Priva-TopSheet-2For years I had struggled with bedding and trying to find a set that would fit my moms hospital bed mattress.. If you have or have had a loved one living at home and sleeping in a hospital bed I am certain you can relate. The money I had spent on countless twin or slightly over-sized bedding is more than I can count or recall. The fact of the matter is and one that we all must come to terms with is regular bedding just will NOT fit a standard hospital bed mattress.

If you are lucky enough and have made frequent trips to the hospital you MAY have a sympathetic nurse “slip” you at least one set and that is IF that hospital carries them. It has been my experience that they do not. At least the bottom sheets anyhow as it is easier on staff to make and remove bedding by just placing a sheet on top of the mattress and tucking the edges underneath or they simply do not use a bottom sheet at all.

I cannot tell you the countless times I have had to remake my moms bed due to the fact that her bottom sheet was coming off or more-so had slipped its way onto the floor . Even more were the complaints of her feet getting cold as the top sheet would slip up over and past her feet coming to a rest half way up her legs because I could not tuck the sheet in. The tucking in made the bottom of the bedding too tight. When she got into bed she had no room for her feet and the tightness of the tucked in material became uncomfortable and put added and unwanted pressure which strained her feet and legs. More often than not, I had to have an extra top sheet on the bed down by her feet so it would keep her feet warm and that’s if and a big IF she didn’t end up kicking it off the bed as she slept.

My mom is a paraplegic in the sense that she is bound to a wheelchair, is not weight bearing, however she does have sensation in her legs.She can move her legs somewhat and they tend to have spasms at times. So she is not kicking is the sense of tossing and turning because she is unable to do that, however she is kicking in the sense that the little movement she does have IS enough to slip sheets of the bed.

The Priva Hospital Bed Jersey Knit Sheet Set consisted of 1 pillowcase, 1 bottom sheet and 1 top sheet. They are very comfortable, soft, machine wash and dry cotton polyester blend that needs no ironing.

The Priva Hospital Bed Jersey Knit Pillowcase


This pillowcase fits all standard pillows. When used on a standard pillow it has a snug fit which hugs the pillow and doesn’t slip off during sleep. It’s soft and comfortable. You may find that it is slightly over-sized when used with a standard issue hospital pillow. You know the kind that seem like they have a plastic (or water resistant) outer shell that crinkles when touched.

The Priva Hospital Bed Jersey Knit Bottom Sheet


The bottom sheet, as seen above, fits snugly onto a STANDARD Hospital Bed Mattress. As you can see, the corners round and go quite far onto the underside of the mattress looking like what is similar to a Kleenex box. This ensures that the bottom sheet will stay in place on the mattress during sleep. I have to add that if your loved one has an air mattress, this bottom sheet will NOT fit due to the hoses that are used to keep the flow of air within the mattress and straps to keep the mattress in place.


Eleanor P. who is a resident at the long term care facility where my mom stays tried the bottom sheet for a week on her bed. She loves it and wants the staff to get her more. I had to have someone else use it beside my mom as my mom has an air filled mattress and the bottom sheet simply would not be usable. I gave Eleanor the sheet she tested to keep and she was quite happy about that. (I think the staff have a Priva supporter on their hands and perhaps even a new customer if Eleanor has her way!)

The Priva Hospital Bed Jersey Knit Top Sheet


The top sheet is AWESOME!! As with the pillow case and the bottom sheet the material is soft and comfortable to sleep on. The added gathering of material at the foot section of the bed allows for extra room for your loved ones feet. This extra room allows for them to be comfortable while lounging or sleeping within their bed knowing that the sheet will stay on, their feet will stay warm without any fear of discomfort or pressure made by the bedding.


My mom LOVES her new sheet! She has been using a standard top sheet that is not tucked in. Her sheet always moves in her sleep and more often than not becomes pulled half way up her body. She loves that she can now go to bed knowing her feet will stay warm and the sheet will stay in place.

At this time I want to thank Priva and Fiberlinks Textiles Inc.!! Your product has allowed my mom a more comfortable and restful sleep. I also want to thank my mom! Mom you’re such a great sport and knowing how camera shy you are you actually said yes to a video review!!! Love ya mom! <3

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Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Priva for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.

~Christine (& mom)