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I’ve Been Cleaning My Stove the Wrong Way All These Years

Stove Cleaning-Wrong WayStove Cleaning Hack: Who Knew?! I first became aware that I may have been cleaning my stove the wrong way all these years when a friend shared a photo to her timeline. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had totally dismissed the image until late last night. I couldn’t sleep and my mind began to wander. I was in the kitchen grabbing a snack (sliced apple and banana) when I glanced over at my stove. It was at that time (around 4:30 am) when I thought to myself “what the heck” let’s see if this stove cleaning tip was true.

Sure enough and to my amazement – it was!

I placed my fingers under the lip at the front of my stove and gave it a slight tug.

Stove Cleaning-Right Way 1

It was right then that the top of my stove began to separate and lift up.

Stove Cleaning-Right Way 2

I was flabbergasted to say the least. I continued lifting the stove top up until it came to a halt.

Stove Cleaning-Right Way 3

There are two rods on each side of the stove top that will lock into place onto a little slot.

Stove Cleaning-Right Way 4

So, I had to continue on and clean my stove. What a difference this makes. I can get into all the nooks and crannies and hidden places that I never would have been able to clean prior to discovering this amazing feature.

Stove Cleaning-Right Way 5

Placing the stove top back into place is very easy by just simply lifting it up just a tad, releasing the hooks from it’s grasp in the slot and ease the stove top back down into place.

Stove Cleaning-Right Way 6

I had never had the user manual to my stove. It was a second hand purchase. I have no idea if this useful cleaning tip was mentioned within the instructions or not.

If you have an older stove or stove similar in style to mine, you should really check to see if yours has this feature too. It will make cleaning your stove so much easier and faster. It’s definitely a time saver for sure.

~ Christine


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  1. I discovered this one fateful night when the novice cook in me placed a glass dish of gravy directly on a burner. It burst into a zillion pieces, glass and gravy everywhere! Surely someone told me but in my flustered state, I don’t recall lol.
    Jamie recently posted…When Staying Connected Drains YouMy Profile

  2. Definitely a great cleaning hack! You don’t realise how much gunk and grease you have under there till you finally lift it up.

  3. It’s funny what we women will do when we can’t sleep! This is a great tip. I have a glass cooktop now, but I could have used this advice in the past.

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