G.E.A.R Precision Grip Toenail Clipper for Men

by Tweezerman

The Ultimate Grooming Gear for Guys


Durable, heavy-duty blade has sharp straight edges to trim even tough toenails with precision. Cuts straight across to avoid splitting. Comfort Grip. Case catches clippings and slides open to remove for easy cleanup. Disinfect between uses. Stainless steel.

Chris’ toenails are so much thicker than mine! He has ruined countless nail clippers and small scissors in his quest to keep those toe nails under control. The kids and I use clippers that came in a baby-care set I bought when Thomas was born and they work great for us BUT if Chris was to use them they would be all sorts of broken!

Over the years I have bought him many different clippers of varying brands, sizes and strength but it wasn’t until he tried the G.E.A.R Precision Grip Toenail Clipper for Men by Tweezerman that he was finally able to quickly and easily (and painlessly) clip his toe nails.


In the past, clippers would either be difficult to hold, not strong enough to cut through his toenails on the first try, or leave his nails jagged and split. The other issue would be his toenail clippings being shot all around the bathroom for me to have to find later for cleanup.



The G.E.A.R Precision Grip Toenail Clippers have changed all of this. We love how the case catches the clippings for easy cleanup, and no more searching for missing clippings. Because the case slides off easily, the clippers are easy to clean (disinfect) in between uses.


They are a really nice size, and easy for Chris to hold with his big hands. Sometimes the smaller clippers, even quality ones, are just too small for him to hold comfortably. This is not the case with the Precision Grip Clippers. The non-slid case also makes sure that Chris doesn’t lose his grip, dropping the clippers or slipping and cutting his toe.


What Chris liked the best was how smoothly the nail cutting mechanism worked, leaving his nails smooth and not jagged or cracked. I liked the sleek black design and that the case catches the clippings making cleanup quick and easy!

*TIP* For best results clip toenails after a shower so your nails are softer, and always wipe the blades clean when done.

One of the things that sets Tweezerman apart is that they really think about what their customers need, and having a Precision Grip Clipper designed especially for men is one way they show they listen.

This year for Father’s Day, show the man in your life that you care (and that you want your nail clippers back)! Give him the Precision Grip Nail Clippers, so he can have happy toes for summer!

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The G.E.A.R Precision Grip Toenail Clipper for Men by Tweezerman retails for $21. Also available: The G.E.A.R. Precision Grip Fingernail Clipper, which retails for $18. Available across Canada wherever Tweezerman is sold.

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