Shape & Learn Alphabet Set

The squishy, squashy way to learn letters

shape & learn alphabet set

The Big Idea
Preschoolers can practice making letters and more with this all-new Playfoam set featuring 8 colored Playfoam bricks and 13 double-sided cards for learning letters. Kiddos can place their squishy, squashy Playfoam on top of the letter card to practice molding the letter shapes for alphabet mastery. Make learning last with no-mess, non-stick Playfoam that never dries out!

Includes: 13 Double-sided alphabet cards + 8 Playfoam bricks

shape & learn alphabet setshape & learn alphabet set

Psst…They’re Learning!

  • Provides tactile and sensory stimulation
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Teaches proper letter formation

Cut to the Chase

  • 8 Playfoam bricks in 8 colors
  • 13 Colorful, double-sided 5″ x 7″ cards in the set
  • Non-toxic Playfoam never dries out
  • Secret non-stick formula won’t stick to carpet or clothes

What we like most about this set is that it can really grow with the kids. Once the kids have mastered the letters, you can move on to spelling simple words, and of course the kids also like to play with the Playfoam without the cards as well. Because Playfoam never dries out, it is a durable toy that is only limited by your child’s imagination (which are my favourite kinds of toys). It is also great that the Playfoam doesn’t stick to the carpet, the boy’s clothing, or the furniture, and because its non-toxic I don’t have to worry if they accidentally put their hands in their mouths after playing (which parents know is not just an issue with toddlers).

shape & learn alphabet setshape & learn alphabet set shape & learn alphabet set shape & learn alphabet set

The Shape & Learn Alphabet set is perfect for ages 3-6 (and beyond with the use of your child’s imagination), and can be purchased directly online from Educational Insights, as well as and, plus other toy retailers that carry Educational Insights toys and games. The recommended price is $12.99 US.

To find out more about Educational Insights and their products, visit them online or connect with them on their various social media channels.





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