lakota buttonI suffer from severe arthritis, back pain, pinched nerves, bulging and compressed discs, sciatica, chronic migraines and hypothyroid and now I am full blown Menopausal. There are days when I can’t even get out of bed, the pain is so bad. On several occasions I can’t move my entire body!! 


I am taking multiple medications daily (32  pills a day) and include Naproxen, Gabapentin, Nortriptilyne and Morphine. These medications at times barely subside the pain and tend to make me dizzy and tired than anything else. I find myself at times just bearing the pain as they tend to make me lose concentration and unable to think clearly.

I had the opportunity to review Lakota’s products in the past and I was ecstatic and leapt at the chance. I would try anything that will ease the pain without the harmful side effect of prescription medication.


At that time, my ailments were not as severe as they are today and the pills and topical ointments seemed to work, even if for a limited amount of time, which was great for me as I had some much needed relief. It was nice to not have that drowsy feeling all day long as well.
 In checking with my physician, I was unable to take any oral pills other than what I have been prescribed, so I was reduce to using only the topical ointments this time around.
My hubby was given the opportunity to try some of Lakota’s products.


Lakota-BackPainI have moderate to extreme pain, depending if I am having a good day or a bad day. On bad days (which are more and more often) I tend to be laying down most of the day and my joints and muscles get sore and stiff.  I began using Lakota’s Back Pain Roll On Pain Reliever. Previously when using this product I gained some mobility and my pain was not gone but it was diminished. In trying the product recently, I didn’t seem to get the same results. That being said, I am uncertain as to if it was not working for me or if it was just the fact that I am taking so much prescription medication that I just couldn’t tell.
My hubby tried Lakota’s Triple Action Back Pain Reliever caplets and found that it took some time to work and get any relief.  This being said, he is accustomed to taking 60mg of Morphine twice a day. He did stop taking his medication about a week leading up to receiving the product, so it would be out of his system. ARV $19.99 & $24.99 respectively.

The natural ingredients contained within Lakota’s Triple Action Back Pain caplets include Devils Claw Root and White Willow Bark. Music to my ears or rather eyes was seeing that this product is Gluten Free, Yeast Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free and contains no artificial preservatives or flavoursLakota’s Back Pain Roll On Pain Reliever contains ingredients including Purified Water and Carbomer.


Lakota 005Lakota’s Canine Joint Care is formulated to relieve canine arthritis pain. I had previously given it to my dog Bullett with positive results.  Presently, I enlisted my neighbour to test it with his dog. He has an elderly old chap who has three legs. The poor thing has a really hard time getting around these days and often needs to be carried outside to do his businesses. My neighbour does not like giving his best friend medications that could be more harmful than good, so I believe that this natural remedy was a great fit. He has been giving the pills do his dog as instructed. Only time will tell if they are going to make a significant improvement or just a slight one. As with any medications, the signs do not show up overnight and could take some time before any results can be seen. I am hoping for the best!!
Lakota’s Canine Joint Care contains a multitude of natural ingredients which include White Willow Bark, Elk Velvet Anter, Feverfew Leaf Powder and Devil’s Claw Root.

LakotaPMMy hubby has ADHD – hey look – there’s a squirrel! He MIGHT get 4 hours sleep a night. His mind is continually racing and his brain does not shut down. It can take him at least 2 or more hours to just get relaxed enough to fall asleep. 

Aside from his extremely overactive brain, he too has pain that wakes him up through the night. He broke his arm in 32 places some years back in a snowmobile accident. Arthritis has set in badly and currently is prescribed 60mg of Morphine twice a day. He has also been complaining about pain in his hip lately when trying to fall asleep in which the Morphine has not provided any relief. I just want him to get a good nights sleep and be well rested. He has been taking Lakota’s PM Night Time Pain Relief for the past few weeks and I have to say that I haven’t had a much better sleep! Hahaha! It’s true! 

I have my own issues with falling asleep but try sleeping beside someone who can’t shut down. If you are with a partner like this, I feel your pain.  Even though it has only been a couple of nights a week, maybe, at least he is getting a longer period of sleep even if it has only been an extra half an hour.   ARV $14.99

Lakota-MusclePainLakota’s Muscle Pain Roll On Pain Reliever and Lakota’s Maximum Strength Muscle Pain Relief Capsules are the active person’s best friend. Overused muscles from intensive exercise will benefit from the healing powers. Sprains and strains are not excluded. The natural pepper extracts within will reduce pain in minutes. So many natural ingredients to list for the Lakota Maximum Strength Muscle Pain Relief Capsules. It’s amazing how pure natural ingredients such as those found inLakota’s Muscle Pain Roll On Pain Reliever can work so great!!!
ARV $19.99 & $19.99 respectively.

Awesome natural ingredients such as Sweet Balsam Canadian, Birch Oil and Juniper berry Essential Oil can be found within Lakota’s Muscle Pain Roll On Pain Reliever. White Willow Bark, Feverfew Leaf Powder and Devil’s Claw Root are just a few of many contained within Lakota’s Maximum Strength Muscle Pain Relief Capsules. This product is also Gluten Free, Yeast Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free and contains no artificial preservatives or flavours.

Lakota-JointCareLakota’s Joint Care is their #1 best selling joint pain reliever. Gatheredingredients from all over the world include White Willow Bark and Devil’s Claw. Luminite which is an active ingredient that helps to rebuild joints and improve flexibility which in turn you gain mobility.

In conclusion, I am still happy and pleased with Lakota’s products.  I have had positive results in the past and are hoping that I can in the future.

Lakota’s products can be purchased online at the Lakota website or at these retailers near you:
** Shopper’s Drug Mart
** Wal Mart
** London Drugs
** Jean Coutu
** Overwartea
** Safeway
* Some items can only be purchased online so be sure to check the Lakota website!!!

As with all medications, being over the counter or not: CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN
before using anything!! Also, READ THE LABELS to see if you are not able to take any medication due to pregnancy or other medical conditions!!!

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