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The Sock Panda – Making Socks Fun While Giving Back – Review

The Sock Panda

One for One Sock Subscription

The Sock Panda

There is something about getting FUN mail that is appealing to EVERYONE.  Its a great day when the mail box surprises me with something to be excited about. My kids also love to receive mail, and they get SUPER excited when there is something fun waiting for them. The Sock Panda makes us excited to check the mail!

Everyone needs socks, especially when you live in a cold climate like Canada. Socks can be boring though! Sure, plain white socks will do the job BUT there isn’t a lot of fun in that! We love FUN socks, stylish socks, socks that POP. My 9 year old “tween” loves to express himself with his socks. He picks out packs that include fun designs, and he likes to mix and match, rarely wearing two socks that are the same (for instance he will wear a solid coloured sock on his right foot, and one with stripes on his left). Its one little way that he exerts his personality and individuality.

When I heard about The Sock Panda it SCREAMED to me THOMAS WOULD LOVE THIS! So I was beyond thrilled when I recently received the opportunity to work with them!

It seemed like we waited FOREVER for our socks to arrive in the mail. Of course, that wasn’t actually the case. Shipping is actually pretty fast, but you know how it is when you’re WAITING for the FUN to arrive. Time stands still with anticipation.

WHAT is The Sock Panda?

  • The Sock Panda is a monthly subscription service for high quality, fun socks.

WHY The Sock Panda?

  • The Panda Promise. You WILL LOVE every pair of socks they send you!
  • Buy One. Give One:
    For every new sock subscription or renewal, The Sock Panda will donate one pair of socks to those in need.
    As of the end of 2015, over 50,000 socks were donated across the United States.
  • Conversation Starter.
    All socks are designed with the idea that they should be able to spark a conversation.
  • Best. Socks. Ever.
    High quality, soft, unique and fun, The Sock Panda is a fun surprise to your mail box every month!

The Sock Panda

The Sock Panda has a subscription for everyone! Men, Women, Tweens, and Children aged 3-8. Plans are on a month to month basis, or you can choose a 6 or 12 month plan (with the 12 month plan being the best value)!

Subscribing is easy! Pick a style, select the number of pairs you want (1 or 2) and then select your subscription plan!

The Sock Panda Mens The Sock Panda Womens

Adult subscriptions start at just $12 a month, and you can pick your choice of style! Pick 1 pair or 2 pairs monthly.
For Men: Stylish & Suave or Daring & Bold (or pick 1 of each). Socks fit shoe size 8-12.
For Women: Patterns & Prints or Wild & Crazy (or pick 1 of each). Socks fit shoe size 5-10.

The Sock Panda Tweens

For the Tween subscription, prices start at $16 a month and include 2 pairs of socks. The Tween subscription is perfect for children who are 9-11 years old.

The Sock Panda Panda Pals

Panda Pals is JUST FOR KIDS! Starting at $15 a month, you get 2 pairs of super fun socks PLUS some fun add-ins. Brain teasers, games, crafts, stickers, etc. Each month its something different, and is theme coordinated to your socks! Panda Pals has two size ranges: small which fits ages 3-5, and medium which fits ages 5-8.

Panda Pals

Women’s Subscription – One of Each Subscription

I received some seriously fun socks, and they are SO comfortable. They are not too tight, and they are not too loose either, with no annoying strings or seams. Soft, comfortable and really fun!

The Sock Panda

I love the patterned socks, but the Marilyn and Elvis socks are so amazing. I didn’t know I needed Marilyn and Elvis socks in my life, but I REALLY DO!

The Sock Panda Elvis Marilyn


The Sock Panda Elvis Marilyn


Tween Subscription  – Ages 9-11, Boy

Thomas is my sock kid. He goes through at least 3 pairs of socks per day (one in the morning, one after dinner, and a new pair for bed – yes, he wears socks to bed). The only time he does NOT have socks on is when he’s having a shower. He loves socks.

The Sock Panda Tweens

He was really impressed with the pairs of socks he received, especially the dragon/shark ones. His eyes lit up when he saw them as he’s a big lover of all things dragons.

The Sock Panda Tween


The Sock Panda Tweens


Panda Pals – Ages 5-8, Boy

The Panda Pals is SO much fun. Its not just socks, there are fun add-ins like stickers and activity booklets that make this a really great gift idea for kids. Not only do they end up with 2 super awesome pairs of funky socks, they get matching activities! We received two Panda Pals enveloped, and both were equally fun! We LOVE the socks, and the boys LOVED the stickers and fun activities. They also loved how their activities were the same theme as their socks.

The Sock Panda - Panda Pals The Sock Panda - Panda Pals

The Sock Panda Panda Pals

The Sock Panda Panda Pals


Final Impressions:

Everything about The Sock Panda is amazing. The sock quality, the vibrant colours, the fun patterns and designs, the above and beyond approach of their customer service team… everything is simply amazing. Who knew that an envelope could be so much fun? The Sock Panda would make the perfect gift for just about anyone, and is a fun way to connect with each other!

If you would like to check out The Sock Panda, or connect with them, you can visit them online or on social media!

Website: http://sockpanda.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSockPanda/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thesockpanda

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesockpanda/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sockpanda/



The Sock Panda has partnered with A Mom’s Perspective to give our readers the chance to win some fun socks of their very own!

The Sock Panda

The Prize: One (1) Winner will receive THREE (3) Pairs of The Sock Panda socks in their choice of size: men’s, women’s, tween (ages 9-11), or kids (ages 3-5 or ages 5-8).

There will be ONE (1) Winner

Eligibility: Canada and USA

End Date: March 6,  2017

Good Luck!

Please note:
All Mandatory entries must be done for the extra (optional) entries to count.
ALL entries are checked and will be validated.
Winner(s) will be randomly selected using the Giveaway Tools random selector and notified via email.



The Sock Panda

Andrea resides in Calgary, Alberta, and is the mom to five boys between the ages of 6-22. Running mainly on coffee and sarcasm, in her spare time she enjoys listening to Canadian Rock, watching Calgary Flames hockey, reading YA Dystopian novels, binge watching 90s television on Netflix, and entering contests.

This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by The Sock Panda. A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Disclosure: I received socks from The Sock Panda for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

For Full Rules, please see our Giveaway Rules under the Policies & Terms tab found here.

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  1. jan

    I am debating whether I should gift this to my husband or choose the tween … I’ll decide if I am fortunate enough. 🙂

  2. So cute! I’d get size “Age 5-8) for my son.

    Besos Sarah.
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  3. shirley p

    Hi I would get them for me 9-11 size love the custom made ones also

  4. Wendy Jensen

    If I won, the size I would need is 9-11.

  5. nicky

    Awesome socks! I would get the Men’s Sock Size 10-13.

  6. Judy Cowan

    I would pick the women if I had the chance. I love fun socks!

  7. Debbie S.

    I would get the women’s for me! Just love these!

  8. Rene

    I would get the women’s that fit size 9. So fun and just what I need to pick me up during the week!

  9. Jenny Major

    Hi I would get them for me 9-11 size

  10. Rob U

    I’d choose men’s…for my teen son

  11. Tara Betterley

    I would get the 9-11 for woman’s socks. Love them.. I wear crazy socks all the time..

  12. Jo B

    Women’s 9 – 11. Thank you for the chance.

  13. I think I would pick something around size 9 for my son.

  14. Lynda Cook

    If I won I would choose the womens size, they have some pretty awesome designs!!

  15. Josh S

    I would get sizes 5-8 so my daughter could use them and then my son when he is older. Thanks

  16. J Wang

    I would get men’s. Thanks!

  17. Wanda Bee

    I would choose size 9-11.

  18. Christy E

    I would chose the Women’s as “Women’s socks will fit US women’s shoe size 5-10”.

  19. Carole D.

    I would choose kids ages 3-5. They are too cute!

  20. Julie bolduc

    If I won, the size I would need a women’s 9-11.

  21. Kim K

    I would choose the women’s size if I won.

  22. Shauna D

    I would pick the woman’s size socks for my daughter

  23. Josee B

    Women’s 9-11..thank you!

  24. Joan G.

    I think my husband would love these – size 9-11.

  25. Vicki Hill

    Definitely women’s 9-11. Keeping this one for me! 😆

  26. Victoria Ess

    I’d get the 9-11 for my partner!

  27. I would choose the tween size! These socks are so cute!
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  28. lori butler

    i would choose the mens socks 9/11


    Love them—I would get them for me size 9-11

  30. Matt D

    Mens 9-11. I have a whole collection of socks such as this!

  31. Louise

    I would pick a women size and keep this for me

  32. Janet M

    I would choose Women’s size 9-11.

  33. Lee-Ann

    I would choose the tween socks for my almost 9 year old!

  34. Robyn Bellefleur

    I would pick the women’s size 9-11.

  35. Marilyn Legault

    I would choose the right size for my 7 year old grand daughter

  36. Soozle

    I would choose the women’s size for myself

  37. Laura F.

    I would choose the women’s size.

  38. Jonnie

    I love wearing unique socks so I would pick women’s and keep this for myself

  39. JB

    Would pick women’s.

  40. I would choose the women’s size 9-11 if I won.Te designs are so adorable.

  41. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    These adorable socks would definitely be all mine so I’d choose women’s. 🙂

  42. l p

    women’s. thanks

  43. Florence Cochrane

    I would pick the women’s socks for my granddaughter who is 10 but wears a 9 shoes.

  44. Marsha

    I would pick the Woman’s Size 10 socks. They would be for me I love beautiful socks.

  45. Juliee Fitze

    I would get the boys medium socks if I won.

  46. Kim Hamilton

    I love the daring and bold mens sock in the geometric print.

  47. janine a

    I would get the kids size 3 my son would love these

  48. Morgan Stewart

    I would pick the woman’s size!

  49. Anne S

    Women’s size 9-11

  50. Jennifer Heintz

    I would get the women’s socks. (size 9-11)

  51. Vanessa L.

    I would choose the women’s size 9-11!

  52. Heather Swanson

    Tween 6-8

  53. Calvin F.

    I would like mens size 9-12

  54. I would get size 9-11 in women’s.

  55. Janette

    Medium kids size for my son <3

  56. Jenny L.

    I would get them in Men’s – my boyfriend has just discovered fun socks and he would love a few new pairs!

  57. Nicole Jubleew

    I would pick a size medium in the panda pals.

  58. Laurie P

    I’d get the kids 3 to 8 years old size!

  59. Catherine Robichaud

    I would choose the Men’s size for my sons.

  60. Karla Sceviour

    ohh,I love this! I would choose the womens sock subscription,

  61. Marlene V.

    I would love the Sock Size 9-11 for women.

  62. tammy ta

    I would pick the kids size 5-8 if I win.

  63. Kim K

    I would like the women’s sock size.

  64. Julie

    I would have to pick women’s size 9-11, otherwise my kids would just fight over them! Super cute!

  65. SweetPanda

    I would choose Women’s 9 – 11

  66. Julie Barrett

    I would choose the Women’s socks as they will fit US women’s shoe size 5-10 (Sock Size 9-11). Thx!

  67. If i won id get size 9to 11 womens

  68. Toni Coultas

    Adorable socks I am always wearing fun socks

  69. Melanie Borhi

    If i win size 9-11 thank you

  70. Aarone Mawdsley

    womens 9-11 please

  71. Linda

    I would choose kid’s size 5-8 for the prize.

  72. AD

    I love socks; I work in a very straight-laced environment, so socks are my way of rebelling (no one sees them, but I know I am wearing some funky socks on my feet). I would pick the Women’s Size. Thanks!

  73. Caryn Coates

    I would choose size 9-11

  74. Lori W...

    women’s 9-11 or tweens (ages 9-11)

  75. Brenda Lacourciere

    I would choose the womens 9-11

  76. Michelle W

    Women’s sock size 9-11

  77. crystal porter

    I would choose women’s size

  78. Robyn C

    I would need a 9-11 for myswlf.

  79. I’d get the women’s size!
    Edye recently posted…Scriptures For When When You Question Your WorthMy Profile

  80. Carole B

    I’ll pick the woman size!

  81. HEIDI C.

    i would choose Women’s Size 9-11.

  82. I would choose women’s size 9-11

  83. Allie f

    I would get women’s size 9-11! Thank you!

  84. Donna T

    I would choose women’s size 9-11

  85. Chantal thibault-fray

    I would choose the Women’s Panda Sock subscription!

  86. Heather Howard

    I would choose the wild and crazy women’s socks! Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. Leana

    I would get the kids socks if I won! My daughter would really love this!

  88. Lindsay D

    If i won. I would choose women size.. i absolutely love these socks.. i might just have to do a subscription for them.

    I only wear crazy socks.. no boring solid colours allowed… lol

  89. Shelley king

    I would get women’s size 5 go 10

  90. Carol M

    I would choose the women’s socks.

  91. Melinda

    Size 9-11 please.

  92. Monique L.S.

    I would choose the Kid’s socks 3 TO 8 YEARS OLD.

  93. I would probably choose women’s.

  94. Joy D

    If I won I would choose the women sock

  95. I would choose the women’s socks. hey really are so adorable.

  96. LINDA G

    Size Womens what fun socks!

  97. Lesley F

    I would pick the women’s size 5 to 10

  98. Julie Waldron

    I would pick women’s socks.

  99. Carmen Clement

    Women’s 9-11

  100. Allyson R Becker

    I would pick women’s socks.

  101. ariel c

    I would pick women’s 5 to 10

  102. Caroline

    I would choose the Women’s size for myself. My feet deserve them!

  103. Jennifer H.

    I would choose Sock Size 9-11.

  104. laurie murley

    I would get the regular women size socks

  105. I think I would like the womens patterns and prints.

  106. Dana MATTHEWS

    I would need a women’s size 9-11.

  107. I’d choose the womans standard size, 9-11.

  108. donna porter

    I would pick women’s for me. These are adorable!

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