Sunrype-Concord-Grape-JuiceAlthough I absolutely LOVE grapes, I have to admit that I am normally not a huge fan of grape juice. I was quite surprised at just how great SunRype’s Concord Grape juice tasted. 





It was not syrupy sweet nor was it bitter. It contained just the right blend of ingredients. What I really liked about this product was the fact that after I had taken a swallow or two (or a few) it didn’t leave my mouth with a dry pasty feeling as if I was still thirsty. It quenched my thirst and left my mouth watering for more.
What I truly admire about SunRype’s Concord Grape juice are the ingredients, or rather lack thereof. Simple, pure and natural at it’s finest.


Natural Flavours


List of Ingredients:
Fruit juices from concentrate (concentrated grape), filtered water, natural flavour, citric acid, natural colour and Vitamin C.
Yup! That is all you will find in SunRype’s Concord Grape juice. Isn’t that fantastic!


SunRype’s Concord Grape juice comes in the 900ml Carton (as shown above) and 200ml Tetra Packs.


For complete nutritional information about this product please visit SunRype’s website HERE


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~ Christine