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Vichy Idealia Skin Care Routine

Introducing the NEW Vichy Idealia Skin Care Routine
For A Glowing Complexion
Smooth Fine Lines & Refine Pores

Vichy Idealia Skin Care

I looked in the mirror the other day – and I mean really looked at myself and I gasped. Boy am I getting old! I never really did pay much attention or see the changes to the skin on my face. I’ve always had nice, tight and youthful looking skin. These wrinkles, fine lines and dull complexion seemed to have happened almost overnight – but I know that it didn’t. I am going to be 50 in January 2019. It’s funny though, I gained a year a couple of months ago. I was talking with my son and I told him “wait until you hit my age – I’m gonna be 50 in January!” It wasn’t until about a week or so afterwards that it dawned on me – wait a second! I’m only going to be 49 in January. Heck – I must want to age and get to that 50 mark (lol). I have always taken care of my skin! I cleanse daily and I rarely wear makeup but that has been about the extent of my skin care regimen – for the most part. I have tried other skin care products but end up going back to my same old routine. I guess (foolishly) I thought that if I didn’t wear makeup, cleanse my skin daily and kept it moisturized, that everything else would take care of itself – I was wrong!

Sooooo, it’s time I started paying a little more attention to my face and sticking to a routine. I mean, after all, it is the first thing people see (and what I see staring back at me in the mirror). I started using the Vichy Idealia Skin Care Routine and here’s what I think!

Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to ME! I have never done that. All my energy and efforts have bee put towards others while leaving myself on the back burner. No More! I am going to look good to feel good, if not only for myself. It’s going to take some time and I know there are no “quick fixes”. I’ve been using the Vichy Idealia Skin Care Routine for just over two weeks now and I am already seeing a difference in my skin.

For Day Time

Vichy Idealia Skin Care Smoothness & Glow Energizing Cream
Vichy Idealia Skin Care Smoothness and Glow Energizing Cream

The first thing that will grab your attention is the scent. It’s amazing! Such a nice, light almost floral air about it. I love it! The cream is light, velvety smooth and non greasy. Fast absorbing and easy to spread too!

This formula is available for normal to combination and dry skin. Although I received both, I have been using the one for normal to combination skin.

Price: $45.00 for 50ml jar.
Available for purchase on the Vichy website.

Vichy Idealia Skin Care Radiance Booster Serum
Vichy Idealia Skin Care Radiance Booster Serum

I love this serum! A very little goes a long way. The first time I used it I did one full pump of the bottle onto my fingertips and found there was more than enough to cover and massage into my face two times over. Since then, I have used half a pump of the serum and it spread just great.

It’s non greasy and non sticky which I love too. I find after using it my skin shines and brightens almost immediately.

Price: $49.95 for 30ml bottle.
Available for purchase on the Vichy website.

For Night Time

Vichy Idealia Skin Care Radiance Activating Night Peeling Care
Vichy Idealia Skin Care Radiance Activating Night Peeling Care

When I initially went to use this product, I was thinking that it was some sort of liquid that would form a mask over my skin and that I would need to peel it off. I was wrong. This product is a liquid that, when added to a cleansing pad and run along the skin, will cleanse it of all the dirt and impurities that have accumulated on and into the skin during the day.

I couldn’t believe how much dirt it removed. I have been using it twice a day actually – once in the morning and once before I go to bed. I love that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight after use.

Price: $39.95 for 100ml bottle.
Available for purchase on the Vichy website.

Vichy Idealia Skin Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Care
Vichy Idealia Skin Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Care

The skin around my eyes are a hopeless cause – in my opinion anyhow. I have more than just fine lines. I have been using it in hopes that it will diminish a little bit of the deep laugh lines or crows feet that I had acquired over the years. One of the things I love about this product is that I do not have to touch it at all.

The applicator is made in such a way that the cream comes out of a little pin hole and with one little squeeze it pushes it along a smooth applicator that runs effortlessly and easily across the skin.

Price: $39.95 for 100ml bottle.
Available for purchase on the Vichy website.

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Just In Time for Christmas

A Mom’s Perspective has partnered with Vichy Canada to bring you this opportunity to win The Vichy Idealia Skin Care Routine! ARV: $220.00

Vichy Idealia Skin Care Routine Giveaway

There will be ONE(1) Winner

Eligibility: Canadian Residents Only  18+

End Date: November 11th 2017

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Disclosure: This giveaway is hosted by A Mom’s Perspective and sponsored by Vichy Canada.  A Mom’s Perspective is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I received a samples from Vichy Canada for testing and review purposes. Opinions in this post are honest, and my own, and have not been altered or influenced in any way.

Christine is a mom, a soon to be grandmother and a fur mom to one ‘fur baby’, a dog named Tracker who is never far from Christine’s side. A devoted gardener, during the spring and summer months Christine can normally be found tending to her flower and vegetable gardens. Living in Southern Ontario near Lake Erie, Christine enjoys spending time outdoors and is an avid hiker. She also loves doing small diy projects in her spare time.

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  1. Allie f

    I cleanse morning and night and exfoliate twice a week. Sometimes I use spot treatment for acne!

  2. Wendy Jensen

    What I do for my daily skin routine is to wash my face and neck then use a moisturizer before going to bed. Vichy Idealia can help me by refining pores.

  3. jan

    My routine has never been more than cleanse and moisturize, but I see that I am going to need a little more !

  4. Chantel Medeiros

    I would LOVE to try these products!! They sound amazing!!

  5. Anu Chopra

    I wash my face and apply moisturizer every morning to keep the dryness and wrinkles away … would love to try Vichy products!

  6. Elizabeth Nicholson

    Wash and moisturize twice a day

  7. Debbie F

    I use a serum and a moisturizer and I think that the Vichy daytime cream would help with my dry skin.

  8. Michelle T

    I am all about the moisturiser – I never leave home without it!

  9. Robin Pearson

    I don’t do a whole lot. I wash my makeup off with a makeup remover. In th morning i just wash my face with water and use another makeup remover wipe to make sure all has been removed. Then put on my makeup.. I would love to tryVichy products.

  10. josee b

    I skin routine always starts with cleansing then applying a moisturizer or a serum before applying make-up, Vichy Idealia can help minimize my fine lines around the eyes and give me an all around smoother looking complexion

  11. Judy hunting

    Cleanse, moisturizer and eye cream

  12. MaryG

    I cleanse and use a Serum + spf daily. This Vichy range would help me complete my routine and give me healthy looking skin for sure.

  13. Rhonda

    I am passionate about skincare. I do the works. Cleanser, toner, serums, face cream, eye cream and face masks. The Vichy Idealia Skin Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Care stands out for me!


    I like using vichy skin products for cleansing and a for a daily moisturizer routine

  15. Catherine Robichaud

    I cleanse and moisturize twice a day. I’ve been trying different products trying to find one that I can wear because I have very sensitive dry skin. I would love to give Vichy a try to see if it helps me.

  16. Gillian Morgan

    I use a mild cleanser and moisturize.

  17. ivy pluchinsky

    I use moisturizer and eye cream, and these products would help me to keep my skin nice. I think its important to use skin care products, especially as we get older.

  18. nicky

    I cleanse my face once or twice a day, and Vichy would help me pamper my skin and keep it feeling hydrated and smooth.

  19. Lynn Duchesne

    I am hopeful for more radiant skin reducing the fine lines around my mouth. My daily routine is a gentle cleanser, toner and day/night moisturizer.

  20. wobbles13

    I always use SPF lotion before i leave the house. The eye cream would probalby do wonders on my tired eyes!

  21. Leana

    I cleanse and moisturize twice a day and exfoliate once a week. I think this product would help me slow down the aging process!

  22. Jen v

    I use a day and night moisturizer as well as an eye cream at night. I would love to try Vichy Idealia.

  23. Stacie Humphrey

    I have always done the minimum. The quicker the better. Makeup removing wipes followed by a quick moisturizer. But now, I’m getting older. I’m seeing fine lines and age spots. I think this could really help me get on a better routine.

  24. phyllis cadwell

    I cleanse and moisturizer daily with a different brand but I have been thinking it is time for a change

  25. I wash my face and moisturize every morning end of the night. Vichy would help because these products sound amazing.

  26. I’m sure my wife would enjoy the prize package.

  27. This can keep my skin hydrated and cleansed

  28. Alison Braidwood

    At the moment I’m using Skinn and Elizabeth Grant (I need to stay away from the Shopping Channel lol). I’m liking them, as they’re both good for sensitive skin. I know Vichy is great for sensitive peeps, so I’m keen to try their skincare as well.

  29. Jolie

    My daily routine is cleansing and moisturizing morning and evening. Thank you so much for this amazing chance!


    I do use moisturizer daily and cleanse with a cleanser for my skin type. Vichy would help because it sounds very nice to use, light and not greasy, would make me want to use it as directed to help diminish my facial lines.

  31. Juliee Fitze

    I wash my face then use moisturizer .

  32. Audrey Skinner

    I wash and moisturize my face twice a day.

  33. wendy hutton

    with oily skin I cleanse in the morning, mid day and evening and Vichy could help with specialized cleansers for oily skin

  34. Nancy Montgomery

    I cleanse in the morning and at night and moisturize with a high SPF lotion.

  35. Bernice

    i wash my face , moisturizer every morning and before i go to bed

  36. CAROL ANN WESTBROOK trustee55

    My daily routine involves using mild soap, moisturizer, day cream, eye makeup and lipstick.

  37. Judy Cowan

    I wash my face, does that count? I really don’t have a routine but should start one so maybe Vichy could help me get started 🙂

  38. Rosanne Robinson

    My daily skin routine starts by washing with Olay Fresh Effects, pat dry, then spread Burts Bees moisturizer on my face and neck, followed by make-up.

  39. Sherry K

    Morning and evening, I wash my face, use serum, and moisturizer.

  40. Sherry K

    and Vichy Idealia products would probably make my skin so much better.

  41. My skin routine includes washing morning and night.I like to use a good quality moisturizer to hydrate my skin.That to me is most important.I like to use a good eye cream too and sun screen when I go outside. #Christmas #Vichy

  42. Shirley OFlynn

    I cleanse and moisturize daily. I am 48 and my skin is beginning to show signs of aging. Vichy can help to reduce some of those wrinkles and give my skin a more youthful appearance.

  43. Marina

    This is a good reminder to use these creams before bed, in the morning, to moisturize dry, older and wrinkled skin. Thanks!

  44. SweetPanda

    I use facial cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer in my daily routine. I think these could help as I start to have some fine lines developed on my face and I certainly want to have products which help to make them unnoticeable

  45. Janice Cournoyer

    I cleanse, use a serum, then a moisturizer. I think Vichy could help with my dull skin and fine wrinkles. I was reading the reviews and they were quite good.

  46. Dominic Cloutier

    Vichy sends me a lot of free samples so I love them! I use one of their night creams

  47. Janet M

    Vichy can help me with my dry skin and with its anti-fatique eye care. I would appreciate a good eye care cream.

  48. toni v.

    I wash and moisturize in the morning and at night.
    I think having the full lineup of vichy would make my skin glow!

  49. kristen visser

    Vichy can totally help my routine! I used to use it and then ran out and really don’t use much of anything other than moisturizer. My skin is definitely in need

  50. Renee V

    The applicator would be great!
    I put more skin care by hand – fingers.

  51. As of now I wash with oap and water and I would find that Vichy Idealia would help me look after my face better than I do now with fine lines and more

  52. Jennifer P.

    I cleanse in the morning and put on a moisturizer after my shower. In the summer I also put on an SPF daily. Vichy Idealia would help brighten my skin and hopefully make it look less old. I recently entered my 40s and have noticed a few more wrinkles and dullness.

  53. Guppy

    I have had a regular routine of cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize since my 20’s. As I age (I’m a touch older than you) I have found my skin texture could use a tune up. I think the Vichy Idealia Skin Care Radiance Activating Night Peeling Care would benefit me!

  54. Jenn

    I currently just cleanse and moisturize twice daily. Vichy can definitely all to my skincare routine and help keep my skin moisturized and rejuvenated!

  55. Dana Miller

    My daily skin routine is typically just cleanse and moisturize with SPF year round. As I approach 49 also I think my skin would benefit from an entire regime using Vichy Idealia. I am excited especially about your review of the energizing cream and the eye care cream. I want smooth, glowing skin.

  56. Tainan Lu

    I skin routine always starts with cleansing then applying a serum

  57. erin n

    I really want to try Vichy Idealia! I currently just wash my face and then moisturize.. but I have been wanting to try more, and Vichy stuff looks great!

  58. Vivian Dionne

    I usually cleanse my face and then use moisturizer. I use a night cream before bed. I could really use this anti-aging regimen to protect my skin.

  59. Dianne Arsenault

    I do use abdaily and nighttime ,oisturizer but these Vichy products seem to be amazing

  60. Lori P

    I usually use a facial brush with a mild cleanser, sometimes followed by serum, but always followed by moisturizing lotion or cream, depending on the season.

  61. Vivian T

    I use a good skincare routine and love to try new products too like Vichy!

  62. Carole D

    My skin routine starts with cleansing then moisturizer! Would love to try Vichy Idealia Skin Care. Thank you

  63. Kevin B

    I dont do anything special, other than wash in the morning and night, and use a moisturizer during the day. The Vichy Idealia would help with my dry skin

  64. Heather Swanson

    I use a daily moisturizer & this new product would help combat the dry winter air

  65. Calvin F.

    Would help shrink my pores and keep me feeling my best. I could use the product after washing my face at night. I would probably give it to my mom to use if I won though

  66. I have been using home made face cream for the day and coconut oil for the night. My skin is starting to get alot of wrinkles. I will be 60 in a year and a half. I am going at it with a fight to banish wrinkles. I could use all the help I can get.

  67. Julie R.

    I use a cleanser and serum, but I would like to even out my skin tone and brighten my complexion. Dark spots are an issue. I hope Vichy can help with that!

  68. Joanne C

    I wash and moisturize my face at least once a day. Sometimes more. I also exfoliate regularly.

  69. Lindsey

    Generally I remove makeup/wash my face, sometimes I use a mask and then moisturize. I also apply an astringent. I could use a good night time moisturizer though.

  70. loriag

    I have a pretty simple skin care routine, wash moisturize. Vichy Idealia could help with the wrinkles as I am pushing 50.

  71. Soniap

    My friend just told me to always use toner as it helps with absorption of night time creams. I have started to do this. And would love to try these products for my fine lines.

  72. Jennifer ODay

    Daily mosturizer and spot treatment…. This skin system would really allow me the treatment my face needs!

  73. Karla Sceviour

    I cleanse,tone and moisturise! I`ve tried the Vichy Idealia serum before and loved it. The rest sounds great, It would help to make my face bright and smooth again.

  74. DebP

    I clean my skin morning and evening, with a cleanser and moisturizer. I also use a serum, and would incorporate Vichy Idealia in order to combat wrinkles.

  75. Elizabeth Vlug

    Since I hit 50 more than a few years ago, (62 now) I am all about skin care. Like you, I wear very little makeup. My routine right now includes Cetaphil as a cleanser, a toner and I moisturize like crazy. Love trying new products, and haven’t tried Vichy yet although I have had my eye on the Vichy Idealia Skin Care Smoothness & Glow Energizing Cream. Thanks for your review, videos and of course the chance to win this. ps. Why are we so hard on ourselves, you look great girl!

  76. Kathleen L

    I’ve tried a different line of Vichy – Aqualia. It was super rich. Definitely a good brand of products

  77. Ophelia C

    I wash and moisturize my skin! Vichy has great products that can help me do this better!

  78. Huguette E.

    I cleanse, use serum and moisturizer with SPF .. would love to try their product!

  79. 409cope

    I cleanse, tone and moisturize morning and night. These products could help me with my fine lines and dry skin.

  80. Louann Bell

    I cleanse and use a moisturizer. It would be nice to try something new like this to see if the results are better!

  81. Donnas

    I moisturize in the morning and before bed. I think my skin looks pretty good (I’m 60 years old now). My mother bought me moisturizer when I was about 18 and told me to use it every day. Good advice Mom. thanks.

  82. Cathy C

    I usually just wash my face with water and mild soap and then put a moisturizer on for night time. As my skin ages I need a better routine which Vichy Idealia could help keep it looking better.

  83. I wash and use a serum then moisturizer. Also eye cream at night. I would benefit from using these products as they are very reputable.

  84. Carol M

    I cleanse and use a mosturizer and eye cream at night. I would benefit from these products as you made them sound almost effortless to use. I’m basically lazy at heart.

  85. Kris Ziegler

    My routine is simple just cleanse and moisturize!

  86. Debbie White Beattie

    My day routine is; I use my cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum and then my SPF 30 day cream. My night routine is cleanser, eye cream and then night cream.
    Vichy can help me because I always do my skincare routine and I’m always trying to find the products that give my skin the absolute best results so I look great and I can try to fight the signs of ageing as long as I can.
    Vichy is a product line that I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet. So I would love to know how well it would work for my skin.

  87. Melinda

    I cleanse, moisturize and I use a anti aging serum. Vichy has products for all my routine! Thank you for the chance to try this fabulous brand!

  88. Jenny B

    I mainly use drugstore brands so Vichy would majorly upgrade my skincare regime! I think I would see a lot of improvement because of the quality of their products.

  89. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    So far I have only ever washed my face with soap and water so this might actually be great for my skin and for me 🙂

  90. Amber Y

    Right now my skin care routine is to just wash and moisturize once a day. I think using this routine would help me get a head start on the small problems i have forming before i look back with regret. I really like the simplicity of the Vichy Idealia Skin Care Radiance Activating Night Peeling Care.

  91. Suzanne G

    I wash with a cleanser then apply a couple of anti-aging products from The Ordinary and then apply a sunscreen. I am always open to trying new products and I know Vichy makes quality products and would love to see if it could help my aging skin.

  92. louise

    I moisturize ever day using SPF I think this product would help me with my wrinkles

  93. Tony Tremblett

    So important to take care of our aging skin.

  94. would love a complete routine

  95. Lisa R

    I use micellar water because it’s easy. I would use Vichy routine to take better care of my skin.

  96. Marlene J

    I cleanse, tone, moisturiser(day/night cream)serum , use eye cream & scrub/mask once a week.
    This package Idealia has everything I would use in my routine.Would love to win

  97. Fiona Mullins

    I currently don’t have much of a skincare routine…so this would really help me!

  98. Melanie Hayes

    I have no routine right now but i am trying to build one

  99. Robyn Bellefleur

    I wash my face and then use Vichy Aqualia thermal gel every night before bed.

  100. I wash my face with a mild soap and water daily.

  101. Tabby72

    I don’t do much for my routine, just soap and water and a bit of night creme. I could really use the Anti-Fatigue Eye Care for the fine lines around my eyes!

  102. Jonnie

    I cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day. I feel like Vichy may be able to help even out my skin tone.

  103. Lisa

    I have been in a rut with my skincare, using the same skincare products for years. Vichy Idealia would be a huge step up and would help me with my fine lines and dull complexion!

  104. Irene

    I use a Serum, moisturizer and Eye Creme.

  105. Rosa Cross

    I don’t have much of a skin routine, just wash and go, so this would really help with my aging skin.

  106. Doreen Lamoureux

    Daily morning wash and facecream with spf. I think that the eye cream would be beneficial

  107. lori butler

    i cleanse and moisturize making sure my moisturizer has a SPF in it.

  108. sophie lapierre

    As I’ve receives a sample of this marvelous Idelia Vichy product, it really improve my skin within a couple of days that last the mini tube. The smell was sooo awesome too and it was really refreshing while I was applying. I love Vichy products so much, just can’t afford it unfortunately…Thank you for this awesome giveaway !

  109. tammy ta

    I never forget to wash at night and moisturize-I am using Olay products right now.

  110. Louise Smith

    This would be awesome to win I an getting up there in age so am looking for a great product to keep me looking good. I have always cleaned my face at night and moisturized.

  111. Florence Cochrane

    I cleanse and moisturize in the morning and at night. The Vichy products would be a great way to change my routine. I would love a peeling routine.

  112. Meekyung

    I cleanse twice a day, once in the morning before put on makeup, and once at night before go to bed

  113. Linda Svarovsky

    I moisturize daily and this would help with my routine.

  114. Trisha Y.

    I use an olive oil cleanser on my skin but no moisturizer and I probably should. I hate when my skin gets dry but most moisturizers make me break out. I would love to try the “normal to combination skin” like you did. As I age more, I notice my skin looks duller, need something to brighten me up!

  115. Kim K

    I cleanse and moisturize every morning and night. Use a mask weekly and sometimes I add in a serum. I need to add in anti-aging. Thanks for the chance.

  116. Sab Edwards

    I work as a cleaner in a food plant for a living so I get tons of food on me, sauce, etc…we literally clean with hoses and pressure washers..I’m a wonderful site at the end of the day from the hairnet and all of that LOL..I could use some pampering on my skin after having harsh chemicals on me

  117. Travelbuds

    I wash my face and once a week use a face scrub. I would love to try Vichy .

  118. Luisa

    I usually just use a cleanser and toner. This Vichy line would help target fine lines and give me a more youthful appearance.

  119. Charlene Lucas

    I cleanse then add a tinted cream with SPF included during the day and cleanse again at night. This full series of products would be helpful as I am starting to show some signs of aging and know that my current regime isn’t enough!

  120. Angela C

    Daily skin routine: wash rinse moisturize!

  121. Treen Goodwin

    My daily skin care routine , is to cleanse and moisturize , it would help with my combination skin and the fine lines i am starting to see 🙂

  122. Julie F

    I cleanse and moisturise twice a day, I would hope that the Vichy Idealia Skin Care Routine would help me with my very dry skin

  123. Jana Liu

    I use cleanser and moisturiser twice daily. I hope Vichy would help the dryness and dullness in the winter

  124. Paige Sharp

    I wash my face and I use a daily moisturizer

  125. Leeanne c

    I usually wash my face with warm water then apply moisturizer with spf for the the day and at night I wash it again and apply night moisturizer.

  126. i dont really do anything so having vichy would give me a nice new routine

  127. angela eagle

    I wash with water only and no germy wash cloth. my skin is sensitive and Im afraid to put out the money for an expensive routine only to find it doesn’t work with my skin. This prize would help me establish a new and better routine. I hear the product is easy on sensitive skin.

  128. Moonfish

    Oooh – hope these can help with sun damage!

  129. sarah alexis

    I am 40 years old and I have never had a skin care routine – isn’t that terrible???? I just use a regular moisturizer from time to time and that’s about it. I would love to try Vichy products – they look & sound amazing!

  130. l p

    don’t use anything other than mild soap and water and the skin is very dry. anything would be of help. thanks

  131. Erin McSweeney

    i believe that Vichy Idealia will help tighten and refresh my skin which will be an added benefit to my daily routine of wash,tone and moisturize

  132. KellyPC

    I have Miracle 10 but I’m too lazy to use it, my mama would love this Vichy set though!

  133. Annick Custeau

    I have dry skin so I do a mask once or twice a week. I exfoliate once a week. I clean my face every morning and evening. I use serum and day/night creams. I use eye cream when I feel like I need it. I’ve always wanted to try Vichy’s Idealia products!Thanks for the chance!

  134. Maritess

    I moisturize day and night as part of my skin routine. I need Vichy to keep my skin supple as I see signs of aging.

  135. Diane G

    I use Vichy Purete Thermale one step cleanser and toner daily. Vichy Idealia can help even out my skin tone.

  136. Haroon Khan

    I use cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer daily and I would love to try this line from Vichy to combat my fine lines as well as providing me with anti-aging benefits.

  137. karen petrychko

    I cleanse my face in the morning and in the evening. I use a daytime moisturizer with spf and a different nighttime cream.

  138. Heidi c.

    I cleanse my face morning and night and apply moisturizer with SPF during day and thicker, hydrating and rejuvenating one for overnight. Once a week, I apply a face mask.

  139. My cleansing routine is Noxzema every morning and at night and Nivea moisturizer at night ..good old faithful but now age is catching up to me and I absolutely need to change my routine and get something better to help with crow puffy eyes and and better cleanser to brighten my natural glow … ty for the chance and after reading your blog just makes even more interesting … fingers crossed and good luck everyone wootwoot keep up with your amazing blog

  140. Susanne McCarthy

    I cleanse and moisturize twice a day….would love some help from Vichy making my pores less visible!

  141. Mary Boudreau

    I wash and moisturize my face in the morning and before bed but it sounds like Vichy Idealia would be helpful to keep my skin better hydrated and maybe help with the fine lines around my eyes and mouth

  142. Marlene V

    I moisturize my face every night however, I definitely could be putting on some eye cream too! Vichy can help me keep some of that aging away from around my eyes!

  143. Catherine L.

    I use a mild cleanser and moisturize.

  144. Glogirl

    For my daily skin care regime, I wash, tone and moisturize. I think that Vichy Idealia could help me by giving me softer, smoother skin that is more radiant looking.

  145. Janet P.

    I always remove my makeup each night and moisturize day and evening. Vichy products are excellent for skincare.

  146. Tina L.

    My routine is wash and moisturize. Vichy could help me with my dry skin

  147. I have combo skin as I hit 55 this year – dry and wrinkly with oily patches. I think it would be wonderful to try a luxurious moisturizer like Vichy Idealia because it would target those fine lines!

  148. Erinn Lishman

    My daily skin routine is pretty simple- cleanse and moisturize in the morning and evening. As I’m getting a little older and my skin is showing those signs of stress and aging, this would be such a huge win for me! I’d love the chance to pamper myself a little!

  149. Victoria K

    Washing and sunscreen is applied daily – Vichy could help me get into a proper skincare routine.

  150. Amanda Latreille

    My routine is very simple, clean and moisturize. As I age I’d like to do more. This is an amazing prize for any mama. Good luck everyone

  151. I cleanse at night and I need a new routine badly.

  152. Chantelle Daigle

    I have a pretty simple skincare routine right now (Noczema for cleanser, Lubriderm for moisturizer) but this could definitely help my skin through our cold, dry Winter!

  153. BlessedTA

    I cleanse my face morning and night. I also exfoliate twice a week.

    This Vichy products will help keep my skin moist and youthful.

  154. Kay

    I cleanse, serum, moisturizer and wear spf .. I love serums of all types so would like to try the Vichy line .

  155. I cleanse & use moisturizer at night, then either just splash water on or use misceller water in the morning. My skin has developed ‘senior’ acne. Have tried numerous moisturizers but always breaking out. Vichy is a good product, perhaps this new one would work for me.

  156. Andrea

    I cleanse and moisturize. Vichy could help me by giving me softer skin!

  157. debra gray

    I wash my face morning and night sometimes I put cream on and some times I don’t.

  158. Karine

    I cleanse and moisturize everyday! This would be a nice addition to my routine!

  159. My daily routine is a gentle cleanser, toner and day/night moisturizer.

  160. Sunshine G

    I cleanse and moisturize in the morning and at night.

  161. Paula G

    I always wash off make-up before bed, then apply a serum and a night moisturizer.

    In the morning, eye cream, a day moisturizer, and foundation containing SPF.

    These Vichy products look wonderful!

  162. Tina F

    I wash my face and neck twice a day and use mositurizing cream but I think its not doing the best it can for me. I think I would have a proper skincare rountine with Vichy .

  163. LisaM

    I basically do the bare minimum – wash and moisturize. I’d love to try an whole new “regime” !

  164. Sandra McG

    I use a Vichy 1 step wash and then I moisturize. I use a night moisturizer before I go to bed.

  165. Angelehm

    I noticed my skin has been changing , dull with fine lines and dry patches. I remove makeup from my face every evening with micellar water, rinse with ice water. I then apply a firming serum and then moisturizer for eyes , face , neck & lips. I have tried the Vichy Idealia Lip Plumping & I love it and carry a tube in my purse.

  166. Wanda B

    I cleanse my face every morning and evening. Vichy Idealia would be great for my skin because it’s such a high quality product.

  167. Lee-Ann

    Truthfully my skin routine is pretty plain. Wash and go. No makeup but if I do wear something I make sure to wash again. Sometimes I’ll add a moisturizer. Vichy could help with those crows feet that are starting to take over!

  168. Chantal Desroches

    I have been hearing good comments about these products! I would love to use them in my daily routine! I always cleanse my skin, morning and night. I apply a day /night cream every day. I use a serum as well. I apply a facial mask once a week. thanks for the chance!

  169. JoKing

    I have very dry skin all year long so maybe the Vichy Idealia Skin Care Smoothness & Glow Energizing Cream could help me.

  170. Julie Barrett

    I use a facial scrub in the shower on my face in the morning that’s for acne prone skin to reduce shine and I use an anti-shine moisturizer on my face under my makeup. In the evenings, I use a makeup remover wipe. Then I use a face cleanser for acne prone skin. Then I use a zit cream for spot treatment. Sometimes I’ll use a toner on my nose to eliminate blackheads. Then I apply an anti-aging serum to my forehead, between my eyebrows, brow bone and around my eyes. I think the Idealia line by Vichy would help reduce the fine lines that are starting on my forehead, between my eyebrows and around my eyes. Hopefully it would help my skin look tighter and brighter as well!

  171. Susan J.

    Clean face and use moisturizer with SPF 30

  172. I do a lot for my skin. I cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate and mask. I tried some samples of this Vichy line, and my skin loved it. Since I’m in my early 30’s, age this line was formulated for, I think it could do wonders for my skin in general.

  173. Dana Orgnero

    Definitely not as much as I could be doing. I currently wash my face and I moisturize. I just celebrated my 35th birthday and am starting to notice signs of aging.

  174. I have aging skin and have been diligently trying to find a product that really makes a difference to my skin. Would love to win this and see if Vichy will be “it”.

  175. Marilyn M

    I cleanse tone and moisturize I think Bichy could help me with my dry skin

  176. Linda

    I could use some good product to cleanse my skin at night. Right now I just splash water.

  177. Mandy

    I do very little for skincare routine currently. I use daycream and eye cream and occasionally do a mask.

  178. Donna L.

    I wash my face with soap and water and use a moisturizer. Vichy might help reduce my fine lines and wrinkles.

  179. Pat Drouillard

    Wash and moisturize once a day.

  180. Tara Betterley

    I don’t have much of a routine, I moisturize in the morning and at night I use moisturizer wipes to remove my makeup. That is it.. I would love Vichy to enhance my routine and help with blemishes.

  181. marie s

    I am a huge fan of Vichy. I moisturize mostly during the morning and every time I take a shower. I use the idelia and I do not get any reaction. I would love to try more of the Vichy line.

  182. Debbie Petch

    I wash my face with soap and water. I use rose oil on my face before I go to bed.

  183. Rebecca G

    i moisturize. vichy can help prevent fine lines

  184. Ami b

    I moisturize all the time and I love trying new creams. I’ve been eyeing vichy for a while and would love to try.

  185. Michelle Dimmock

    I cleanse, moisturize Never wear make up

  186. wobbles13

    i wash and wear face cream with spf

  187. Darci Paice

    I wash, exfoliate and moisturize I would LOVE to try Vicky Serum!

  188. Marina

    I would use these products instead of using plain soap and water in the morning to wipe oil and dirt off my face, and a nicely-scented Vichy cream instead of a boring one overnight.

  189. Sandra Tuplin

    I love the feel of the Vichy cream and it smells great also.

  190. Annie Carson

    All I have ever really done is, cleanse and moisturize. Now that I’m getting older, I’m in need of trying something that really helps reduce the look of fine lines. Thanks for the opportunity!

  191. Rebecca

    I cleanse every morning and night and use toner and moisturizer. I have been eyeing up the Vichy serum

  192. Amie

    I wash my face , put on moisturizer , i have tried a few things , my skin is dry and needs help !

  193. Aimee

    I do very little, could use some skincare advice

  194. Angela September Smith

    I LOVE Vichy products and have used them for years!
    my routine is pretty simple … wash my face in the shower and put on my vichy cream so my skin doesn’t dry out in this harsh weather!

  195. Theresa Jones

    I never use soap, but I do use an exfoliant regularly and toner every day.

  196. Jules Mills

    I currently use all in one wipes and moisturize. It’s been a long time since I have been able to use a good regime on my skin! This would be a blessing!

  197. Amanda Fontaine

    All I do is rinse my face in the morning and wash it with Dove soap in the evening. I am entering this contest to win to put into a Christmas Hamper for a deserving Mom.

  198. Sean M

    No facial routine here, so anything would be helpful

  199. Caroline Lozinski

    I just use a green tea tree oil cleanser fro the body shop and could really use some of this to cleanse and moisturize!

  200. Julie A.

    My current routine is to wash my face with cleanser every night and put on vitamin c serum. Mornings I wash my face with water and apply sunscreen. Love the idea of adding the Activating Night Peeling Care to my evening routine to make sure I’ve removed absolutely all dirt and impurities.

  201. Heidi Pawluk

    My daily routine is very simple, wash my face with soap and water, use a good moisturizer during cold winter months and during summer months use a mositurizer with a good SPF rating

  202. Lori

    I use cleansing wipes, and moisturizer. Would love to try something different.

  203. Erica Seaman

    I wash my face, use eye makeup remover and moisturize. I think Vichy Idealia could help my beginning signs of aging.

  204. Viv Sluys

    I don’t really have a daily routine at this point of my life.

  205. Tracy D

    I cleanse and moisturize morning and night, and sometimes do a mask or other treatments. I’d love to try the serum, winter is coming, and my skin gets so dry.

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