Seal Shield-STK503 KeyboardI had received a Seal Shield Silver Storm Medical Grade Keyboard as a gift a short time ago. After reading about the keyboard on the outside of the box, I couldn’t believe what this company was claiming that this product could withstand.


 100% Waterproof ~ Spill-proof ~ Dishwasher Safe ~ Guaranteed! 
Yeah Right!!


The inquisitive person in me took over and I did some sleuthing. Like Sherlock Holmes I went on to investigate to find out about this totally unbelievable product and claim.

I began with Seal Shield’s website. I looked up the product by searching the Model Number (mine happens to be STK503). Sure enough, the products description was that of what was on the box AND more!!! It not only listed a summary of the product which included the Product Data Sheet BUT it also listed the Customer Reviews AND the Product Specifications. I really loved that!! You can view the details of my keyboard HERE

Okay, so what I read on the box and online were one and the same but I don’t necessarily believe EVERYTHING I read. So onward and forward I went in my research. Newsroom seemed like a great place to visit on Seal Shield’s website. I saw “videos” and HAD to take a peek. A collage of video streams were at my fingertips and what I saw there was incredible!!

This is just one of the many videos listed & When you watch this video such as I did, you WILL be a believer!! 

I discovered that Seal Shield is a Florida based company who manufactures a waterproof technology which is used on various devices including but not limited to keyboards, mice, TV remotes and other devices. The products contain a silver based antimicrobial fungicide additive which protects the products from mold and mildew thus hindering the spread of bacteria and viruses on the product surfaces. With the fusion of the waterproofing and the silver based additive the products are fully washable!!

Now you are asking yourself “Why get so excited about a keyboard?” The answer is simple! How many times have you spilled liquids on your keyboard, mouse or TV remote? How many have you replaced over the years due to the fact you either 1) Fried the components or 2) Your devices got so dirty even with conventional cleaning that they HAD to be replaced
At a very reasonable cost of $39.99 you can have the BEST device on the market.


By now you are probably thinking to yourself “WOW, that much for a keyboard!!” When you factor in how many you have replaced, using this product is such an economical solution. Not only would you be saving the environment from the burial of many a keyboards untimely demise BUT you will also become one of the many, vastly growing consumers who are “breaking the chain of cross contamination infections in healthcare, the workplace and in the home.”


Visit Seal Shield’s website HERE to not only read more about their products but to become more aware of what we can do to become part of a solution to health and healthcare.