McSweeneys LogoMcSweeney’s uses only the finest and leanest beef which they then marinade for days using their blends of spices and sauces before placing each strip of beef into the smoker making sure that each piece is smoked to perfection. Our Canadian Maple trees are used in the smoking process which is what gives McSweeney’s beef jerky that maple flavour that I love.

McSweeney’s is Gluten Free. They are truly proud to be Canadian and give back by supporting our Canadian athletes!!

McSweeney’s Teryaki Beef Jerky

McSweeneys Beef Jerky-Teriyaki

I have to tell you that I am normally not a fan of the Teryaki flavour in – well – pretty much anything. McSweeney’s Teryaki is the best that I have had the pleasure of eating. The Teryaki is definitely not overpowering and the pieces are so soft, moist and chewable that they almost melt in your mouth.  As soon as you open the bag you get a burst of the sweet smelling aroma.

McSweeney’s Original Beef Jerky

McSweeneys Beef Jerky - Original

I have always been a long time fan of Original flavored beef jerky. I can eat it until the cows come home (no pun intended). In my home, there is always a bag (or a few) of beef jerky at the ready. When I go on long walks, go fishing, hunting or even gardening, I have a bag of jerky with me. It fills the gap between meals and gives me that little boost of energy that I sometimes need. Chock full of protein, McSweeney’s Original Beef jerky is a little bit drier and tougher to chew than that of the Teryaki. This being said, I LOVE that as the pieces last longer as it takes me longer to chew them. There is ALWAYS a race to see who gets the last piece in the bag.

Little did I know, until now, that I would have to get in line behind my Springer Spaniel (Tracker) to eat a piece of these delicious morsels . While I was taking photos she stealthily tried her luck and went to steal a piece just as I was about to take the picture (so I kept it). After taking the photo I told her it was okay and even gave her a second piece, instead of scolding her. I mean, how could she resist.

McSweeneys Beef Jerky - Orignal-TrackerTasting

McSweeney’s other Products

McSweeneys Products

I have tried the Steak Nuggets in the past and they are to DIE for!!! I just absolutely love them. My hubby and I literally fight over the bag.  I have yet to try the Pepperoni Sticks, Pep n’ Cheds or the Steak Strips.

For more information about McSweeney’s products visit their website:

McSweeney’s has Giveaways of their products quite often!!

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from McSweeney’s for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.