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Our Day at African Lion Safari #CAArewards

AfricanLionSafariI had hardly slept the night before the big day on June 28th 2014. It was almost like Christmas Eve and waiting for Santa to come. We awoke bright and early that morning, the girls excited, the hubby tired and me giddy and more excited than anyone. I felt like a kid again!

When we arrived the excitement for me intensified. I was so eager to meet everyone! Wendy (from Tweenhood) was such a pleasure to meet! Such a bubbly personality.  Everyone from CAA Members and Ambassadors gathered under the big white tent to meet, greet and await for the big day to begin and after a short “speech” by an African Lion Safari representative we were on our way!!
The first thing we did was take the Safari Tour Bus to see all the animals of the wild. It had been included in the prize package I had won which was AWESOME!! It was such a hot day and sitting in the comfort of air conditioning was a dream! I could not wait to see the baby Giraffe and all the other animals at the Safari.  I took lots of pictures (of course) and the girls were shutterbugs too!
Llamas and birds and cows OH MY!! The horns on the one male were HUGE!! There was a lot of awwwwws and ooooooohs at the babies. So sweet! 


 African Lion Safari 006
 African Lion Safari 005
 African Lion Safari 007


 Unfortunately, because of the heat, we didn’t get a great look at this majestic creature, the Cheetah! It was laying in the shade daring not to move. I had suspected that some animals would be not too active and I do not blame them one bit in the least!


African Lion Safari 009

The majestic Lions lounging about in the hot summer heat were so beautiful. The King of the Jungle graced us with his appearance by turning his head just at the right moment! It was almost like he knew we wanted to get a face shot!


 African Lion Safari 011
 African Lion Safari 019


 The white Lions were a real treat to see. 


 African Lion Safari 021


 No trip to the African Lion Safari would be complete without at least one snapshot of a Baboons butt! It’s almost unavoidable. The babies were so cute running around and clinging onto their mothers.


 African Lion Safari 024
 African Lion Safari 026


The Ostriches, Gazelle and Zebras were very active and it was a pleasure to see the Zebras frolicking and playing with each other.


 African Lion Safari 035
 African Lion Safari 034
 African Lion Safari 038


The Rhinoceros were so HUGE!! One came up really close to the bus. I wouldn’t want one of these creatures charging at me.  So many animals but where was the Giraffe!!


 African Lion Safari 046
 African Lion Safari 051
 African Lion Safari 047
African Lion Safari 052
 African Lion Safari 057


That beautiful baby I couldn’t wait to see was coming up somewhere in the distance in that Safari. Ohhhhh the anticipation!!!


 African Lion Safari 059


Finally!!! Isn’t that baby so cute!!


 African Lion Safari 060


Stopping traffic & Eating grass! I am sure anything that this precious creature does is amazing to any visitor. After all he is one special Giraffe!! Canada’s FIRST Giraffe born by Artificial Insemination. Only the 2nd Giraffe WORLDWIDE!!! It’s no wonder why he is such a Star!!!


 African Lion Safari 064


There are so many things to do and see at the African Lion Safari.  Parrot Paradise, Birds of Prey Flying Demonstrations, Elephant Round-Up, Elephant Swim, Pets’ Corner, “African Queen” Boat Cruise, “Nature Boy” Scenic Railway, Discovery Centre, Jungle Playground and Misumu Bay Wet Play are sure to keep you and your children entertained all day long.

The girls, not 5 minutes out of the park on the drive home. LOL


 African Lion Safari 080


I loved the information that was given to us about the animals while we were on the Safari Bus. So many details that I certainly had not known. Did you know that a Giraffe has the same amount of cervical vertebrae as a mouse (7)? A Giraffe’s heart weighs 24 lbs, did you know that? Not only is your visit to African Lion Safari a great day out with the family but it is also educational as well.

African Lion Safari’s goal is the preservation of animals through education and it’s many programs. As a privately owned company African Lion Safari receives no government funding or subsidies. It is we, the visitors to the park who fund their efforts. Taking all this into consideration, the time, effort and care it takes to keep these animals happy, healthy, well fed, research, and breeding programs, admission fees to the park are extremely reasonable.

And to think it all started with 1 man and a dream.
This year African Lion Safari Celebrates 45 Years


 ALS Celebrates 45 years
Go WILD & Visit African Lion Safari today!!!
Visit CAA South Central Ontario to receive discounts before your visit HERE
For further information, directions and all that African Lion Safari has to offer visit HERE


~ Christine


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    Great looking place to visit, and truly an awesome family adventure for sure.

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