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The Ultimate Girls’ Day Out: National Women’s Show #NWSToronto Nov. 4,5,6 2016

national-womens-show-bannerI am so excited! It’s almost here. The annual National Women’s Show. It is MY day, my own little Christmas if you will. I look forward to attending each and every year.

What do I love about the National Women’s Show? There are so many things!

From the Fashion Shows to Goodie Bags, The Food to the people, I love it all.


There is always, for me, the building up of anticipation as I enter the building. As I stand on the last escalator making it’s way down to the show floor, I see the sea of women that are in the VERY long line up anxiously waiting for the doors to officially open. The noise and buzz of the voices echoing in the halls gets louder and louder as I make my way to find a spot at the end of the line.

I am always glancing around hoping to see someone that I know. It seems like an impossible task but then I spot someone. I happen to catch their eye as a huge smile along with the happy glance is exchanged across the vast carpeted floor. Not one of us dare leave our spot in line!

I am handed a booklet with a listing of all the exhibitors and that is when I plan my route. Who am I kidding? What route! It’s a glorious free for all it seems. The goodies begin to be handed out before I even enter the doors. Samples of cookies, little bags of crackers and other delicious treats. I think to myself, should I eat these or toss them in my little carry bag I brought? Depending on how much my stomach is growling (after being up and leaving my house at 6am), I choose to eat them!

The doors open and I simply follow the person in front of me. By this time, the line is so long, I cannot see where it ends. As the entrance doors near, I am really hoping that I am able to receive one of the coveted Goodie Bags!!!

The Goodie Bag is a sturdy large bag that is handed out when you pass through the doors, after you hand in your ticket for entry into the show. It is full of sample and/or full sized products of shampoo, toothpaste, food items and can also include coupons for discounts on products and even FPC’s.

This year there are going to be over 450 Exhibitors. That is a lot of products for us women to browse over.  As always, the Main Stage will be a hub of activity from Celebrity Guest Speakers and appearances such as Don Diamont (The Bold & The Beautiful) , Fashion Shows such as The Toronto Firefighers (brought to us by Banana Republic and in support of Princess Margaret Hospital), Cooking Demonstrations, Workshops, Free Makeovers and a whole lot more. See More Features & Show Schedules HERE

I take my time and try and visit every exhibitor. If there are samples of foods, I try them. I personally make my way around the outer aisles first and then make my way into the rows from one end to the other. I am always asking questions regarding the products. I fill out ballots to contests whenever I see them and I can be found, along with many many other women, standing in line for free product samples from one of the many National Women’s Show Sponsors. This years sponsors include Banana Republic, Glow Academy, Nature’s Path, Dixie Outlet Mall and many more.

Things to Remember:

#1: The show floor can get pretty crammed and cramped. There are literally thousands of women maneuvering through the aisles of the show at any given time. For this reason, no baggage is allowed on the show floor. No carry on bags, no nothing. Only bring into the venue what you can carry on your person. If you were smart (like me) you have brought some extra luggage. (refer to #2)

#2: Bring extra bags and even better yet, if you can, bring carry on suitcases or even two. You, may be like me and have to unload your samples and purchases as they do tend to get quite heavy. The National Women’s Show has a designated area to keep your luggage stored in. You can visit that area any time throughout the show and unload your bags.

#3. If you do not want writer’s cramp (and let me tell you, you will get it) it is essential to bring little stickers with your name and address on them. There are a lot of contests within the exhibitors booths to win various things such as gift baskets and you don’t want to have to fill out each ballot by hand.

#4. Wear comfortable shoes!! One year I had made the mistake of wearing dress shoes with a slight heal and let me tell you my feet were screaming before the end of the day. The way I see it, no one cares what you are wearing on your feet. Comfort before fashion is my motto.

The National Women’s Show: November 4th and continues on to the 6th!!!
That’s THREE DAYS of Glorious Shopping and Great Times. #GirlsDayOut


Show Hours
Fri. Nov. 4, 2016, 11:00am – 8:00pm
Sat. Nov. 5, 2016, 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sun. Nov. 6, 2016, 10:00am – 5:00pm

Ticket Pricing:


Purchase Tickets HERE

Use Promo Code: WHATSNEW & receive $3.00 Off your Ticket Purchase!


See you there!!

~ Christine


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  1. lisa rumolo

    I’m excited to see the firefighters fashion show, and i’m sure i don’t have to explain why 😉

    • amomsperspective


      Nope! No explanation needed. Now I have the image from last years Firemen in my head 🙂

  2. Brigitte Teeye

    I’m looking forward on picking up some makeup.

  3. Annette Chai

    I’m just excited to be able to attend this year. Looking forward to learning more about health & wellness, and hoping to get some jewellery & skincare/makeup products.

  4. Sarah Allen

    I love this show. Have for years! I’m taking my 11 year old, her friends and a mom friend this year!

    Sarah Lyn on fb

  5. Sarah Allen

    I love the food samples!! I’m a new food junkie!

    Sarah Lyn on fb

  6. Karen E. Hill

    My sister and I love to go for a day outing. WE check out the makeovers, free swag and cooking segments. The Fireman aren’t bad either. Are they there just in case we get too hot??

  7. Yuen Chik

    I am most excited to see the Cooking Demonstrations and picking up some healthy foods!

  8. Darren Scrubb

    Show sounds great and I am looking forward to seeing it next year.

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