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RiME – Single Player Puzzle Adventure Game – for ages 10+


XBox One, PS4, Steam & Nintendo Switch

Rated E for Everyone 10+


A land of discovery stretches out before you. Explore the beautiful, yet rugged, world of RiME, a single-player puzzle adventure game.

RiME is a single-player puzzle adventure game about a young boy shipwrecked on a mysterious island after a torrential storm. Players must use their wits to decipher the challenges and secrets of an expansive world strewn with rugged terrain, wild creatures and the crumbling ruins of a long-forgotten civilization. With subtle narrative, colorful artwork and a sweeping score, RiME offers players a meaningful journey filled with discovery.


Armed with your wits and a will to overcome – and the guidance of a helpful fox – you must explore the enigmatic island and unlock its closely guarded secrets.


Discover the mysterious island at your own pace. Interact with the wildlife, search for hidden items or simply take in the sights and sounds.

Solve Puzzles

Make your way through the ancient ruins by solving puzzles with sound, light, perspective, platforming, and even manipulation.

Find Secrets

Dive deeper into the boy’s backstory by uncovering dozens of secrets and collectables.

Be Enchanted

Take in beautiful, Mediterranean-inspired terrain complemented by the captivating music of David Garcia Diaz.

Taylor’s Initial Impressions:

To begin with, Taylor had no clue what was going on. Without any actual instructions or pop-up quests, he was left to explore and discover on his own. Taylor loves puzzle games, and this one is perfect because it is single player and he’s able to explore and play at his own pace. It is going to take him some time to play it, and get through everything, but so far he is enjoying playing during his spare time.

RiME is currently available for XBox One and PS4 for $29.99, and will be available for Nintendo Switch in November 2017 for $49.99. You can purchase, or pre-order, at EB Games, Best Buy, and amazon.ca.

RiME is also available digitally for XBox One for $29.99 and PS4 for $39.99 and on Steam for $39.99.

Website https://www.greybox.com/rime/en/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rimegame/

Twitter https://twitter.com/RiMEGame

Tumblr http://rimegame.tumblr.com/

Andrea resides in Calgary, Alberta, and is the proud mom to five boys between the ages of 7-23. Running mainly on coffee and sarcasm, in her spare time she enjoys listening to Canadian Rock, watching Calgary Flames hockey, reading YA Dystopian novels, and binge watching Netflix.

 Disclosure: I received samples  for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

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