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Every year I like to buy something that is personalized with photos of the kids. A custom designed photo book, a calendar, a canvas or gallery style framed photo, a photo blanket, etc. We have a wide variety of items in the house that have been personalized with our favourite photos of the boys, but something we didn’t have was a custom designed puzzle! Puzzlesprints fixed that and now I can include a fun and interactive puzzle onto our games shelf.

Creating your puzzle is quick and easy! The most difficult part will be figuring out which picture to use! If you are really stuck, you can create a collage puzzle using 7 of your favourite photos.



I picked one of my favourite picture of the boys, a rare moment where they were playing together and getting along. Because I intended this to be a family puzzle I picked the 500 piece puzzle. Shipping was quick and I love the storage box (complete with photo).


The pieces are great quality, and the colours are vibrant, glossy and true to the original photo. The backside is a matte grey-slate colour.

puzzlesprint puzzlespring

I picked a very difficult picture for our puzzle, because its not any fun if its too easy! A good portion of the puzzle is of grey rocks so it is definitely taking us some time to put it together.  My 19 and 9 year old sons have been working on it, but our recent month long battle with the flu, strep throat and allergies has set us back a little bit so our puzzle is still a work in progress.



Work in Progress

The quality of the puzzle is amazing, the photo is clear and crisp, and the colours are true to the original picture. It is definitely a challenge (which is exactly what I was looking for). I couldn’t be happier with my experience, and once we have finished building our puzzle a few times, I think I am going to send it to my Mom. She loves puzzles, and it will be a nice unique photo keepsake of her youngest three grandsons.


Cute photo of Tux supervising the puzzle sorting process

A custom designed photo puzzle would make the perfect gift for any puzzle lover on your list. It is a multi-purpose gift: treasured keepsake and a fun puzzle to build.

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Disclosure: I received samples from Puzzleprints for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

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