Try the World Michelin Holiday Subscription Box

Try the World Subscription Box

I really love the idea of subscription boxes like Try the World Subscription Box. I love being able to try new things before I buy, or to be able to try things that I otherwise would not have access to. I love how the subscription box service has spread out to include so many different things! Once upon a time it was just beauty items. Now the possibilities are almost endless! One of my favourite types of subscription boxes are food boxes.

Try The World  is an interesting subscription box service as each box contains 7-8 products from around the world.  I really like the idea of sampling foods from other countries. I am not at all an adventurous eater, so a service like this is great to help me step out of my safe zone and try something new!

Try the World Subscription Box

Receiving a Try The World Subscription Box is basically a blind tour. You don’t know what you’re going to get until it arrives at your door. Some past boxes include the Italy Box, and the Michelin Holiday Box (of which I was lucky enough to receive).

Try the World Subscription Box -1Try the World Subscription Box -2

Every box is a new discovery: Try the World cooked tapas with the Spain Box, meatballs and dumplings with the Sweden Box, and Steak au Poivre with the France Box.

Try the World Subscription Box -3


Signature Box

A curated selection of gourmet foods—including ingredients to cook with, drinks, and snacks—from a new country every month, plus a Culture Guide to help you create an authentic culinary experience at home.

Try the World Subscription Box -4

Starting at only $39 USD, Try The World is affordable. Shipping to Canada is $7 flat rate per box, and shipping is free within the US.

Try the World Subscription Box -5

Try the World Subscription Box -6

In the US, Try The World also includes a Snack Box and a Pantry Box. Also included is the ability to shop and buy some of the past products, including boxes.

Try the World Subscription Box -7

November’s Signature Box was designed specifically for the holidays. The Michelin Special Edition box arrived with holiday foods from around the world. Also included was an information booklet from Thomas Raquel of Le Bernardin, who was the curator of the holiday box. The booklet included all sorts of information about the items in the box including origin, possible uses, recipes and fun facts.

Try the World Subscription Box -8

Inside the Michelin Special Edition Holiday Subscription Box  were 8 different foods from different countries, including a Canadian addition that wasn’t a mystery to me. I was really impressed with the assortment of foods that arrived, and immediately started planning out how I was going to try everything. I was excited about some of the items (the Lemon Curd, and Hot Chocolate Tablets, for instance), and worried about others (specifically the Toffee as I do not like honey and Truffle Sauce), but I was a good sport and tried everything!

Try the World Subscription Box -9

Truffle Sauce by Giuliano Tartufi (Italy)


The Truffle Sauce was really interesting. I have never had truffles before, although I love mushrooms so I was really excited to try the Truffle Sauce. Included was a recipe for Truffle Dip, but I didn’t have any of the ingredients required to make it so I wasn’t exactly sure how to use the sauce so improvised.

I decided to try it on crackers as part of my New Years Eve snacks. It made a really nice savory addition to my plate, and would work well with a Tapas spread, and with a cheese plate. I regret not having any olives in the house, because it would have gone really well with a cheese and olive plate!

Suggested uses are to mix into dip, spread on crostini or fold into omelettes.

Pain D’Épices Baking Mix by Marlette (France)

The Pain D’Épices (spiced bread) mix was really easy to use. I’ve had spiced cake before so this wasn’t exactly new to me, but I found this mix had a very nice and mild aroma. To prepare, all that was required was 1/3 cup of milk, 1/4 cup of honey and the bake mix. I don’t like honey (I’ll mention more about my dislike of honey later) so I substituted molasses for the honey. I do happen to have mini loaf pans, and the mix was the right amount for one mini loaf pan.

Because I substituted molasses, my spiced bread came out darker and with a different flavour than if I had used honey, but it was really very tasty. It tasted great on its own, with the Lemon Curd and especially with the Date Spread. The package said it made 3 servings, and I was able to get 6 nice slices when I cut it.

Suggested uses are to serve with pâté, top with butter and jam for breakfast or serve with a cheese board.

Pineapple Cake by En Luen (Taiwan)

The Pineapple Cake. Where to begin. In my opinion, this was not good. The cake itself was very very dry, and half of it crumbled as soon as I opened one of the individually packaged cakes. The pineapple jam in the middle was weird. It was hard, and almost stretchy, not at all what I think jam should be like.

There was one good thing about the Pineapple Cake. I absolutely loved the little pineapple box packaging. After discarding the rest of the Pineapple cakes, I kept the box because its just really cute.

In Taiwan, this is a popular gift during the Lunar New Year. Suggested uses are to serve with tea, as part of a quick breakfast or to give to a friend for good luck.

Lemon Curd by Fox Gourmet (United Kingdom)

The Lemon Curd was by far my favourite item in the box. Included in the booklet was a Lemon “Soufflé” recipe by Chef Raquel. Because I don’t have a double broiler, and I didn’t have most of the ingredients on hand, I opted to make a batch of plain mini muffins to use with both the Lemon Curd and the Date Spread. The Lemon Curd worked perfectly with the muffins. My 9 year old also really enjoyed the Lemon Curd on the muffins, and ate almost the entire jar himself. Really, really delicious.

My only complaint with the Lemon Curd was that there wasn’t enough! I want more! I could eat this every day, and never get sick of it. It was the perfect mix of lemon, sugar and eggs, and tasted homemade and authentic.

Lemon Curd is a traditional accompaniment to English Tea, made popular in the 19th century. Suggested uses are to mix into a dessert, serve with scones or layer into a parfait.

Honey & Salt Toffee by Darling Sweet (South Africa)

Out of all the foods I received, the Toffee was the one I was most worried about. I do not like honey. I don’t eat it, I don’t cook with it, I don’t use it in my tea. Hate is an appropriate word for how I feel about honey. I hate honey. With apprehension, I tried the toffee and I did not like it. Because it has such a strong honey taste, its not at all surprising that I didn’t like it. The texture was good, the honey flavour was strong, and I’m just not a fan of honey.

Both my husband and my 9 year old really liked these though, so if you are a fan of honey, I’m sure you would enjoy these.

I did, however, like that the packaging is biodegradable.

Suggested uses are to enjoy the Toffee with coffee, melt and drizzle over ice cream or to simply enjoy as a midnight snack (or a snack any time of the day).

Hot Chocolate Tablets by K’ekua (Mexico)

My 9 year old and I love Hot Chocolate, and during the cold winter months we drink it frequently. I fully admit that we normally just boil water and use a powdered Hot Chocolate mix with the mini marshmallows in it. This hot chocolate is different as it has cinnamon in it and comes in the form of a hard tablet.

The Mexican Hot Chocolate tablets really interested me as I’ve never seen anything like it before. My first impression was really positive as the tablets smell amazing, and I love that the package I received is enough to make 8 to 16 mugs of hot chocolate. We like our hot chocolate chocolaty so this would be enough for 8 mugs for us! The mix of cinnamon and chocolate make for a very pleasant aroma.

It was really easy to prepare. The instructions say to use 1/4 to 1/2 a tablet to 1 cup milk so I used a whole tablet and 2 cups of milk. I followed the instructions, and when it came time to froth I used my wire whisk as I do not have a milk frother. We added some whipped cream to help cool it down and add some extra creaminess.

The Hot Chocolate has a much different flavour than our regular brand, but its rich and creamy with a really nice understated cinnamon flavour. This made for a really nice warm drink after an afternoon of sledding, and felt like more of a treat than our regular mug of hot chocolate is. It was very rich, and very satisfying!

Suggested uses are to melt into hot milk (like I did), indulge in a post dinner dessert, or mix with coffee for mocha! The package also suggests using the tablets to make desserts and other traditional Mexican dishes such as Mole or enjoyed as is like candy.

Date Spread by Yoffi (Israel)

I love dates, and this spread was really good. Included in the booklet was a Date & Honey Tart recipe. I didn’t happen to have a pie crust handy, and as I have mentioned I do not like honey, so instead I used the Date Spread on the plain muffins I made, and also the spiced bread that I baked.

The Date Spread was absolutely delicious, and tasted like a really good quality date jam. This was my second favourite item, behind only the lemon curd.

Suggested uses are to make a tart, add to a cheese platter, or spread on toast. I personally loved how this tasted on the muffins and the spiced bread, and I think This would have gone really well with our New Years Cheese Plate, and I would have included it but we finished off the jar before New Years!

Canadian Maple Shortbread by Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. (Canada)

Shortbread is one of my favourite holiday cookies, although I prefer the whipped variety.  These cookies reminded me of a traditional Scottish Shortbread, and I enjoyed them. Although the ingredient list includes pure maple syrup, I could not taste any difference in flavour from traditional shortbread. What I did taste was a rich, buttery shortbread that melted in my mouth. They tasted fresh, and were very satisfying, and got a two-thumbs up from even my pickiest son.

Suggested uses are to dip into coffee, top an ice cream sundae or to make a cookie sandwich. Personally, I enjoy shortbread as is with a cup of tea, and I added these onto our cookie trays for our holiday snacking.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with the Michelin Holiday Box, and being able to test Try the World. I found a couple of new items that I love, and a couple that I didn’t love, but it was really fun trying out foods from different countries, and learning a little bit about the holiday celebrations of other places.

If you are in the US you can start your Try the World Subscription Box journey with the Greece Box AND get the Sweden Box for FREE by clicking here!

Canadians, you can get the SAME Try the World Subscription Box offer by clicking here, with a flat rate shipping price of just $7 per box!

This is an AMAZING offer: two full boxes for the price of one! This is the perfect way to start your journey with Try the World Subscription Box and to get a real feel for the quality of foods you will receive each month!

I know the holidays are over for this year, but its never too early to think about holiday giving, and its never the wrong time to give a gift! A Try the World Subscription Box would make the perfect gift for just about everyone on your list! Fun, unique, and each month is an opportunity to experience a culture that may be very different from your own!

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To learn more about Try the World Subscription Box you can check out their website or visit them on social media.









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