LOréal Paris Root Cover UpI am always hesitant on using products such as these as I am always afraid that the colour will not match and really stand out and be quite noticeable. I had chosen the L’Oréal Paris Root Cover Up in the light to medium brown colour. My hair has multiple tones so I figured that this colour would work well for me, or so I hoped. My hair is not fully grey but I am getting grey around the sides and roots.


Actually, it was until trying this product that I noticed that I have long, full on grey hairs throughout my head. I gasped at the horror and what did the hubby say to me? “That’s because you’re getting old” as he said with a snicker. Yeah, just what I wanted to hear!


The spray is very easy to apply and I found that it dissipated quickly and there was no lingering spray or fumes. It left no sticky residue or feeling of my hair being dirty or stiff in any way. After applying, and used at the correct recommended distance, my hair felt just as soft and manageable as it was just after I had washed and brushed it. When I first began to apply the spray, there was one tiny patch where I had sprayed the Root Cover Up a little too closely and it was a tad “sticky” and a little darker. I could live with this as it was on the top of my head where is wasn’t noticeable. Although the spray was a little bit lighter than my hair that was okay as my hair has multiple tones to it so it worked out great.


The spray can seemed somewhat tiny to me and I did not think that the product inside would be useful for many applications. I was proven wrong. Just for fun, I used my hubby as a guinea pig. He has pretty much a full head of grey hair. He allowed me to use him as a test subject. Let me tell you that after going Rambo with the Root Cover Up Spray, there is still quite an amount left in the spray can. The longevity of the product within will last for quite a while. I mean, after applying it to my hubby’s full head of grey hair as opposed to just covering up a few roots and having that much product remain in the can, it will definitely last a long time.


I have to say that we laughed the whole time. It was definitely a bonding experience and I have to thank him for being such the great sport that he is. The Root Cover Up is also true to it’s claim and washes out in one wash. I would definitely use this product again as a quick fix to cover up stray grey hairs and roots.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.