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Since I am going to be a grandma soon, I have been scouring the internet seeking out products for mom to be (my daughter in law) and my soon to be born grandson due in February. In my vast and extensive search I was introduced to Rumina Naturals. These products made with love containing natural and organic ingredients and are made locally in Kelowna, BC, Canada!

Rumina Naturals is owned and operated by Christine and Andrea – I know right! I think it was fate that brought the two of us together. Christine and Andrea (both in the healthcare field) are just everyday moms like you and me. One day they decided they were going to begin helping families prepare for and welcome their new bundles of joy. Since that day they have poured their hearts into their products. That’s how Rumina Naturals was born.

What’s in a name? Why Rumina?

Research is key even when choosing a name for a company and brand. Rumina is a Roman goddess who protected breastfeeding mothers and was a protector of nursing infants. Perfectly fitting if you ask me and I just learned something new today!

Bun-in-the-Oven Bundle
Earth inspired. Thoughtfully crafted. Naturally awesome remedies.

Rumina Naturals Bun in the Oven Bundle

Rumina Naturals has carefully selected the most essential “must-haves” for new Moms. The Bun in the Oven bundle!

What’s In the Bundle

Totally Tallow: Organic Skin Cream

The Totally Tallow Organic Skin Cream is made with organic grass fed tallow. What is Tallow? Tallow is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat. This cream is all natural and hypoallergenic and rich in vitamins A, D, E and K2. It is made to be ideal for all skin types and safe for pregnant and lactating moms and newborns.

Rumina Naturals Totally Tallow Organic Skin Cream

Totally Tallow Organic Skin cream 4 oz./118 ml can be purchased as part of the Bun in the Oven bundle or on it’s own for $39.95 on the Rumina Naturals website:

Baby Rump Rub: Diaper Rash Cream

This natural, certified organic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic product that contains no pretroleum or zinc oxide is a first aid for a sore bum! It’s also great for cuts and scrapes. It contains organic Tamanu oil and Myrrh essential oils. Tamanu oil comes from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Nut Tree and has been used for centuries to clear up skin conditions including but not limited to scars, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks and more. Myrrh, which is commonly known as a gift to the baby Jesus, is a resin, or sap-like substance, that comes from a tree called Commiphora myrrha and is one of the most widely used essential oils around the world. This essential oil is what gives the Baby Rump Rub it’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The Rump Rub can be used with both cloth and throw away diapers.

Rumina Naturals Baby Rump Rub Diaper Rash Cream

Baby Rump Rub Diaper Rash Cream 1.7 oz./50 ml can be purchased as part of the Bun in the Oven bundle or on it’s own for $18.95 on the Rumina Naturals website:

Womb to Grow: Prenatal Vitamins

These prenatal vitamins contain no soy, gluten, yeast, wheat, artificial flavors or colors. The organic ginger beer and vitamin B6  ingredients have the ability to reduce stomach upset. Other ingredients include an active form of folate called 5-MTFH and Vit K2 sourced from Natto.  What is 5-MTFH? Depending on where you look, it’s hard to discern but what I have read is that it is known to some as the “Magic B Vitamin”. Vitamin K2 (known as menoquinone) is produced in animal tissues. This vitamin helps to build healthy bones.

Rumina Naturals Womb to Grow Prenatal Vitamins

Womb to Grow Prenatal Vitamin 90 Capsules can be purchased as part of the Bun in the Oven bundle or on it’s own for $54.95 on the Rumina Naturals website:

I gave these to my daughter in law who is currently very pregnant with my grandson due in early February. She is using the Totally Tallow cream to subdue stretch marks and can’t wait to start using the Baby Bump Rub! As for the Womb to Grow prenatal vitamins, she is checking with her doctor first. Which I TOTALLY get!

Rumina Naturals products can also be found at retail locations in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec and The USA. To find a location near you visit here.

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Rumina Naturals website:

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Disclosure:  I received a sample from Rumina for promotional purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

Christine is a mom, a soon to be grandmother and a fur mom to one ‘fur baby’, a dog named Tracker who is never far from Christine’s side. A devoted gardener, during the spring and summer months Christine can normally be found tending to her flower and vegetable gardens. Living in Southern Ontario near Lake Erie, Christine enjoys spending time outdoors and is an avid hiker. She also loves doing small diy projects in her spare time.

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