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Mix It: Breakfast Cereals Custom Made Your Way

Mix Breakfast Cereals Your way with Mix It!

Never hear them say NO to breakfast again!

Mix It

Breakfast should NOT be a fight but often it is. In my house, breakfast is loud and busy and chaotic and stressful! Something as simple as choosing what to have for breakfast can turn into a huge fight, and that is not the way to start the day.  This is most true for my 9 year old (who is going on 16). He’s moody, he’s miserable, and he fights with me about breakfast. Not occasionally. Not once a week. He fights me every single day. Every. Single. Day. I don’t want breakfast time to be difficult. Breakfast time should be full of little moments together to start the day off on the right foot, and this is where Mix It steps up to the plate and lends a helping hand.

Mix It can help mornings be good again by providing cereal that they WANT to eat; by providing a cereal that they have created themselves; by providing a cereal they can’t say no to. Seriously. Never hear them say NO to breakfast again!

Mix It Breakfast

A Brief Timeline of Mix It

  • In June 2015, Mix It started. It owned by a Canadian family, cereal is produced in Canada, and ingredients and materials are sourced locally when available. Canada first!
  • November 2015, Mix It attended their first exhibition, the Vegan Show in Montreal. They served 1500 samples of their cereals!
  • December 2015, Mix It became a finalist in the DUX (“DUX is a program that aims to motivate and mobilize initiatives that contribute to improving the health of young people and their families through food.”)
  • October 2016, Mix It appeared on The Dragon’s Den (Season 11, Episode 1). If you missed it, you can watch their appearance here!

What makes Mix It stand out?

  • NO additives!
  • Many of the ingredients uses are organic.
  • 90% of all ingredients have no added sugar!
  • The fruit is freeze dried, all natural, no added additives, no chemicals, just REAL fruit.
  • Cereal is personalized to YOUR tastes! Create a mix that works for you.
  • You can choose your packaging from 8 different fun designs: yellow, fox, blue, kids, green, bird, rabbit or pirate!
  • YOU get to NAME your cereal! Mix It TRULY is a unique experience!
  • Packaging is recyclable, AND reusable! The tubes make great little containers for crayons, building blocks, other small toys, etc.
  • As a family run business, the customer service is beyond excellent!

Since Thomas is my creative snacker, and my most adventurous eater, I let him create the cereals we were going to order (with guidance of course). We created a  cold cereal and a hot cereal, he named them, and he picked the packaging. He named the cold cereal after his favourite Pokemon character, and when naming the oatmeal his sarcastic personality shined brightly. I was very proud. My children are not always sarcastic, but when they are I know I’ve done my job (they come by it naturally, I run off sarcasm and coffee myself).

The website was VERY easy to use. The most difficult part was narrowing down the ingredient choices! The formula is simple. Cereal Base, Dried Fruits, Nuts & Seeds + Extras.

Cereal Base: With 11 different bases ranging from Granola and Oatmeal to Corn Flakes and Fiber Boost, there is something for everyone. You can even “widen the base” with the addition of Soya Flakes, Quinoa Flakes, All Bran, Gluten Free Corn Flakes, or Millet Seeds for added variety and flavour.

Dried Fruits: With 20 different varieties of dried fruit, the possibilities are almost endless. They have your traditional berries: blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, raisins and strawberries. There are also bananas, apples and oranges. Mango, papaya, and diced fig are also options.

Nuts & Seeds: There are 15 varieties of nuts and seeds available to add to your cereals. Seeds include flax, chia, hemp and sunflower seeds. Nut choices are walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and more. They even have coconut flakes!

Extras: Here is where you really get to add the finishing touches to your made just for you cereals. Coconut Palm Sugar, cocoa beans, lemon powder, matcha tea and cinnamon are found in this section. You would like vanilla? They have it. Hemp protein powder? Yup, they have that too. Organic Maple Chunks? Its there. They even have white chocolate flakes and dark chocolate semi-sweet flakes.

With so many choices, the possibilities are virtually endless. There were just so many great ingredients to choose from that it was really difficult narrowing it down to only a handful, but with perseverance we managed to create a couple of really delicious cereals that are custom made for us!


Mix It

For our cereal, Thomas picked Corn Flakes as his base. To that he added dried fruit (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries), cinnamon, and of course chocolate flakes. “You can’t have the perfect cereal without chocolate!”

Mix It Charizard Food

For 50g serving (without milk), Thomas’ cereal has 130 calories.

Mix It Charizard Food

He named is Charizard Food, after his favourite Pokemon character. It SMELLS amazing, and Thomas immediately grabbed a bowl and helped himself. He gives is 4 thumbs up, it was that good. We will have to place another order later this month as this tube will not last him long at all.

Mix It Charizard Food


Mix It

Thomas decided to name our oatmeal mix Gruel, so Gruel it is. To our oatmeal base we decided to add raisins, walnuts, pecans, quinoa flakes, maple chunks and cinnamon.

Mix It Gruel

The oatmeal is made with quick rolled oats, which makes it fast and easy to prepare. There were not instructions, so I just used the same method I always use for making quick oats. I like my oatmeal thick, so I used 1/2 cup of Gruel to 3/4 cup of water, and microwaved on high for about 1 1/2 minutes. As I always do, I added a little bit of milk before eating.

Mix It Gruel

The oatmeal was really good, and there were LOTS of nuts which made it extremely satisfying.  I love how there is no sugar added, so I can control the amount of sugar that I use. Oatmeal by nature is quite bland so with my next bowl I will add a tsp of brown sugar to sweeten it up a little bit (just a personal preference). As is, without added sugar or milk, a 50g serving has 200 calories which makes for a hearty, satisfying, long-lasting start to the day.

Mix It Gruel

Savory Crispy Fruit

We were also sent a tube of freeze dried fruit, one of the newer things that Mix It is working on, to help promote healthy snacking. I have to say, this was REALLY good! We can add additional fruit to our cereal and oatmeal, to other store bought cereals, or eat the fruit on its own. There is no added sugar, preservatives, nothing. Its just fruit, and the freeze drying process makes it melt in your mouth. These would be excellent in a muffin recipe, to add to ice cream, or anywhere else that you would typically add fruit.

Mix It Savory Crispy Fruit

My 19 year old liked the strawberries best, but my favourite are the raspberries. They are tart, full of flavour, and absolutely delicious.

What we loved:

  • Thomas was VERY excited, and asked about 12 times each day when his cereal would arrive. The day it did arrive (only a few short days after we ordered, shipping was VERY quick) he was over the moon. He couldn’t wait to try out his creations!
  • I LOVE that the nutritional information on the back of the cans is based on a 50g serving and not the traditional 28g serving (which in my experience is too small for most people).
  • I love the packaging. The tubes are super creative, and we will be reusing them, but its great to know that they are recyclable as well. The patterns are fun, and they don’t take up the same space as a traditional rectangle box making the cupboard a little cleaner looking and easier to find what the cereal we want.
  • The shipping time was REALLY fast, and I received a Canada Post tracking number plus email updates regarding my shipment.
  • Honestly, we loved EVERYTHING about Mix It. Creating the cereals were fun, and eating the cereals are even better.
  • I also love that there are ready-made mixes available!

Buy It!

Mix It is available to order online. If you are in the Montreal area, local pick up is available. For everywhere else in Canada, they ship through Canada post. Delivery starts at only $2.99, and is free with the order of 4 or more tubes!

You can also find Mix It on social media!

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mixit.ca/

Twitter https://twitter.com/MIXITca

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mixit.ca/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU32evi3RgC9Ems7kkgKaig

Google+ https://plus.google.com/106974659645865543429

Win It!

Mix It

A Mom’s Perspective has Partnered with Mix It to bring you the opportunity to win ONE (1) $20 Voucher so you can create your own personalized cereal mix!

The Prize: FIVE (5) Canadian Winners will each receive a $20 MixIt.ca voucher

There will be FIVE (5) Winners

Eligibility: CANADA only

End Date: February 27, 2017

Good Luck!

Please note:
All Mandatory entries must be done for the extra (optional) entries to count.
ALL entries are checked and will be validated.
Winner(s) will be randomly selected using the Giveaway Tools random selector and notified via email.

Andrea resides in Calgary, Alberta, and is the mom to five boys between the ages of 6-22. Running mainly on coffee and sarcasm, in her spare time she enjoys listening to Canadian Rock, watching Calgary Flames hockey, reading YA Dystopian novels, binge watching 90s television on Netflix, and entering contests.

This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by Mixit.ca. A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Disclosure: I received samples from Mix It. for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

For Full Rules, please see our Giveaway Rules under the Policies & Terms tab found here.

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  1. Janet M

    I made something I called Crunchy Breakfast using: 1x Crunchy Honey Granola 1x All Bran 1x Raspberry (freeze dry) 1x Banana 1x Almond slices .

  2. Treen Goodwin

    I made Crunchy Honey Granola with Strawberry (freeze dry) Cranberries Almond slices and Coconut Flakes , sounds yummy 🙂

  3. Oatmeal (porridge) with
    Strawberry (freeze dry)

  4. Oatmeal (porridge) with
    Strawberry (freeze dry)

  5. Judy Cowan

    I made a mix with Warmth in the belly with a little choco, with Strawberries, Mango, Bananas, Peaches & Pecans. Sounds yummy to me!

  6. Christine D

    Warmth in the belly with a little choco with
    Almond slices and Cinnamon

  7. Joanne Elford

    I would mix the High Fiber Oatmeal, with some blueberries, peaches, flax seeds and maple syrup sunflower seeds.

  8. Jonnie

    I would make oatmeal with dried blueberries, almond slices and maple chunks

  9. Doris Humber

    My Mix was Dr. Bircher`s Oat Classic, Raspberry (freeze dry), Hulled Hemp Seeds, Almond slices, Cinnamon.

  10. Soozle

    I would create a mix of the gluten light (no wheat), with dried blueberries, hemp seeds and walnuts

  11. Irene

    Thanks for the chance..

  12. jan

    Date, mango and ginger oatmeal?! Love their January special!!

  13. Lynda Cook

    I would love the premixed cereal DRAGON`s Fuel trio, all 3 sound wonderful!!

  14. Carole D.

    This is my mix: Yum! Quinoa Hon
    Sojove vlocky bio , Organic Soya Flakes,
    strawberries, Figs diced,
    Diced Dates
    Coconut Flakes,
    Walnuts ,
    Hemp protein

  15. Louise

    I would like High Fiber Oatmeal, with some blueberries, Hemp Seeds,

  16. kathy downey

    Organic Tapioca Granola Base with Hemp Seeds,walnuts and blueberries

  17. Maria McLachlan

    I would use the high fibre organic base and add figs, almonds, peaches to start. I don’t know so many options!

  18. Robyn Bellefleur

    I would love to try the Savory Crisp Fruit cereal.

  19. LeslieC

    My kids would love this cereal!
    One of my biggest grocery expenses is cereal because my boys like the good stuff!
    Not sure what kind but with nuts & seeds!

  20. Josh S

    I would make Organic Gluten Free Corn Flakes with Banana & Almond slices & Organic Maple Chunks

  21. Cornflakes, Strawberry (freeze dry), Raspberry (freeze dry), Banana, Organic Pineapple, Organic Maple Chunks, Dark Chocolate Flakes – semi sweet 🙂 Grandyummy named it: FazBear

  22. Julie bolduc

    I think I would like Crunchy Honey Granola with Strawberry (freeze dry) Almond slices

  23. Debbie S.

    I named my cereal mixture “Get In My Mouth Cereal” with Gluten light, No Wheat, Flax seeds, Diced Dates, pistachio, organic maple chunks, Maple syrup sunflower seeds, and cinnamon

  24. Debbie White Beattie

    My cereal would be Crunchy Honey Granola – strawberry, raspberry, coconut,

  25. Shelley Butcher

    I would start with quinoa hon. Freeze dried strawberry and raspberries. Hemp seed. coconut flakes. Pecans. organic maple chunks. Vanilla and cinnamon. Yum!

  26. Sherry moffitt

    So many great choices , I would start with high fibre oatmeal with dried fruit.

  27. Juliee Fitze

    Oatmeal with dried fruit , white chocolate and maple crunches.

  28. crystal porter

    I would start off with the high fiber base and go from there…. so many things to choose from!

  29. JB

    Corn flakes with lots of different fruit.

  30. Cheryl L

    I would create one with lots of fruit!

  31. Christy E

    I would do
    All Organic & High Fibre
    Organic Pumpkin Seeds
    Hulled Hemp Seeds
    Dried Blueberries

  32. nicky

    Looks so yummy! Mine has crunchy honey granola, strawberries and sesame seeds!

  33. Laurie P

    The Get In My Mouth Cereal would be my pick!

  34. I would love the Twirling Strawberries mix.
    Stephanie LaPlante recently posted…American Girl Doll ReviewMy Profile

  35. Wendy Jensen

    The type of cereal I create is gluten light, no wheat, strawberries and blueberries, almond slices and flax seed, and I’m done!

  36. Jana Liu

    I made a Warmth in the belly with a little choco mix with hemp seeds, chia seeds, pistashios and Organic dark choco popped quinoa

  37. Carole B

    High Fiber Oatmeal with exotic dry fruits and lemon zest

  38. I would do dates, mango and ginger oatmeal. That is a delicious
    sounding combo to me.

  39. Caroline

    I would probably choose a quinoa base with figs, hemp seeds and almonds.

  40. Stephanie

    I would like to try the premixed cereal DRAGON`s Fuel trio

  41. I would start with the high fibre organic base and add strawberries, blueberries, hemp seeds and almond slices.

  42. Tina L.

    I mix a strawberry mango flake cereal

  43. l p

    High Fiber Oatmeal+quinoa flakes, almond slices, coconut flakes, cinnamon. thanks

  44. Lee-Ann

    My cereal creation:
    Corn Flakes 1 8.45 $ 8.45 $ 0.0%
    Raspberry (freeze dry) 1 1.68 $ 1.68 $ 0.0%
    Coconut Flakes

  45. Lily

    Here’s my creation – High Fiber Oatmeal+quinoa flakes, almond slices, coconut flakes, strawberries and blueberries

  46. Victoria Ess

    I’d mix cupid’s kiss with strawberry and banana!

  47. Brenda Lacourciere

    Mine would be :
    Crunchy Honey Granola Delete
    Banana (freeze dry) Delete
    Peach (freeze dry) Delete
    Dried Blueberries Delete
    Organic Chia Seeds (black) Delete
    Organic Maple Chunks Delete
    White chocolate flakes

  48. Aarone Mawdsley

    blueberry and almond

  49. Cheryl MacPhail

    I would create Crunchy Honey Granola,Fiber Boost and Organic Gluten Free Corn Flakes.

  50. michelle matta

    Mine is Corn flakes, almonds, diced apples, and organic coconut palm sugar. sounds great!! I want some now.

  51. Brenda Penton

    I would make porridge with freeze dried strawberries and bananas with white chocolate flakes.

  52. I made my own oatmeal mix with diced figs, freeze-dried raspberries, almond slices, and cinnomen.

  53. nicoleroannef

    1x Warmth in the belly with a little choco 1x Strawberry (freeze dry) 1x Almond slices 1x Natural crushed vanilla

  54. nicoleroannef

    For me family day is a time to relax and enjoy each others company.

  55. I eat granola or steel cut oats every morning and never get tired of it. I love adding different grains and nuts/seeds as well. I’d start with the Quinoa Hon cereal as the base. So many tasty ingredients!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
    Sarah De Diego recently posted…Important Tips on How to be Prepared for WinterMy Profile

  56. Sherry K

    I mixed Gluten Light, Raspberries, Diced dates, Pumpking seeds, Walnuts and Flax seeds for my cereal.

  57. Wanda Bee

    My first creation would be the Crunchy Honey Granola.

  58. Kim K

    My creation would include:
    Warmth in the belly with a little choco
    Freeze dried strawberries
    Organic Maple Chunks

  59. Joan G.

    I would make the Crunchy Honey Granola with raspberries, strawberries and banana.

  60. nicolthepickle

    I would pick Crunchy Honey Granola with dried raspberries, sesame seeds and almonds.

  61. Bonnie Humphrey

    What a great idea…would love to try for myself as I always have a problem deciding on breakfast

  62. debbie Petch

    Chocolate strawberry nut!

  63. JoKing

    1x Mango (freeze dry)
    Hemp web 1x Hulled Hemp Seeds
    Slunecnice sun flower 1.resized 1x Sunflower Seeds
    Mandle platky almond slices 2.resized 1x Almond slices
    Kokos coconut 1x Coconut Flakes
    Chia 1x Organic Chia Seeds (black)
    Vlasske orechy wallnuts 1x Walnuts
    Lnena semena 1x Flax seeds
    Chocolate flakes web 1x Dark chocolate flakes – semi sweet
    Qunoia flakes web

  64. Nicole Jubleew

    Crunchy Honey Granola, Strawberry (freeze dry), Natural Diced Apples, and Flax seeds

  65. Karla Sceviour

    I created a yummy cereal with
    Warmth in the belly with a little choco
    Diced Dates
    Natural Raisins
    Almond slices
    Pecan Nuts
    Organic 70% dark chocolate cocoa nibs
    hmm i`m getting hungry-sounds great!

  66. Monique L.S.

    I would start with Dr. Bircher’s Oat Classic, add strawberries and bananas and pumpkin seeds.

  67. Linda

    My cereal would have strawberries and blueberries because I love a fruity cereal.

  68. MaryG

    I like the pre made Cupids Kiss or I’d choose one that is granola based with coconut and berries.

  69. Jen v.

    Warmth in the belly with choco base, mix in quinoa flakes, strawberry, crushed vanilla and coconut

  70. Jen R

    I would mix oatmeal, walnuts and raspberries!

  71. Dianne G.

    My cereal would contain Quinoa Hon, strawberries, banana, kiwi, almonds and pecans. I would call it Good Morning Sunshine.

  72. Maryanne

    Cupid’s Kiss sounds delish!

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