Osmo Creative Kit

a Magical Creative Experience


Meet Osmo! Osmo is an award winning game system that is compatible with iPad for children ages 5-12 (and even beyond). It takes app games to a new level by including hands-on pieces for a more interactive and engaging play experience.


My kids are very hands on, especially my youngest. He loves playing with apps on my iPad, but gets bored easily and it is difficult to find an app that holds his interest for any significant amount of time.  One thing Hayden CAN do for an extended period of time is draw and colour, so when I heard about The Osmo Creative Kit I knew this would be perfect for him. I was not at all surprised that  Hayden only wanted to play the Monster app, but I was surprised that Monster kept him occupied for over an hour the first time he played it. Over an hour! An hour where he wasn’t bored, he wasn’t complaining, and he wasn’t fighting with his brothers. He now asks to play Monster daily, and it is definitely a game (and app) I don’t mind him spending his time on.

Inside your Creative Kit box you will find:


  • Osmo Creative Board
  • Yoobi Dry-Erase Markers
  • Yoobi Fuzzy Eraser Pouch
  • Mo Sticker
  • Cloth (to wipe Creative Board)

You will also need the base, which is sold separately for $29 CAN ($19 US).


The Osmo Creative Kit actually works with three (3) different apps for a varied play experience. Depending on which app you are using, you can experience a personalized and interactive storybook, games, and a unique way to create art. Because of this, the Creative Kit is the most versatile Osmo Kit to date, with huge playability. I love that the kit is for ages 4-12, and I think that there are possibilities here even for adults.

The first thing we did was download all three apps, but Hayden was only interested in Monster so that is the one we’ve been playing. It is great to know that as he gets older, there are other apps that will work with the Creative Board giving this toy new life once he outgrows the Monster story book app (IF he outgrows it – it is even fun for me to play with).


Monster – Ages 4-9


A creative magical experience. Help Mo, your furry orange friend, create his world in this interactive storybook. Draw a magic wand for Mo and he’ll use it to bring all your other creations into his world!

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Monster is Hayden’s favourite Creative app out of the three (for now, anyways). He loves seeing his drawings pop up onto the iPad screen, and he’s been learning how to draw lots of fun things that he didn’t know how to draw before (like a sofa and a birdcage). Monster is enormously fun, interactive, silly, and just pure entertainment.

We both love that each time Hayden plays, it is a new story. You can continue on with the story you are in OR you can start over. When you start over, Mo gives new prompts for different items to be drawn. This is the most imaginative and interactive app game we have ever experienced, and my favourite part is how hands on it is. Hayden doesn’t get bored because he is full engaged with Mo, and a part of the story.

The other two apps that are compatible with The Creative Kit are:

Newton – Ages 5-12


Physics meets creative problem-solving. Use your creative noggin and inventive objects like a hand-drawn basket, grandma’s glasses, dad’s keys, or anything around you to guide falling on-screen balls into targeted zones.

Masterpiece – Ages 7-12


Supercharge your drawing skills. Pick any image and Masterpiece will transform it into easy-to-follow lines so you can draw it to perfection. Then share a magical time-lapse video of your creation with friends and family.

I think this is one game/toy that will be used regularly for years to come. I love that because of the three different apps,  this is a game that Hayden can grow with as he gets older. There is even potential for play well after he turns 12. I love how interactive The Creative Kit is, and how hands on it is. Most of all, we love seeing Hayden’s art come to life in a fun and unique way!

Osmo is compatible with most iPads: iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Osmo does not work with Android-based tablets.

Buy it!

All Osmo games can be purchased directly from playosmo.com.  Shipping to Canada is free with purchases over $185. Osmo can also be purchased in Canada at Chapters/Indigo, Mastermind Toys, Best Buy, Apple Store,  and Amazon.

Other games from Osmo include:


Coding Awbie – Go on an open-world coding adventure. Ages 6-12.


Coding Jam – Learn coding skills while creating cool music. Ages 7-12


Numbers – Dive into an action-packed math game. Ages 5-9


Pizza Co. – Get an extra-large combo of fun and learning. Ages 6-12.


Find all games online at playosmo.com.

To learn more about Play Osmo you can visit them online.

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