dark-N_normy1-01I absolutely fell in love with Premium Near Beer’s Mocktail Recipe Kits. Great tasting would be an understatement in describing the deliciousness of these alcohol-free beverages.




The Dark n Normy

Premium NearBeer-Dark n Normy Mocktail


I am not a rum drinker and quite frankly and honestly, I have always detested the spirit. I sampled the Arkay Rum on it’s own and I was surprised at just how well it tasted. I was ready and prepared to make my icky face but instead I found myself taking another shot of it! When I sampled the Dark n Normy Mocktail I really was quite impressed at just how well the Mocktail tasted. It is a sweet mixture but it is delicious!!

The Dark n Normy consists of Arkay’s Alcohol Free Spiced Rum and Angostura Bitters which can be purchased from Premium Near Beer’s website.

Your Mocktail kit will consist of:
ONE: 1L Bottle of Arkay Spiced Rum
ONE: 100ml bottle of Agostura Bitters
Note: You will need additional ingredients, most of which you probably have in the kitchen already. These ingredients include: maple syrup, lemon juice, a lime and ginger beer.

The Cucumber Collins

The Cucumber Collins consists of Arkay’s Alcohol Free Vodka and Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters which can be purchased from Premium Near Beer’s website.

I’ll be quite frank and tell you that this is now my favourite summertime, thirst quenching and oh so refreshing beverage to enjoy on hot summer days (and even the days in between).

I loved it’s tart yet light sweet taste and since it contains no alcohol I can enjoy it all day long if I feel the desire.

Your Mocktail kit will consist of:
ONE: 1L Bottle of Arkay Vodka
ONE: 150ml bottle of Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters
Note: You will need additional ingredients. These ingredients include: simple syrup, lime juice, diced cucumber and soda water.

The Mocktails are so easy to prepare! I had so much fun making this video to show you just how easy it is!

Premium Near Beer has more Mocktail kits than what can be seen here that I am certain to be just as tasty.

If Mocktails are not your thing, that’s okay! Premium Near Beer has got you covered.

Non-Alcoholic Beer: Lagers, Ales and Darks, Wheat Beer, Radlers and 0% Beer are only a mouse click away for your choice of the following brands from around the world: Bavaria, BrewDog, Clausthaler, Erdinger, Gerstel, Grolsch, Holsten, Iron League, Krombacher, Laziza, MADD, Sagres, Schmohz, Spirit Tree, Super Bock, Texas Select and Weihenstephan

Wine: Red, White and Sparkling

Ciders: Apple, Apple Cranberry and Pear from Spirit Tree Estate

Premium Near Beer has an extensive selection of Halal beverages as well.

Whatever your tastes, I am certain that Premium Near Beer has something for you!

The best thing about these beverages are is that they are Alcohol Free!!! Great News for pregnant woman, persons taking medications or having a medical condition in which alcohol is not permitted in the diet, athletes and most importantly designated drivers.

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~ Christine