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Pop A Lotz Surprise Pops from Jay at Play Toys

Jay at Play Toys
Pop A Lotz Surprise Pops

Pop A Lotz

Pop A Lotz are a fun and interactive toy chock full of surprises. They are like a blind toy box that makes kids eyes light up by the bursting of all the fun items that the surprise pop contains. Jayce was excited and had fun making the contents explode from within and of course to see what he got.

I received samples from Jay At Play Toys for promotional purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and our own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

The Pop A Lotz Surprise Pops are full of fun little surprises that explode into view when the interactive container is popped.

Easter morning was full of surprises as you can well imagine. The Easter Bunny had visited and left some amazing treats ad toys for my grandchildren. One of the surprises was a couple of Pop A Lotz for Jayce. He couldn’t wait to pop open the container and watch all the goodies inside explode from within. It happened so fast that I was glad I caught it on video!


Each Pop A Lotz contains 4 collector chips, 8 Pom Poms & Confetti along with a Scented BelliPop Plush toy and a Foodie Plush toy.  Some contents are in blind bags. With all the different items, kids can have fun to collecting and trading. The Pop A Lotz Surprise Pop can also be refilled and popped again allowing for more explosive fun.

Jayce thought these were a fun toy and couldn’t wait to open the blind bags to see what was inside. He quickly discovered he had all different chips but a double of the foodie plush toy. He wants more so he can share and collect and trade. Looks like a purchase of some Pop A Lotz Surprise Pops is in my future. These would be great for Birthdays, Christmas & more.

It’s great to know that Pop A Lotz are now on store shelves in Walmart in Canada! or I can order online by visiting the website.

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A Mom’s Perspective has partnered with Jay at Play Toys to bring you this opportunity to win a Pop A Lotz for the child in your life!

Number of Winners: ONE (1)
Prize: One(1) Pop A Lotz
Eligibility: Canadian & USA Residents Only  18+
End Date: April 18th 2018

How to Enter:
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Disclosure:  This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by Jay At Play Toys.  A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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  1. jan

    Pop A Lotz toys are so colourful and different. Love that.

  2. Allie f

    I like the variety of colours!

  3. I like that it is a fun toy full of surprises that the kids can collect, share or trade.

  4. Awesome Granddaughter has a birthday coming up

  5. Jonnie

    Such a cute video! I like that you can stuff the things back in and pop it again.

  6. Cassandra Kazlovskis

    I love that they can collect and trade them

  7. Cassandra Gale

    These look really fun. I think my kids would like them.

  8. Vivian Tsang


  9. Sherry blamer

    My kids love to make a mess and this would be something they would play with over and over.

  10. Lynda Cook

    I like these because of the surprise, you don’t know what your going to get till you pop it!!

  11. Caroline Lozinski

    They’re just so much fun ! Colourful and a surprise! What’s not to like !

  12. Kristy R

    I love that they are blind bags! My kids love blind bags.

  13. Rosa

    Looks like a lot of fun and joy for kids of all ages!

  14. Tosha

    They look super fun, my daughter would love it

  15. amy stonger

    I love the excitement that comes with popping it open.

  16. Janet Meisner

    I like that it can be refilled and popped again.

  17. Nena Sinclair

    I love that they inspire imagination and creative play!

  18. Olivia. Clow

    This looks to be amazing and i think my girls would have hours off enjoy ment for a few hours at a time. Thanks for a chance.

  19. Heather Swanson

    It’s fun to collect & trade!

  20. Julie bolduc

    I love that it can be refilled

  21. kristen visser

    I love that you can pop it over again! my girls would have a blast with this. and the fact that it comes with little surprises inside but you can fill it with other stuff is pretty cool!

  22. Heidi c.

    The fact that you can pop and refill these would definitely appeal to my kids. They would have a lot of fun with them.

  23. Kim T

    Seems like a really cool toy

  24. Becky Best

    I love that they remind me of a piñata, how they explode, but without the danger of swinging a bat around blind folded!! LOL

  25. sarah alexis

    I love the surprise element – so much fuN!!!

  26. elizabeth miller

    i love that what is actually inside is a pure surprise for kids. Kids love the unknown.

  27. Miriam Wilton

    i love that these would entertain my daughter for hours. she is obsessed with toys that hold a surprise!

  28. Debbie White Beattie

    I like the surprise factor of this toy because the kids have no idea of what their getting and that’s the fun factor of this prize.

  29. I like anything that has a surprise inside!

  30. athena graeme

    We haven’t tried one yet, but my daughter leans toward surprises, she is always hiding things then pulling them out to say, SURPRISE, so I think she’d like that aspect of it.

  31. DebP

    Lots of colours and a surprise. I’d find that fun, myself!

  32. LoriP

    I love surprises!

  33. Elizabeth R

    I love the exploding action, so fun with no danger to anyone.

  34. Brandy

    I love the surprise element

  35. I like the surprise factor – great for kids.

  36. Marlene V

    I love that it’s always a surprise what you are going to get inside. How fun!

  37. Meghan

    My daughter would love to pop this!

  38. Sarah

    I think this would be great for my Daughter because she loves surprises. Thanks!

  39. Dan H

    Like all the confetti.

  40. doug g.

    it’s pretty, cute, unique, adorable, lovely, charming, fun, stimulating, fantastic….I could go on & on…

  41. the toy looks like a lot of fun

  42. Linda Svarovsky

    I love that it is a surprise, so fun.

  43. Silvia D

    love that they can be collected, are so colourful and fun!

  44. Great gift for grand nephews and nieces

  45. JB

    Look like fun

  46. I’d like to win Pop A Lotz for kids to play, they are so much fun!
    Fan R. recently posted…Edinburgh Military Tattoo – The Band of The Royal Regiment of ScotlandMy Profile

  47. harold

    I love that they can be refilled, that’s awesome.

  48. Tara

    I love how colorful they are.

  49. Juliee Fitze

    I like that you can re pop them and I would like to see the look on my granddaughters face.

  50. Andrea

    I love that it can be refilled!

  51. Gillian Morgan

    I like that they can be refilled and they’re so cute.

  52. i love this idea! they look so fun for kiddos (and adults too!). so much fun to get a surprise!

  53. Jeremy McLaughlin

    Like how it can be refilled.

  54. Sab Edwards

    IT reminds me of the surprise bags you could get and you didn’t know what was in it and everyone always wanted one!! This would be for Emily as Dylan is way too young

  55. Kerry

    It looks like a really fun interactive activity for the kids!

  56. My daughter loves blind bags and mystery boxes so I am sure she would love this toy too !!!

  57. Julie Bickham

    I like that it’s a surprise. My daughter would be so excited to find out what is inside.

  58. Elizabeth Robinson

    I love how much stuff is in it and that it can be refilled and done again.

  59. Clarissa Hiciano

    My children love mystery toys that they can collect. They would love this!

  60. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    My grandchildren would love this, a surprise is always fun for them.

  61. Tonya Mcminn

    I love that what’s inside is a surprise and that you won’t know what you got till it’s popped!!

  62. Priscilla Bryant

    I like it because you can restuff it

  63. Linda Fast

    I think they are fun and would really keep the kids amused. It’s good that it can be filled over and over again.

  64. Ronnie Bruens

    1 word: collectables!!!!😊

  65. Sarah bruens

    I like the surprises plus my kids don’t have any yet!

  66. KellyPC

    I love surprises! this is such a great idea!

  67. Shelley Butcher

    These look really fun! My grandkids would love them!

  68. Darlene Carbajal

    I love the different surprises!

  69. Aarone Mawdsley

    they look fun to play with

  70. Viv Sluys

    I like that they are fun to open and that they have something to keep in them.

  71. Melissa Bissett

    Because we love surprises :o)

  72. Donna Durie

    Love things that go ‘pop’….so much laughter 🙂

  73. I love the surprises

  74. Pat f Drouillard

    I love that it is a surprise.

  75. Judy hunting

    I love the surprise it gives the children

  76. Katie Bellamy

    They look really fun to do!

  77. Laurie P

    Who doesn’t love surprises?!!

  78. The popping is the best part!

  79. Heather Howard

    My kids just saw the Pop A Lots Surprise Pops in a YouTube video and can’t wait to find them in stores!
    Right now it is all about the “surprise” factor. Kids are loving the mystery of finding out what is inside as well as being able to collect the toys.

  80. Sarah bruens

    I love the surprise of it and so would my kids

  81. patricia furlong

    love the fact that its a total suprise for the kids to open 🙂

  82. My youngest son likes blind-box toys. He enjoys watching unboxing videos of kids opening these types of toys.

  83. Betty Wojnar

    I think it is the most unique surprise toy out there.

  84. Jennifer H.

    I think that my nephews would really like this!

  85. Kayla Klontz

    I most love the element of surprise and so do my children, i think these are pretty cool.

  86. Leah Shumack

    My daughter will love that they are collectible and popping them open!

  87. My kids would love that you can collect and trade them

  88. Jessica Matheson

    What a cute toy

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