Tracker-Sitting PoseI have to be honest and say that even though I needed something to curb my dogs barking, I was hesitant on trying the collar on her as I didn’t want to hurt her in any way. I have looked for anti-barking devices and most I have seen are ones that you have to press a button on a remote. She has a high pitched bark and whine that can really echo through my head and often times can trigger my migraines. We used to live on a farm on 61 acres. She had the run of the area. She seldom to rarely ever barked. She is a happy go lucky little girl who just loves everyone and other dogs. That was until we recently moved to a much smaller home and we now have neighbours. We are still in the country but now she is confined to roughly an acre and a half. If she sees a rabbit on the other side of the fence she barks because she wants to chase it. The worst of her barking begins when our neighbour (and landlord) walk their 6 German Shepherds past our home (which are all off leash) and if they have litters of puppies they are tagging along as well. Tracker gets along with all the other dogs in our little valley except for these Shepherds. I am always afraid for her safety as you can well imagine.

Before ordering the collar I read everything about it as I wanted to be certain that it would in no way harm my baby. I was desperate and needed a solution to her barking and if anything to curb my migraines and keep my sanity. I was relieved to see that the collar gives two warning beeps prior to giving a shock. I was a little concerned about the fact that external noises MAY trigger the collar to activate but I am happy to report that it has not yet happened.

Tracker has been wearing the collar for about a week and a half now. It does work. Tracker spied a rabbit and the first time she barked and heard the first warning beep sound, it startled her. She came running over to me, sat by my legs and looked up at me as if to say “What the heck was that?! I was thinking to my self WOW!! that was easy. The collar worked like a charm. Tracker was not barking and she was not getting a shock so that made me very happy. Things were going really great until those darn Shepherds walked past our home.

Tracker started barking like a crazy dog past the first beep, then the second and then she felt the first jolt. She sort of whimpered (and boy did I feel bad) and she stopped barking. I started with the collar on the lowest setting but I found that the second setting worked best. I don’t think the jolt harmed her in any way but I think because she was surprised by the little jolt that is why she let a little whine. This went on for a few days and she even got to the second jolt but then she quickly learned by the first or second warning beep to stop barking. What I do like about this collar is that if she does get into that “red zone” where her focus is so strong that nothing will stop her from barking, the collar will stop working for a minute and not continuously shock my furbaby. I must say that I initially tried applying and using the short shock electrodes but I found that the larger ones worked better. They seemed to connect and stay more snug to her neck. I do find that I have to adjust the collar and check for tightness because she loosens it while playing or simply doing a shake of her head. I believe that it’s my user error though in that I have not quite got it through the fastener properly.


Since using the collar, my ears are happy but more so my head and my neighbours are happy as well now too.

Vastar Dog Bark Collar

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Price: $25.99 CDN  (As of April 26th, 2016)

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Vastar for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.