Tonka Tiny’s
Car Carrier and Tiny Vehicle Garage

Tonka Tiny's

Summer just got a lot more fun! Introducing the new Tonka Tiny’s Car Carrier. Endless amounts of fun and imaginative play as your child stores and transports all of their Tiny vehicles in style. There is so much to love about Tonka toys.

I received samples from Funrise Toys for promotional purposes. Any opinions in this post are honest, and our own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

I love Tonka! I always have and always will. I had amassed many a Tonka toy in my childhood and it is no different today with my grandchildren. Tonka, to me, means tough, durable, long lasting and reliable. While constantly re-inventing and introducing new toys for the next generation to enjoy, Tonka has kept with their classic look, design and style that we have all grown to love. Tonka is timeless and instantly recognizable.

Funrise Toys Tonka Tiny’s Car Carrier is big fun in a tiny package that is sturdy and well built. The tiny cars held within the garage are very well detailed and might I add just too cute! To get your child started and on their way in their collection, the Tonka Tiny’s Car Carrier comes with one Tiny vehicle and garage.

Tonka Tiny's Car Carrier and Garage

Tiny cars can be purchased separately and can be stacked on the car carrier and held into place by the interlocking car garages. These tiny cars are recommended for ages 5 and up and can be purchased at Toys r Us or Walmart Canada for $2.99. The Tiny cars we received are from Series 3. To date, there are 8 series to collect. To see all of the Tiny car collectibles please visit the Funrise Toys website.

Tonka Tiny's Rolling Assortment

The carrier holds twelve Tiny vehicles in their interlocking garages on its bed.

Tonka Tiny's Stackable Garages

One of the really kewl features, and one that Jayce loved, is the Tiny car launcher. With the press of a button he could send his Tinys vehicles racing forward from the launcher in the front!

Tonka Tiny's Car Carrier Launcher Button

The Tonka Tiny’s Car Carrier is recommended for ages 5 and up and can be purchased at Toys r Us or Walmart Canada for $9.99.

Tonka Tiny's Jayce Fun

Tonka Tiny's Kids Fun

The Tonka Tiny’s car carrier and Tiny cars are so lightweight which makes them very easy to carry and transport. Jayce can take them anywhere! He liked that the cars came with a collectors sheet for him to check and see which vehicles he had. Now he wants to collect them all! Being that the Tiny cars with garage are blind boxes, it’s always going to be a fun surprise to see which car he gets. He could get a rescue vehicle, construction or urban vehicle. Being that the Tiny cars are inexpensive, I’ll be able to fill up his car carrier in no time.

Indoors or outdoors, these toys, simple in their design, will provide Jayce with hours of fun while he invents adventures while interacting with his Tonka Tiny’s. I know what to get for his birthday or Christmas or perhaps a just because gift!

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