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Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System

Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System
The Easy Way to Travel & Stay Organized

Stow-N-Go-Portable Luggage System

Grand Fusions Housewares has a product that is the answer to my dreams. It’s the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System. This spacious yet compact carrier (measuring 17.7″ x 11.8″ x 25.2″) has multiple compartments which saves up to 30 percent of space when folded down. It also has a laundry compartment too! Satisfying my organizational needs and keeping the hubby organized will be so much easier.

If you have traveled as much as I have, you can relate to trying to pack everything you need – neatly and in such a way that is it accessible without having to make a mess trying to locate items that you need or want to remove.

When flying, I try and get as much packed into my carry on as possible as it eliminates the extra baggage fees which can be costly. More often than not, everything ends up being a mess inside not to mention everything is wrinkled beyond belief. I had often wished there was a way to prevent my clothes from wrinkling as much. It’s not very often that I have stayed at a hotel where they provide an iron and more often than not I do not have the room to pack and take one with me. Also, being the constantly prepared person that I am, I always bring a plastic garbage bag with me to place dirty clothes into. I cannot tell you how much I despise my dirty laundry touching anything that is still clean.

My hubby isn’t as organized or prepared as I am. In fact – he’s a slob! Yes I said that! If left to his own devices there would be no packing in the typical sense of the word. His idea of packing is throw everything in – there – done! Not only that, there have been numerous trips where I have packed his luggage and sent him along with a garbage bag for dirty clothes. The result was him returning with a suitcase full of clothes tossed into the carrier – clean and dirty clothes alike. The worst of it all is he didn’t use the garbage bag that I gave him for his dirty laundry. Needless to say, I had to wash everything in the luggage bags because that is just – gross!

With the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System the repeat offender (my hubby) would be somewhat forced to be organized and best yet he would have a place to store his dirty laundry. He can have his ties, dress shirts, dress socks and underwear in one compartment, his dress slacks and suit jacket separated by another compartment and his toiletries in another. There is even a compartment where he could store his dress shoes.

Personally, I love that I don’t need to unpack everything or need to route through a crammed suitcase to find what I need. Everything is neatly stored and easily accessible. When I arrive at my destination, all I need to do is unzip the Stow-N-Go, grab the hooks and hang the carrier in the hotel closet or the rod on a garment rack. Have I mentioned how much I love the zippered laundry compartment? Yes – I love that feature! The smell from dirty laundry is more contained – I tried it!

Traveling aside, the Stow-N-Go can be used at home for easy organization and saving space in closets and rooms. I personally have lived in many homes where some of the bedrooms did not have a closet. The Stow-N-Go would have been perfect to keep in the room for additional storage for my own personal use or for guests that stayed over.

Watch this video to see how easy the Stow-N-Go is to use.

Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System is really affordable too. The suggested retail value for the Large unit is $29.99 usd & the Small unit is $24.99 usd

This product is lightweight (even at full capacity), made of polyester and features a convenient carry handle. There are also wire inserts so the Stow-N-Go keeps it’s shape. Easily pack and take the Stow-N-Go to any travel destination. Perfect for camping, sleepovers, college dorm rooms and more!

As for my hubby, it remains to be seen whether or not the Stow-N-Go will send him on his way to becoming more organized. Actually, he is on a trip right now so in a weeks time I will see if he actually makes use of the separate laundry compartment or if he resorts to his usual ways. Either way, I personally love this product and will be my go to carrier for traveling.

For the trendsetting traveler, the Stow-N-Go is available in Pink, Blue, Grey and Black.

Stow-N-Go (small) is available at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com & Bed Bath and Beyond
Stow-N-Go (large) is available at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com & Bed Bath and Beyond

Return for a full refund if not completely satisfied within six months of purchase.

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Christine is a mom, a soon to be grandmother and a fur mom to one ‘fur baby’, a dog named Tracker who is never far from Christine’s side. A devoted gardener, during the spring and summer months Christine can normally be found tending to her flower and vegetable gardens. Living in Southern Ontario near Lake Erie, Christine enjoys spending time outdoors and is an avid hiker. She also loves doing small diy projects in her spare time.

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  1. jan

    I would gift the Stow-N-Go to my sister as it would allow her to keep up her OCD – LOL.

  2. l p

    there’s always a bunch of us visiting family and friends – so drawers and closets are at a premium. this system would be perfect! thanks

  3. Allie f

    I would travel to my Vancouver to visit my brother and my new niece!

  4. Vivian Dionne

    I love using carry-on luggage when I travel down south every year, so this would be perfect for me!

  5. Jonnie

    My husband travels to Texas, Ontario and BC sometimes for work and I know he would love the convenience of this when he’s on the road.

  6. Judy Cowan

    I am not a big traveler but my sister is so she would love this and I am sure she would take it on one of her many trips around the world.

  7. Travelbuds

    I’m always packing a bag to go visit my mom so this would be perfect for me.

  8. nicky

    I could make good use of this! I’d use it when visiting my relatives in Ontario!

  9. Marina

    Maybe someday I’ll travel to Europe with my immediate family. We’ll find this luggage very handy and out of the walkway!

  10. Melissa

    My daughter is heading to Cuba with her school band this spring break. This would be perfect for her.

  11. Carolle H

    I would take it to Alberta , visiting my friends 😉

  12. Lindsey

    i would use it when i visit my parents

  13. Soozle

    I would love to travel to Mexico and I could benefit!

  14. Julie Bolduc

    I would take this on a cruise with me and my hubby and myself would use it

  15. Christine R

    I would use it when we eventually go to Disney World!

  16. Lynda Cook

    I would love this and it would be perfect for our weekends away from home, I would benefit from this so much, I’m not good at packing a suitcase and this would be a big help!!


    To visit family and I could benefit

  18. Vivian Tsang

    Going to Vegas next year so it’s for me!

  19. Jocelyne Alldrick

    I would use it at my dad’s…it would save lots of unpacking time..i could just set it up in the closet!

  20. Carol M

    I would visit my friend in Ottawa. I know my brother would love be this as he often travels with dress shirts.

  21. Debbie White Beattie

    I would give this to my mother because she’s planning a trip to the Caribbean this winter and I think this would help her keep everything organized and save time from unpacking.

  22. Julie F

    I would love this for our travels to Europe, my hubby could do with one too!

  23. Tainan Lu

    I would travel to Asia with the luggage.

  24. I would like to try these in a motor home.

  25. Heather Swanson

    I would stay over at my daughter’s

  26. ivy pluchinsky

    I would travel to Alberta to visit my cousin and her family

  27. Florence Cochrane

    My daughter who travel a lot could use this.

  28. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    What a great idea. This would come in very handy for me as I do travel fairly often. My next trip is to Germany with a quick trip up to Denmark, followed then by a trip to England and that’s all before summer!

  29. Tanis

    To Waterloo to visit my sister and her family!

  30. Jennifer P.

    Oh I love this so much!! I would love this for myself, and I know my husband and parents would benefit from one too! I would love to use this on our trips to Palm Springs and Phoenix this coming spring, as well as when we visit my mother in law in Quebec. It would be so handy!!

  31. Sherri

    I’d use it myself to go.back to Cancun

  32. Heidi c.

    I would use this to travel to Montreal to visit family.

  33. Dianne G.

    These would be so handy when I go visit my children and stay a few days. They would help to organize better than living out of a suitcase.

  34. lisa rumolo

    I would love this for myself for going camping. So much better than having my stuff crammed in a bag and rifling through it when I need something.

  35. Elizabeth Nicholson

    I would go to Newfoundland, My daughter could use this.

  36. I would go visit family in Crystal Beach. My sister would love one.

  37. Wendy Jensen

    I would love to go to Europe with a Stow-N-Go. My daughter could really use one as they go to the mountains snowboarding quite often during the winter.

  38. Donnas

    I’d take this on my next warm destination getaway.

  39. lori

    i tend to travel and this would be perfect for me.

  40. Cheryl K

    This would be the best travel accessory. I would love to win this. I would take it on every weekend gettaway, over night trips, to Florida next year, and maybe Mexico if we go. This would make packing and unpacking a breeze. It’s so innovative. I love it!

  41. Carol Denny

    We are going to Cuba this winter so I would take it with me!

  42. Kira K

    I would love to use this on our upcoming trip to Chicago!

  43. My son inlaw is traveling all the time for work. This would be a great gift for him. SOOOOO that is who I would give it to.

  44. Julie

    We are saving up for a trip to Florida with the kids and eventually we plan to go to Hawaii! My whole family could use this, it’s genius!

  45. Catherine L.

    I would benefit from one to go visit my daughters in Ontario.

  46. Amanda Neilson

    My hubby would greatly benefit from this! I have so many clothes that I fill our dresser so he has a single shelf in our closet lol.

  47. Wendi Maroon

    I would take it to Vancouver island to visit my bestie. She would benefit cuz we miss each other so much!

  48. louise

    I would love this and I would use it when I visit my parents

  49. Wendy

    I would take my daughter to Quebec City. She has always wanted to go there.

  50. Joyce S

    I would travel to Mexico with this – and I would benefit from this 🙂 !

  51. Jackie

    Love this luggage system…so versatile it could be used for many things!

  52. siu

    Perfect for travelling

  53. Lee-Ann Sleegers

    The Stow-N-Go would be perfect for when we go camping and I’d take Miss R with me.

  54. wendy hutton

    this would be great to have when I go visit my sister

  55. Jolie

    OMG this is beyond amazing! My daughter dances competitively and we travel for her dance competitions, so this would keep everything organized.
    Thank you so muc for the chance!

  56. Amber Y

    We are planning to go to the Dominican in the spring and a Stow-N-Go would come in all kinds of handy! I think my brother in law would really like one too. He is always traveling for business.

  57. Ira

    I’m dreaming of taking my kids on a Disney cruise one day. Stow-N-Go would work well for them.

  58. MARGO B

    Lebanon to visit extended family

  59. oh yeah, we are planning a trip to Florida’s west coast from Anna Maria to Captiva in the spring of 2018. Perfect with John

  60. Tiff Cho

    i would travel with it to BC to visit my best friends and mother!

  61. Andrea

    This could come in handy when I go to Europe!

  62. Sab Edwards

    My daughter would get this as she is going to some place in Europe in Feb (she told me but damned if I can recall where) She booked the trip almost a year ago!!

  63. Darlene Carbajal

    This will be useful when I visit my Uncle!

  64. Chandra O'Connor

    my oldest daughter would with the second baby coming in april more closet space

  65. Chandra O'Connor

    I changed my mind I would benefit from this giveway when I go south in Feb

  66. Jennifer

    My Granddaughter

  67. I would use this for travelling with my small kids to keep them organized.

  68. For staycations

  69. Terry Perron

    I would use it, anytime I traveled. I would use it also at home. We have no closest in our house, just stand up closest, so this would be great to use.

  70. Juliee Fitze

    I would use it for when I’m visiting m son in Edmonton.

  71. Juliee Fitze

    I would use it for when I’m visiting my son in Edmonton.

  72. BlessedTA

    To work

  73. Tara Liebing

    I would use it when I go on work trips and to visit family.

  74. Heidi Pawluk

    Great for travelling overseas & able to have everything in one place and in ORDER. I know the hubby would benefit too

  75. Robyn Bellefleur

    I would travel to Niagara Falls for a weekend, so I guess I would definitely benefit from this.

  76. AD

    I would benefit from the Stow-N-Go and I would keep it for myself; I travel for work quite a bit within North America and this would be an awesome addition to my luggage. Thank you!

  77. Tina L.

    This would be perfect for me when I go visit my parents.

  78. Julie G

    Gosh, what a smart idea this product is! I really could have used it two weeks ago on my last vacation, it really would help to keep the clothing organized.

  79. Julie G

    Just reread your question and I guess I would be the one to benefit, I’d use it when we visit our friends in Arizona.

  80. I would travel to Venice

  81. Kimberly O

    My husband & I don’t give gifts for birthdays or holidays but use that money to go away to spend time together. We are heading to the Pocono Mountain soon so this would be perfect. Thanks!

  82. KellyPC

    I would use it on weekend trips in Ontario, trips to the cottage & whatever vacays 2018 bring us!

  83. Anne B.

    This would be very useful for when I can get to the UK & Australia to visit family in the future.

  84. Vanessa L.

    This would be great when my husband and I go down to watch spring training in Florida! I usually take a long time to pack so this would speed things up!

  85. Doreen Lamoureux

    My husband and I will both benefit from this awesome product. Our next trip with be a 4 day getaway to some nice quiet place in Ontario. We haven’t decided yet…maybe the Couples Resort.

  86. sarah

    This would make a great gift for my mother in law who travels often.

  87. Darlene Demell

    I would use these when we went to the cottage. I would lend them to my son and daughter in law when they go to Daytona in February.

  88. Marlene V

    This would be so great for my daughter when we go camping – she could keep it in the camper’s closet.

  89. I would give this to my grandson who is a hockey player and a snowmobilier and who would find this so useful. Terrific idea for a suitcase.

  90. Kelly D

    I would go to VA with my husband. My husband and I would benefit from this system.

  91. Heather D

    I would use it for my kids when we visit family. It would make my life easier.

  92. barbg

    Myself and my grown kids would all benefit from this system on our many trips to Kings Island theme park in Ohio.

  93. Calvin F.

    My mom would benefit, she takes 2 weeks ahead to pack, and I can’t imagine how much time this would save her when unpacking. Shes going to Hawaii within the next year.

  94. JoKing

    I love travel and would take this everywhere.

  95. Joanne C

    This is so handy when vacationing with the family. It will keep everyone organized for sure.

  96. Kelley Moore

    My best friend aka sister is moving to Kitchener Ontario tomorrow and i know it wouldn’t take long and i will go visit her

  97. Linda Svarovsky

    I would travel to Mexico with this and my spouse could benefit from it.

  98. Linda Klages

    I would benefit from this and I’d like to go to the east coast of Canada.

  99. Lisa R

    I travel a lot so I would benefit from this. I’m going to Thailand this may so it would help tremendously while back packing.

  100. Kathleen Roffey

    I would benefit with this on a trip to Dominican with my husband this February

  101. Elizabeth Robinson

    This would come in handy when we go on vacation.

  102. Margaret H

    I would use this on our next trip Like that everything is so visible ,would be able to easily find things

  103. Catherine Robichaud

    I would gift this to my mom and travel buddy! This would be great for our next cruise it would make it so easy to pack and unpack.

  104. Natalie Schilla

    I am about to have a baby in a couple weeks so I would use this for my hospital bag.

  105. DebP

    This system would be perfect for weekend getaways.

  106. Tiffany Seybold

    I go to 2-3 conferences a year and several other trips so this would be amazing to have!

  107. This luggage would most benefit myself as I travel to Nashville to promote my songs.

  108. Chris MacDonald

    I would travel to Paris with my Stow N Go! My hubby would benefit as he is so disorganized when packing!

  109. Maria

    I would travel to Quebec city , would love to visit and relax a bit

  110. Meekyung

    I would use it when I visit my home country.

  111. SweetPanda

    I would use it when we are going to the States next year. I think I would benefit the most since things will be more organize and easier to find.

  112. I would use this to go to Vegas Baby Vegas! My platonic traveling companion Steps could use one too.
    Richard Brandt recently posted…Leaving Hulu on 11-29-17My Profile

  113. Mary Warner

    I’d travel to Oregon next summer and the biggest beneficary would be me!

  114. Jo B

    This would be perfect for my travelling needs. What a great idea.I would love to take my Stow N Go Portable Luggage system to Europe next summer.

  115. emma b

    I would travel to see my little brother.

  116. nina bergeron

    This would be great for my nephew.

  117. We don’t have any travels lined up at the moment, but I’d definitely use this for our next trip, wherever that may be. I love being organized!

  118. elizabeth miller

    This would be great to give my dad who travels all the time for work.

  119. Lee-Ann

    This would be great to use when we take our annual trip to Florida and this would help me stay organized, instead of just tossing everything in a suitcase!

  120. Darci Paice

    I have a girlfriend with a jewelry, sock, and bra addiction and this would help keep her organized!

  121. Dale N

    This would be perfect for me when I go visit family every summer on the west coast!What a great prize!Thanks for offering this practical gift.

  122. George Meek

    We travel extensively to Cuba and this would be a perfect product for our needs.

  123. Theresa Jones

    It’s been 5 years since we were last in Las Vegas, so it’s time for hubby and I to go again with this great prize

  124. Catherine Cole

    I travel to the us several time a year

  125. 409cope

    This would be perfect for when I visit my son in Calgary. This would be perfect for me.

  126. We would use it for our upcoming trip to Mexico (in 3 weeks) that we don’t yet have luggage for!!! Besos Sarah.

  127. Harvinderks

    I would use it when visiting my parents (4x year)

  128. Jessica G

    I would travel St. John’s. I have a gf that would love this!

  129. I would use it on my trip to Indonesia and my nomad daughter could benefit from one as well.

  130. I would use the Stow n go to travel to P.E.I. where I go every summer to visit my Aunt.She could benefit from one too cause she does quite a bit of travelling herself.

  131. Maritess

    I would give it to my mother-in-law who is a snow bird.


    le rangement c’est tout ce qui me manque

  133. Julie Barrett

    My sister and brother-in-law drive 4 hrs each way every other weekend to Ottawa (so 8 hrs in total) to see their son from a previous relationship & spend the weekend with him so I would definitely give this to one of them for Christmas to make travelling easier for them. Although I would love one for myself too! They’re an awesome idea!

  134. Jamie Williams

    I’d use this to travel for small trips. And these look like great storage until you travel.

  135. Amanda Stovall

    We hope to go to the Beach next Summer so this would be perfect! And we’d all benefit from it! Thanks for such a useful & practical giveaway prize!

  136. Pat Drouillard

    This would be awesome to bring to Mexico for my husband and I.

  137. Caryn Coates

    I would use it when I travel to NFLD. I would definitely benefit from this 🙂

  138. Amazing – love it, want it !!!

  139. em

    I would bring this when we go to Punta Cana. This would be great for hubby and I. It’s all sorted and ready to go

  140. Bethany G

    I would use this when visiting family, especially for Christmas. I love how practical it is.

  141. crystal porter

    This would be great for road trips or for any hotel stay

  142. Wendy Caddy

    I’d love this to take with to visit my children and grandchildren.

  143. This would help when we are staying over for a night or two and just using one suitcase

  144. Tina C

    I used to travel for work every week for many years, and how you pack could really make a difference to your trip! I only travel a few times a year now so visit my family, so I guess my husband and I would benefit from this luggage.

  145. Charlene Lucas

    I just got a new position at work which will require me to meet with more clients as well as travel, so I would use this to pack for my business trips both locally (Nova Scotia) and across Canada for our outreach/recruitment events.

  146. Wanda B

    I would like to travel to the southern states and take my hubby so we would both benefit.

  147. Aarone Mawdsley

    i would go camping with it and take my fiance

  148. Linda

    I am going away next year for a few days next year this would be perfect.

  149. Pat Zambri

    Amazing travel organizer!!!

  150. Sam Stamp

    This would be perfect for me and I would take it with me when I go to North Carolina next September.

  151. This would make travelling so much more efficient!

  152. golden storm

    i would give to my girlfriend who travels for work alot

  153. Sandra S

    I would happily use this travelling to Switzerland next spring

  154. Lesley F

    This is perfect for when we travel up north to our cottage

  155. Julie A.

    We’d take this with us to Vegas in the spring. My husband would love this!

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