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The other night while watching Paw Patrol toy videos, my son came across one with a Hasbro game called Pie Face! My youngest son has a bit of a YouTube addiction, and he watches the strangest things. Thanks to YouTube he’s found plenty of Minecraft videos, talking cats, and Annoying Orange (thank you SO much for Annoying Orange YouTube, its worse than Caillou!). He also likes to watch videos of people playing with toys. Not kids playing with toys though, adults playing with toys. He watches them play with Batman and Paw Patrol figures, create things with PlayDoh, and test out new board games.

He decided that second that he HAD to have this Pie Face game, and that was that. We made a deal with him that if he could share with his brothers (insert hysterical laughter here because my kids can’t share!) we would get them the game the next day.  On Friday we went to Walmart, picked up Pie Face! and a can of Great Value Whipped Topping.

I’ve had problems getting all three of my youngest sons to play at the same time, but my 6 and 7 year old sons have managed to play short games (because anything longer than a few minutes and they start to bicker). The great thing about Pie Face! is that its a really quick game, really quick set up, and super easy to play. You spin the spinner, and the number you land on is how many times you turn the handles. If you get hit in the face with the pie (whipped cream, or the included sponge) your turn is over and you get no points. If you manage to finish your turn without getting the pie in the face you score points (double what you spun for your turn). The first player to get to 25 points wins!

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Because my youngest children fight like cats and dogs non stop (they have conflicting personalities, and are unable to get along for more than a few minutes at a time) we didn’t keep score, and just let them play until the fighting began.


  • Pie Face! is affordable (priced just under $20) and easily available at both Toys R Us and Walmart. We picked Walmart because that way we didn’t have to make two stops (Toys R Us doesn’t sell Whipped Topping).
  • Super quick and easy to set up, even my 6 year old was able to assemble it without any help.
  • Really easy to play, and each game is really quick.
  • Fun for all ages!
  • When you get hit in the face with the pie you can eat it (and whipped cream is yummy)!
  • Comes with a sponge that you can soak in water if you don’t want to use whipped cream.


  • Fighting might occur if one player gets to eat more whipped cream than another.
  • Be careful not to get the whipped cream in your eyes (so keep your eyes closed while turning the handle!)

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Overall, I think this is a really simple and fun game and a great addition to the game self, and the perfect gift for any one who loves board games and games night! There is even a new version coming out called Pie Face Showdown Game available on pre-order now at Toy R Us for $34.99! It looks like double the fun! Its never too early to think Christmas!

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