I have long been curious about Coconut oil. It sounds like a miracle product, good for both your insides AND your outsides: a multi-purpose product good for your skin, your teeth, and your health. After doing quite a bit of research, I decided to contact Skinny & Co so I could learn more about the benefits of using coconut oil. As someone with sensitive and allergic skin, with scent allergies, its hard to find products that I can use, so I have been trying to find as many natural products as I can in my quest to keep my skin looking and feeling great, with as little allergic reaction as possible.

With so many different coconut oil brands available on the market WHY does Skinny & Co stand out above the rest?

  • Skinny & Co is the original raw 100% alkaline coconut oil in the world
  • Handpicked
  • Wild-Harvested (not plantation grown)
  • Single origin, and single species
  • No chemicals, fillers, or preservatives
  • Cold-processed, not just cold pressed, using their patented Nutralock system
  • Hand pressed
  • Tree to table: they own AND manufacture their coconut oil. They do not buy from contract manufacturers, so they control their supply line (which helps to create a consistent product)


Benefits of using Coconut Oil

  • Coconut Oil is a healthy fat
  • Coconut Oil is the perfect full body moisturizer
  • Coconut Oil can be used in 100+ ways

Skinny & Co sent me 4 different products to test. The original coconut oil, whipped body butter, 3-in-1 facial oil and the peppermint oil for oil pulling.

Skinny & Co Coconut Oil

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Contains 100% Raw Coconut Oil.  This is a truly multi-purpose product. Some of the uses are as a skin moisturizer (body and face), and a hair conditioner. You can add the coconut oil to tea, coffee or smoothies, and you can use instead of butter or margarine or other oils (such as vegetable oil or olive oil).

As expected, the coconut oil has a really light and pleasant coconut smell and flavour. Its not at all over-whelming, but does have a distinct coconut flavour. Because it claims to be a multi-purpose product, I tested it out in several ways. I used it as a hand moisturizer, to condition my hair, on toast and in my coffee.

Out of the four products I was sent to test, this one is absolutely my favourite. I love how soft my hair is, and the light coconut scent is really lovely. The coconut oil made my morning toast feel almost indulgent. I used the coconut oil instead of sugar and milk in my coffee, and it was delicious. Smooth, satisfying, and invigorating. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually love the coconut oil! I think its going to become one of my favourite products.

Skinny & Co Body Butter

Contains 100% Raw Coconut Oil, organic almond oil, vitamin E and a blend of essential oils. Some of the ways that the body butter can be used are as an all over moisturizer, a hair mask and hair conditioner, as a shaving cream, and even to help sooth diaper rash.  It can help to heal razor burn, and calm inflammation, and like all of the Skinny & Co coconut oil products, it is non-toxic.

It does not say on their website what the blend of essential oils are in this product, but I smell lavender. The website says that this product has a light nutty scent, but all I smell is the lavender. Lavender is one of those products that I find is extremely common in products designed for sensitive skin which makes it really hard for me. I do have sensitive skin, but I also have a very bad allergy to lavender so I was not able to use this product. For someone who isn’t allergic though, I have a feeling its just as great as their original Coconut Oil. I will be giving this jar to a friend.

Skinny & Co Facial Oil

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Contains 100% Raw Coconut, lavender, roman chamomile and holy basil. This is a 3 in 1 product. Its a makeup remover, a cleanser and a moisturizer, and is one of Skinny & Co‘s top sellers. It can also be used as an overnight facial mask and even as a beard oil. Like all Skinny & Co‘s Coconut Oil products, there are no chemicals or preservatives added. It also boasts a long shelf life and it said to be non-irritating.

Unfortunately, the facial oil clearly contains lavender (its the second listed ingredient), so I didn’t even open this one and will be passing it on to a friend.

Skinny & Co Oil Pulling

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Contains 100% Raw Coconut Oil and organic Peppermint Essential Oil. It will not harm enamel (like acidic coconut oils will), contains no toxic solvents, chemicals or fillers and will not harm fillings or dental work.
To use, you swish one tbsp for 5-25 minutes like you would mouthwash but do not gargle or swallow. After swishing,  spit the oil in the garbage can, rinse and then brush your teeth as you regularly would. Its suggested that you do this two to three times per week.

Oil pulling is a controversial practice at best, but when used as a supplement to regular dental care can help freshen your breath, whiten your teeth, helps to eliminate plaque build up and can improve your overall oral health. Oil pulling does not take the place of regular dental care, and definitely does not take the place of brushing!

My first impression of this product was the wonderful peppermint smell. It smells like candy cane in a jar which to me is like Christmas in a jar. It smells so good! The taste is wonderful. Although very distinctly peppermint, its not overwhelming, and leaves my mouth feeling clean and refreshed after using. Because I am new to oil pulling, I started out with 5 minutes of swishing. I have been blessed with very good teeth (no cavities, no fillings, no dental work), and despite my coffee addiction my teeth are still naturally white (no teeth whitening products for this girl),  but I’m curious to see if the oil pulling will help whiten them up a bit. That is something I will have to keep an eye on, as I’ve only done the oil pulling twice so far.

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If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, Skinny & Co has some really nice gift sets available. The Beauty Box contains a little of everything: Lip tube, the coconut oil, raw soap, facial oil, whipped body butter and a bamboo spoon. Other gift sets include a Travel Kit, a Facial Kit, a Pedicure Kit and an Oil Pulling Kit. I can think of at least ten people that would LOVE to receive one of these lovely gift sets! They look beautifully packaged and ready to put under the Christmas tree!

If you would like to connect with Skinny & Co, you can find them on social media!


Disclosure: I received complimentary samples from Skinny & Co for testing purposes. Opinions in this post are my own and have not been altered or influenced in any way.