Lumsden Brothers LogoThis was my second time attending the event and let me tell you I was excited. The Annual Selling show is held at the beautiful Pearson Convention Centre. The Lumsden Brothers, a Canadian food and grocery distributor which was founded in 1872 is a subsidiary of the Sobey’s Group.

Traffic Horrible Hamilton to TorontoSince I am not really a morning person, the alarm clock buzzing at 4am was not welcomed by any means. -lol- but rise out the the warmth of my comfy blankets I did and begun my day as I had to leave by 6am. It took what seemed liked forever to arrive. Traffic and the weather conditions were horrible. I was fearing that I was going to be extremely late! I do not like being late for anything as I am an extremely punctual person.


On my travels I did see a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk and snapped a photo but he turned out to be just a speck in the scenery.

After almost 3 hours I finally arrived at the Pearson Convention Centre and boy was I happy as I wasn’t late!

Within a short time I was all settled and eager to begin meeting everyone. It was not all fun and games for me this day. I was representing Niagara River Trading Company, a Canadian distributor who requested my services.

Niagara River Trading Company - Booth

Today, I was telling retailers about new products that are available to the Canadian market.

It was hard to resist delving into all that candy, popcorn and Tobasco spicy chocolate!!!

A couple of the products I was introducing to prospective purchasers were Hot Beaver-Dam Hot Sauce and Moose Juice Atomic Radiocative Hot Sauce.

Niagara River Trading Company-HotSauces

I never know how well a show is going to turn out. Weather can be a factor in how many buyers turn out. It seemed the weather did not put a damper on this event as the aisles were a buzz with activity all day long.

A View from my booth!

BusyDayatthe-Lumsden Brothers Show

Being that I was up so early, I was only able to gulp down 1 coffee!! – I know – right!!! I was happy to see a line of coffee machines with cookies when I walked through the Convention Centres doors. That was a wonderful and much needed sight to see.

I love that I do not have to pack a lunch or something to eat. Lumsden Brothers treats their vendors, purchasers and distributors VERY well.

You can always tell when the Buffet Lunch has been served as the hall goes quiet and the aisles clear out.

Salads, Pasta, Meat and More!

All You Can Eat Buffet - Lumsden Brothers spares no expense

Vegetables Steamed to Perfection!

Steamed Veggies

Succulent Chicken: So tasty and falls apart!

Succulent Chicken

To accommodate all their guests, Lumsden Brothers has not 1 Buffet Section but 2.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will be in heaven as cookies, cakes and fruit are offered in abundance after the delicious Buffet has been cleared. So always save some room for dessert!!!
At the closing of the show, while everyone is packing up their wares, that is when I try and meet up with some company representatives. I tell them all about what it is that I do and can offer them and quite often I am given some goodies to take home with my to try. I love being one of the first people to try New Products that have not yet been placed on store shelves!!!
Great News!!!!!
More and more often and with more companies participating, the food and other products that are left after full size samples have been given out to prospective purchasers or quite simply because the company does not want to pack up all their inventory and ship it back, it is given to a Food Bank. This year the Food Bank of choice was the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, I believe.


Food Bank-Donations


You might not think that the products on this table add up to much but when you have 50+ companies all placing products on the table labelled for Food Bank, let me tell you it sure adds up!


For Food Bank


Thank you to Lumsden Brothers for the invitation to attend once again.


A Huge Shout Out to ALL the amazing companies for #PayingitForward