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Screechers Wild! Transforming Toy Vehicles

Screechers Wild!
Transforming Toy Vehicles
Screechers Wild Transforming Toys

The latest transforming toy vehicle phenomenon from Alpha Toys is Screechers Wild! which is based off of the new online animated show. From the reaction that I saw Jayce display, these toys are sure to be a hit, I know they were with him.

These are the only toy vehicles that transform into insect creatures with explosive, 360-degree flip morphing action!

Set to launch this spring, these exciting new transforming vehicles are sure to be a hit. I know they were with Jayce. As soon as he laid his eye on them he became so excited and couldn’t wait to open the packages.

Screechers Wild Jayce

I don’t know how kids seem to know how things work! Jayce figured it out pretty quickly, while I on the other hand were very thankful that the Screechers Wild vehicles came with detailed instructions.

Jayce received the RevAdactyl and JayHawk Screechers Wild! vehicles to try. He loved how they transformed into the cool creatures. To me, when the cars transformed, they resembled a bird of prey. They appeared to have a bird like head with the car doors opening to resemble wings.

Jayce and I played for what seemed like hours with him constantly inventing scenarios and story lines and even scripting scenes which I needed to repeat – of course.

Each Level 1 Vehicle includes 2 collectible discs to activate its epic flip-morphing action. When the vehicles make contact with the disc they FLIP and morph into beast mode!

Screechers Wild Transforming Toy Vehicles Jayhawk

Jayce is in love with YouTube and is always watching kids do un-boxing and toy reviews. Jayce wanted to do a video to show everyone how they work. I think he’s a natural!

Watch the Animated YouTube Series Screechers Wild!

Click on the Photo to Visit the Screechers Wild ChannelScreechers Wild Videos

Unlock your inner Screecher and see how they transform into the coolest creatures on the block. Choose from a variety of styles from Wave One including: RevAdactyl, Stingshift, Nightweaver, Nightbite, V-Wrex, Monkeywrench or Gatecreeper. More Waves are set to release this spring.

Screechers Wild Fact Sheet

The Screechers are easy to use and transform back into their original form which is great for keeping a child’s interest. I like that they come with 2 discs in case one gets lost, which can happen, so there is always a spare. I have to say that I love the price as well. These fun and interactive toys, with a suggested retail cost of between $6.99 and $9.99, aren’t too hard on the wallet, especially considering the hours of entertainment and creativity they will provide.

Accessories are also available which include:

Rapid Fire Disc Blaster
Toys”R”Us Canada has them available for $19.99
Screechers Wild Rapid Fire Disc Blaster

Rapid Fire Disc Blaster
Toys”R”Us Canada has them available for $19.99
Screechers Wild Speed Launcher

Additional Accessories and vehicles are available Toys”R”Us, Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Learn more on Alpha Toys website: http://www.alphatoys.com/screecherswild/

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Disclosure:   I received samples from Alpha Toys for promotional purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and our own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

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