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Soup soup soup

I love love love soup and stew season. For me, there is nothing more comforting after a busy cool day than sitting down with my family and enjoying a hearty bowl of soup or stew. I like meals like this for several reasons.

  1. Soups and stews are easy on the budget as a smaller portion of meat can go a long way in a hearty soup or stew, and beans and root vegetables are inexpensive.
  2. Soups and stews are easy to make either on the stove OR in my crock pot, plus being one-pot meals there is less to clean up when I’m done cooking.
  3. My youngest two won’t eat soup or stew BUT they like poached meat so I can take their meat portion and poach it up while the soup or stew is cooking (so I’m technically not making two meals).
  4. Soups and stews are easy to make, they allow me to be creative, and almost anything goes. With just a few ingredients kept on hand, I can create delicious meals with minimum effort.
  5. As an added bonus, I can be a sneaky Mommy and I can “hide” different vegetables that my family thinks they don’t like.  I love adding turnip and parsnips to my soups and stews, both things that I’ve been told are disgusting and gross, and they eat it and like it and have no clue.

On the menu over the next two weeks, I am going to be putting my Crock Pots to good use.  This week we are having some repairs done to our ceiling, so my kitchen access will be somewhat limited (so no oven until the weekend, and limited stove use until the weekend also. This makes me thankful for my Crock Pots!) Here is what our dinners will look like for the rest of September/beginning of October (in no particular order):


Six Bean Chili and dinner buns

Roast Pork with potatoes and carrots

Crock Pot Chicken Parmesan on buns (recipe calls for pasta, but I’m going to make them like a slider sandwich instead)

Breakfast for dinner (waffles and/or breakfast sandwiches or both)

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.50.30 PM

Roast Beef + Yorkshire Pudding (I use this recipe from Jamie Oliver for perfect Yorkshire every time)

Roast Chicken + Root vegetables

Chicken Noodle Soup


Corn Chowder + bacon cheese muffins


Slow Cooker Beef Stew (I always add celery to my stew, and often substitute corn for peas) & Crock Pot Dumplings

Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli with Rice








The Versatile Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log


Budget Friendly Six Bean Chili Recipe


  1. Me too, am a BIG soup lover. When I was growing up my granny made soup everyday and so did my mom. Love making soup from scratch, its so darn home-goodness

  2. Tina F

    Oh this looks so delicious. Something perfect to make for the cold winter. Thank you

  3. Caryn Coates

    They all look so delicious especially the Slow Cooker Beef Stew. Definitely perfect for these cold wintery nights

  4. Janet M

    I also love soups and stews. I will try the recipe. It will be so good on a cold day.

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