Petcurean-FitnFree-Go 002I must be so out of the loop when it comes to purchasing and finding the right food for my fur babies. In the past, or actually rather recently, I had absolutely no idea that there was a food for ALL of my cats. From kittens, young adults to seniors alike and in the same bag!

I have found it extremely difficult in choosing a brand of cat food that would have been great to give ALL my cats. Instead, I found myself buying 3 or 4 different foods due to the fact that I had kittens, young adults and seniors. Try keeping the kittens away from the adult food and the adults away from the kitten food and the seniors away from it all! Heaven forbid if I had a pregnant female, I was always at a loss and always told to feed her kitten food. At least then I had a 2 for 1 option. It was driving me crazy. I had always said to myself that “I wish SOMEONE would come out with a food for ALL my felines no matter what age they were.

Choosing a cat food became a chore and one that I dreaded. I would walk into a pet store and be bombarded by all these bags of food that seem to line up on the shelves and continue on forever. I would ask the kind salesperson to help me choose but in the end I just became flustered.  I would end up just going to my local grocery store and grabbing two bags of food, one for kittens and one for adults. There never seemed to be much of a selection so it seemed alleviate the pressure of choosing.

Okay, so I have my two bags of inexpensive cat food, but at what cost? Many times my cats would turn their noses up at it or only get about half way through a bag and be tired of it. I don’t know how many times I was left with full or half full bags of food that my cats would not eat even if I paid them to. The ingredients were bottom of the barrel and full of fillers. So here I was spending all my hard earned money on food that my cats were not going to eat because it was the cheaper alternative but in the end it cost me more.

What I love about Petcurean’s Fit & Free for my cats on the GO! are the ingredients! While the product is somewhat expensive considering the many inexpensive alternatives, it is the most cost effective and healthier choice.

Here’s why:
Main ingredients are meat and I am not talking somewhere down 10th on the list!! Meat is the first 6 products listed. Actual good old fashioned de-boned chicken, turkey, duck and trout!. Yeah I know, right! I’m getting hungry already.  That’s not all!! Vegetables such as peas, carrots, lentil beans and broccoli and fruit including apples, bananas, blueberries and blackberries are what makes Petcurean’s Fit & Free so tasty and healthy.


For a more extensive look at the ingredients visit Petcurean’s Fit & Free GO! Ingredients Listing.


Petcurean’s Fit & Free GO! comes in two varieties for you to choose from which are whole grain and grain free. You can select from their dry food (in a bag) or moist food (canned) selections.


When I was given the opportunity to review Petcurean’s products for cats I was happy but then realized I had no idea what food to choose? Oh the choices and dilemma and back came the anxiety.


Petcurean‘s website has an Interactive Food Selector which makes choosing a food so much easier than it ever was before! You simply choose that you are purchasing for your cat. It will ask you the gender of your feline, your cat’s name, your cat’s size (small, medium or large), your cats age (kitten, adult, senior), your cat’s weight (underweight, just right, overweight), your cats activity level (reduced, average, active), your cats health issues (food allergies, heart health, hairballs etc.), whether you are interested in a specific brand (GO!, Now, Summit, Unsure or No Preference) and based on the answers you provide Petcurean matches a product to your pets specific needs. In my case it was Petcurean’s Fit & Free GO!. 


I have never seen any of my kittens or cats go this insane over a cat food before. If they could have ripped open the bag they would have. My kitten Rusty was all over the bag trying to stick his head in as soon as I had the bag open. My white cat Pink came running in from the living room to investigate as well. The reaction was incredible.


Petcurean-FitnFree-Go 008


The food is in small pieces that can be easily chewed by a kitten which is a feature that I really liked. I have bought kitten food in the past which left me thinking how the heck could a kitten even fit the morsel in it’s mouth as it was quite large. The aroma of the food will attract your cat and it must taste just as awesome. My cats were pushing each other out of the way to hog the bowl to themselves. That is a first!!!


Petcurean-FitnFree-Go 007


Packed with actual premium quality meats, nutrients, vitamins, omega oils and antioxidants that will keep your cat healthy, active and strong. Whether you have chosen Grain Free or the Whole Grain recipe your choices are excellent as all contain no growth hormones, by-products meals (wheat, corn, beef or soy) or artificial preservatives.


As if I was not already impressed but to find that GO!’s Fit + Free has the most meat of any GO! was music to my ears and I think, or rather I know, was music to my cats as well.


Petcurean is a Canadian owned family business. Operating since 1999, the company thinks about food and are constantly thinking of recipes and ways to enrich your pets palate and health. They support farmers and ranchers from whom they purchase their top quality meats, fruit and vegetables. Petcurean stands by their products and if for any reason your pet refuses to eat the food (which is rare) or has a reaction you can return the unused portion along with receipt to the place of purchase for a full refund or you can exchange for a different Petcurean product!!! Petcurean is 100% China Free


If you wish to purchase Petcurean products simply use the Store Locator for the retail location near you.


Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Petcurean for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.