Bomb-Logo  Bomb Energy Drink was originally sold to bars and restaurants in the format of a box in a bag which was dispensed on tap (such as a fountain drink). At the time, Bomb Energy Drink had 400 locations serving the tasty beverage. With expansion on their minds, the local duo wanted to become a fierce competitor within the retail industry. In 2013, the partners received the needed government approval which allowed them to sell Bomb Energy Drink in cans within retail locations across Canada.

It was at that time John and Rocky applied to meet the Dragon’s in the Den and pitch Bomb Energy Drink. Needless to say, the Dragons’ were hesitant on investing in an energy drink when there was already an established and very competitive market. In the end, the Dragon’s were “out”.


Dragons’ Den Original Pitch


Obviously a bit dismayed from their rejection from the Dragons’, John and Rocky never gave up and onward and forward they went to make their vision a reality.
At 1/3 the price of Red Bull, Bomb Energy Drink created an explosion within the Canadian market. Selling product from the back of their van became a thing of the past. Today, Bomb Energy Drink is sold in over 4000 stores and gas bars across Canada.


Bomb Energy Drink is the OFFICIAL energy drink of not 1, not 2, but 3 CFL Football Teams, which include none other than that Hamilton Tiger Cats.


Recently, the pair were approached by Dragons’ Den to appear on a segment as an update of past pitchers.


Dragons’ Den ‘Where Are They Now” Update

I often wonder what the Dragons’ thoughts are after hearing how well a company is doing after rejection.

I had the pleasure of meeting with a couple of the sales representatives when I attended the Itwal Show on March 26th 2015. I have to admit that I had walked by their booth a few times. Each time I kept staring at the backdrop (yes – the backdrop!! -lol-) and I totally recognized the brand and with every fiber in me I knew they were a past pitch on the Dragon’s Den. I approached them saying as much and I was right.


Bomb Energy Drink

I was asked if I was tired – lol- I really didn’t want to admit it but 6am comes early and I was a little “groggy” and with only one coffee in me, I needed a boost. They were more than happy and almost eager for me to have a drink of Bomb and offered me a can. I was surprised at how well it tasted and even more surprised at the lack of aftertaste, in fact there was none. I loved that it wasn’t sweet but a bit on the tangy side. I did feel a rush akin to having my first coffee in the morning.


I knew there was caffeine in the drink but was not exactly certain as to just how much. I was reading the label while I was savoring the tasty liquid and noticed a maximum of 2 drinks per day were suggested. I was told that the can contains as much caffeine as a medium sized cup of coffee. Well, anyone who knows me well can attest that I drink 10 times more than that a day, so the buzz the bomb would give me was a drop in the bucket by comparison. Good news is that I would safely be able to drink 6 bombs a day – woot!!


Bomb makes for a great cocktail and mixes well with vodka (So I’ve heard tell anyhow). Speaking of Bombs, “who asks for a Jager-Bull??? I’ve always known it as a Jager-BOMB”- haven’t you?


I’m going to try Bomb Energy Drink with some Vanilla Ice cream and vodka. With the orange flavour of Bomb and the Vanilla flavour to the ice cream I’m sure it would taste well, almost like a creamsicle. What an awesome treat on a hot summers day. – Come on Summer!!


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~ Christine