. Dayle. B.

    No, have not heard of the Libman quality products. Will look for them at our local Canadian Tire store. Thanks, for the link, yes I signed up for their newsletter. Love the Grey kitty on their well designed site. I would like to snag this amazing and useful prize pack, because I need a new dustpan. Like the feature of a upright dustpan. Also, the mop etc. will assist myself in keep a clean home.

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