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Ponchies for Babies and Kids

The Huggable, Snuggable & Cozy Ponchos for Babies & Kids


Ponchies are adorably hand crafted ponchos for kids and babies that are made with love in Toronto, Canada by Tiffany Uher. Everything from start to finish including design and sewing is carefully crafted to create the high quality and unique clothing for kids.

Tiffany is no stranger to the fashion industry. In 2004 she embarked on a path that would lead her to creating her very own fashion line ‘U:her Fashions’  which then resulted in her inception of ‘Ponchies For Kids’!

Each Ponchie is stitched to last and barring irregular use, will outlast the growth of your child. The fleece used in making the Ponchies are locally sourced and include drawstrings and snaps allowing you to adjust the size as your child grows.

I was fortunate enough to win a Ponchie a couple of years ago. Tiffany was a pleasure to deal with and my prize arrived very quickly, which at the time totally surprised me (in a great way) as each Ponchie is made to order. I had chosen a Cammo Ponchie with hunter orange in size 4-6 years for a little boy that had lived across the street from me.  Actually, it was this exact one.

Ponchies Baby & Kid Camo Fleece Poncho - Hunter Orange

The material was so soft and fleecy and the stitch work was uniform with no imperfections at all. It fit the boy that I was gifting it to perfectly and he loved it so much that he wore it almost everyday.

I don’t have very many friends with children that are very young nor do I have very many friends who are having babies or grandchildren. That said, I have always kept Ponchies in the back of my head as a great gift idea for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Christmas and more!

Since learning the awesome news that I am about to become a grandma, I have been scouring the internet looking for and learning about all the fascinating new products that are available for babies and kids. Since I was a parent having to purchase for my children many many moons ago, products have improved so much since then and there are so many more on the market that I am just learning about.

In my pursuit of all things baby & kids and gift giving ideas, I remembered Ponchies. I had such a pleasant experience dealing with Tiffany in the past that I decided to contact her. I told her my exciting news and she granted me the opportunity to receive yet another one of her marvelous creations so I could tell you ALL about them. This time I chose one for a baby (of course). It took me some time selecting which one as there are so many to choose from on her Etsy Page but I finally made my choice.

Baby & Kid Canadian Maple Leaf Fleece Poncho – Red – Car Seat Poncho
Ponchies Baby & Kid Canadian Maple Leaf Fleece Poncho - Red - Car Seat Poncho

Okay, so I had a Made in Canada thought to my process of selecting this Ponchie. At the time of my choosing which Ponchies poncho would be best for my grandchild, I did not know the gender of the little bean growing in mama’s belly so I opted for a gender neutral poncho. Since then, I was given the news that I am going to have a grandson! I was hoping for a girl because – you know – dresses, bows and frilly little things but the main thing is that the tiny tyke is healthy.

The Ponchie arrived just in time for the gender reveal party! It was at this time that I gave my son and his partner the cute little poncho.

Ponchies Canadian Maple Leaf Fleece Poncho

I tried to take a little video of the reaction but it was just too noisy and chaotic. As you can see from the photo, both mom and dad were all smiles and happy. There were many”Oooooos and Awwwws”. They thought it was just the cutest thing! There were people asking where I got it and of course I told them. Once my grand-baby is born, rest assured there will be many a photo taken. He’ll be a walking billboard for the brand.

I could have chosen any one of the sizes but I decided on the 0-2 years size. This Ponchie is also available in 2-4 year and 4-6 year sizes. It retails for $80.00 CAD. In my opinion, it is worth every penny for a made in Canada, unique, hand crafted and made to order item that is sure to last and be passed down to siblings, cousins or young children of friends.

There’s more than just fleecy and snuggly ponchos too! Ponchies for Kids also makes Rain Ponchos and Beach Towel Ponchos such as these ones here:


Ponchies Baby & Kid Rain Poncho - Sparkle Gold Rain Clouds - Waterproof

Ponchies Baby & Kid Panda Beach Towel Poncho - Terry Cloth








Ponchies for Kids ships from Canada to the following countries:
Canada, United States, Australia, Brazil, France, Gibraltar, Ireland, Japan, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Accepted Payment Methods:
Ponchies for Kids Accepted Payment Methods

See the Quality, Comfort and Cuteness that is Ponchies
If you are in the Toronto area you can see Ponchies for Kids at the One of a Kind Show from November 23rd to December 3rd 2017 at the Enercare Centre Exhibition Place Toronto.

Ponchies One of a Kind Show

Visit the One of a Kind Show website for details.

Join Ponchies for Kids on Social Media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ponchiesforkids
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ponchiesforkids
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ponchiesforkids/

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Disclosure: This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by Ponchies for Kids.  A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I received a poncho from Ponchies for Kids for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

Christine is a proud mother, a soon to be grandmother and a fur mom to one ‘fur baby’, a dog named Tracker who is never far from Christine’s side. A devoted gardener, during the spring and summer months Christine can normally be found tending to her flower and vegetable gardens. Living in Southern Ontario near Lake Erie, Christine enjoys spending time outdoors and is an avid hiker. She also loves doing small diy projects in her spare time.

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  1. Allie f

    I’d choose the baby and kid fox Ponchie for my niece!

  2. jan

    Love the Baby & Kid Elephant Fleece Poncho

  3. I think I would choose the Baby & Kid Animal Print Fleece Poncho. I’d like to win it for my little cousin.

  4. Judy Cowan

    Would love the Baby & Kid Classic Plaid Fleece Poncho – Red, Black, Gold – Car Seat Poncho for my niece.

  5. Tainan Lu

    I’d choose the the Baby & Kid Classic Plaid Fleece Poncho

  6. Heather Swanson

    I would get the Thomas the Train poncho for my dear little friend Dallas!

  7. Vivian T

    I love the elephant fleece poncho for my friends little one!

  8. Amber Y

    Not sure what happened to my last comment. It cut off all funny after i submitted it. Anyways I’d love to grab one of the Baby & Kid Zelda Link Fleece Ponchos for my daughter! Her daddy would be thrilled.

  9. lori butler

    i would choose the classic plaid in red for my niece

  10. Wendy Jensen

    I visited Ponchies for Kids Etsy Shop and my choice is Baby & Kid Pink Princess Fleece Poncho – Crown – Car Seat Poncho for my granddaughter.

  11. Nancy

    If I won, I might get the Fox Fleece Poncho. It would be for our grandchild.

  12. Laurie P

    Love love love the Baby & Kid Bunny Fleece Poncho in Burgundy and Cream, my girl would adore it too!

  13. Katie Bellamy

    I love the Spiderman fleece poncho!

  14. Dana Miller

    I would choose the Deer fleece poncho for my niece. She’d make an adorable fawn and would have fun and be warm & cozy while wearing this adorable poncho.

  15. KellyPC

    I’d choose the gray bunny car poncho in a baby size for my friend who is expecting his first baby this winter!

  16. Victoria K

    I love the Baby & Kid Unicorn Rainbow Beach Towel Poncho – Terry Cloth – Bath Towel

  17. latanya

    Baby & Kid Classic Plaid Fleece Poncho – Blue, Green, Red, Gold

  18. Calvin F.

    Baby & Kid Totoro Fleece Poncho – Grey – Car Seat Poncho it would be adorable. For a cousin.

  19. Carrie G

    I’d choose the elephant ponchie

  20. the elephant poncho

  21. Victoria rodriguez

    This is so adorable I want them all!

  22. Sandra McG

    baby and kid batman fleece poncho for my nephew…so cute!!

  23. Jessica W.

    I would like to get my daughter the Girly Batman Fleece Poncho.

  24. Marlene V

    I would love the Baby & Kid Panda Fleece Poncho – Black and White for my niece.

  25. Carly Daring

    I would love the elephant ponchie! My toddler is 1.5 and LOVES animals so any of the animal ones would be awesome. But I love the elephant the best,

  26. Alexandra Y

    I would choose the kid bunny poncho for my daughter.

  27. Mike Gismondi

    I like the Baby & Kid Classic Plaid Fleece Poncho and I’d get it for our new nephew

  28. Beth G

    I would get the Princess, Rainbow, Unicorn – Waterproof poncho for my niece. Very cute.

  29. Linda

    I would like the Baby & Kid Monkey Fleece Poncho – Car Seat Poncho for my son.

  30. Tina L.

    I would get the Baby & Kid Yoda Star Wars Fleece Poncho for my neice

  31. Jamie Williams

    I would choose the Baby & Kid Arrows Fleece Poncho in Pink, . I would like to gift this to my daughter.

  32. sarah alexis

    I would love to buy the FOX ponchie for my little guy!!!!!

  33. Christine D

    I really do love the Canadian Inspired Poncho! Id gift this to my bestie that just had her baby on Labor day! Baby & Kid Canadian Maple Leaf Fleece Poncho – Red – Car Seat Poncho

  34. Michelle Kirkpatrick

    I would most likely buy the Batman Fleece Ponchie. It’s absolutely adorable! Plus, it looks so comfortable. I would love to win it.

  35. Amanda Fontaine

    I think my three year old son would LOVE the Thomas the Train Poncho.


  36. Caroline Lozinski

    I would love the Spider-Man for my grandson!

  37. Nathalie Lebeau

    What a great gift this would make for my son this Christmas!

  38. Jessica Whitehouse

    My son would like either the brown or white puppy poncho.

  39. Wendy

    My grandson would love the Batman Poncho

  40. Judy Thomas

    I love them all! I would choose the 🔎zoom
    Totoro Fleece Poncho for my niece.

  41. Sakeena

    These are super duper cute. LOVE!

  42. Tiff Cho

    I love the elephant fleece poncho for my friends baby daughter

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