MonsterJam-LogoI have been to Monster Jam many times. Most of my visits were when my son was much younger at the tender ages of between 6 and 9. We sat looking at all the Monster Trucks waiting in anticipation for the action to begin. The sights, the sounds and lights were almost mesmerizing to my son. I still recall the huge smile on his face as we entered the arena. At that time, he had a huge fascination with all things BIG. His favourite TV show was Mighty Machines.

I had the opportunity to go to Monster Jam for the first show on April 23rd 2016 in Hamilton. I had brought my son who is now 23 and much has not changed. We hurried to our seats and sat waiting for the roar of the engines. I also brought my hubby who I had discovered had never been, so it was going to be an exciting experience for him.
I had a fourth ticket as my sons friend was supposed to come with us. She had been sick but was really wanting to come. It turned out that she was even worse the day of the show, so I gave my fourth ticket away. It was hard to find someone attending on their own but I managed to find someone. They were really happy and surprised that I was not trying to sell the ticket. To me, that would have been just tacky and bad ju ju as I received my tickets for free as well.
Our seats were perfect. Not too far up and not too far down, in my opinion anyway. Earplugs at the ready, the lights began to dim and the show began.


 MonsterJam-Hamilton-April-23-2016 002


The Monster Trucks at this particular Monster Jam were Krazy Train, AfterShock, Northern Nightmare, Zombie, Scoobie Doo and our forever personal favourite, GraveDigger.

AfterShock (Wheelie Round)
MonsterJam-Hamilton-April-23-2016 011


Krazy Train (Wheelie Round)
MonsterJam-Hamilton-April-23-2016 014


Zombie (Wheelie Round)
MonsterJam-Hamilton-April-23-2016 019


GraveDigger (Wheelie Round)
MonsterJam-Hamilton-April-23-2016 021


Northern Nightmare (Wheelie Round)
MonsterJam-Hamilton-April-23-2016 023


Northern Nightmare was the ONLY Monster Truck to flip not once but twice! Once in the wheelie round and the second in the last competition, the Freestyle Round. Needless to say, Northern Nightmare was given a low score but everyone applauded once the truck was right side up and the driver safe (or perhaps at the stunning display of the rollover).


MonsterJam-Hamilton-April-23-2016 026

As part of the entertainment, two vehicles had emerged reminiscent of Transformers vehicles. They opened up to reveal a lizard type creature (in the red) and a car like robot (in the silver colour). I couldn’t quite make out what they were battling over as I had my earplugs in but you could definitely tell that it was Good vs. Evil.

The Lizard fired off a few round of “ammunition” which missed the Good guy.In the end, Good triumphed over Evil with a deadly blow made by perfectly choreographed pyrotechnics. I was so pleased (and yet quite surprised) when I checked my photos to see that I actually caught the deadly shot.


MonsterJam-Hamilton-April-23-2016 034

While we really did enjoy the entertainment as a whole that Monster Jam had given us. There were moments of boredom and that was during intermission. On previous Monster Jam events that we have attended there was constant action. Once we were privileged with quad races during the Monster Trucks down time.

Let’s face it. Not everyone has the funds to purchase T-Shirts and items from the concession stands. At $30 dollars a shirt, that can become quite expensive let alone the cost of a slice of pizza and a drink for a family of four.

It would have been nice to see some entertainment during the down time.

All said, Monster Jam delivered in only the way that Monster Trucks can. We were happy that our family favourite Grave Digger took the show by storm and came out on top. It was the icing on the cake at the end to an already perfect day.


~ Christine