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8 Quick Tips for Entering A Mom’s Perspective’s Blog Contests

How to Enter Blog Contests

The giveaway is over, and we are so excited to see who has won! We click the button for Giveaway Tools to randomly select a winner and then the hard part starts. This is where we verify the winner’s entries.  ALL of the winner’s entries. During this process I have noticed that a great many of the people who enter blog contests are not entering correctly.

blog contests

Before I get to my tips, please understand that if Giveaway Tools selects you as a winner, we will verify ALL of your entries. Picking winners sometimes is quick, and sometimes it takes a very long time. The recent Hello Fresh giveaway, for instance, took me several hours (over a 2 day period) to be able to find a winner who actually qualified, was a real person and who did the entries that she claimed.

Here are my quick tips for entering blog contests and giveaways!

  • ELIGIBILITY. Always always always read the eligibility rules. CANADA only means you must be living in Canada to enter. USA only means you must be living in the USA to enter. USA addresses only means anyone can enter but prize can only be shipped to an address in the United States (and so on).
  • MANDATORY ENTRIES. ALL mandatory entries MUST be completed or NONE of your entries count.  In the example below, there are FIVE mandatory entries. Each one of these must be completed or ALL your entries are void. And yes, we do check.
blog giveaway

Mandatory Entries

  • BLOG COMMENTS. A blog comment is MANDATORY. If you do not leave a comment answering the specific question your entry does not count. Blog comments are EXTREMELY important for us and the sponsors. For us, it helps our numbers so we can attract potential sponsors (and offer you more giveaways). For our sponsors, its an indicator of interest in their products. A sponsor can not see how many people are submitting entries on the Giveaway Tools form but they can see how many people have commented on a review and/or giveaway post.  PLEASE NOTE: The QUESTION needs to be answered for your entry to count. Responding with “Great giveaway!” or “I want to win” will NOT count.
  • OPTIONAL ENTRIES. Optional entries are just that: optional. The more you complete, the more entries you have. Make sure you actually complete the entries you claim. If you claim that you signed up for our newsletter but you didn’t, and Giveaway Tools picks your name as a winner, you will be disqualified during the verification process.
  • PUBLIC ACCOUNTS. If you claim twitter (or Instagram) entries, make sure your accounts are not private or restricted. We can NOT verify entries from accounts unless they are public. If your twitter account is restricted you should not be using it to enter contests.
  • TWITTER ENTRIES. This is the big one. Make sure you CLICK the tweet so that Giveaway Tools verifies it. If you do not do this (but have claimed the entry), your entry will not count (and you will be disqualified from winning). We can tell on the admin side who has and who has not clicked the tweet. If you don’t want to enter using twitter, do not claim the entries.

    Twitter entry claimed BUT the entrant did NOT actually click to follow OR tweet. When you click on it, a clickable verification will show up for us. This is from someone who was picked a winner, but she was disqualified for claiming entries she did not do.

  • EGG ACCOUNTS (twitter). We love contesters. We ARE contesters. We do not discriminate! However, “egg” accounts are immediately put under scrutiny because they look spammy and fake. We want REAL people winning our giveaways. Take a couple minutes to add a profile picture and a cover photo, and add a little bit of information to your profile. We do not care if your account is ALL contests but we do care if it appears to be a fake account, so personalize it! It takes less than 5 minutes. (The same rules apply to Instagram).

  • EMAIL. Make sure that you have entered your email address correctly in the Giveaway Tools form because this is how we will contact you if you win! Make sure you check your email at least daily so that you do not miss a winning notification. You have 24-48 hours (depending on the giveaway) to respond or a new winner will be picked. We HATE  having to redraw for a new winner, but we will NOT hunt you down on social media. If you are worried about missing a winning notification, please add amomsperspectives@yahoo.com to your address book or safe list.

One last thing: We ask that you share with us on social media once your prize has arrived. Although not mandatory, we very much appreciate those who share with us (either by tagging us on Facebook, twitter or Instagram, or by sharing directly to our Facebook page).

We also ask that you tag the sponsor. Without the sponsors, there would be NO giveaways and a simple “thank you, I love it!” goes a really REALLY long way!

We ask this for several reasons.

  • First, it lets our other readers see that our contests are real and you did receive your prize (and gives others an opportunity to congratulate you).
  • Second, it gives you an opportunity to thank the sponsor and let them know you appreciate them!
  • Third, it allows us to close your file (so to speak) as it gives us confirmation that your prize has arrived safely.

This is also VERY important to the giveaways that we sponsor ourselves (meaning we BUY the prize with our own money – we are NOT making money running this blog, so this is OUR money we are spending). If you want more self-sponsored giveaways (such as the fun Halloween ones we sponsored, or The Book of Choice Giveaways I’ve been sponsoring) please take a minute out of your day to THANK us when you receive your prize.

Enter fairly, only claim the entries that you have in fact completed, and GOOD LUCK! We hope to see your name on our Winners Page soon!

Andrea resides in Calgary, Alberta, and is the mom to five boys between the ages of 6-22. Running mainly on coffee and sarcasm, in her spare time she enjoys listening to Canadian Rock, watching Calgary Flames hockey, reading YA Dystopian novels, binge watching 90s television on Netflix, and entering contests.

Need social media management? Looking for an enthusiastic ambassador for your brand? Connect with me to discuss potential collaborations at amomsperspectives AT yahoo DOT com.




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