I caxtava Anemone Hair Dryer-3n not count the amount of hair dryers that I have used in my 47 years of life. Some I had spent a pretty penny on and were great while others were a true disappointment. Others were inexpensive and just did the job. I couldn’t wait to put the xtava  Anemone Hair Dryer to the test

This feels like deja vu! Once again everyone gets to see my ugly mug drowned rat right out of the shower look.  We’ll stick to a small picture this time around as not to scare anyone. With my hair being so thin, I have to work quickly as the air dries tends to dry my hair really fast, more specifically my bangs and outer layer that is more exposed. It’s the underside that can take a quite a bit to dry naturally.

xtava Anemone Hair Dryer-1

This is where the use of a hair dryer comes into play, especially if I am pressed for time, going out somewhere fancy or I just want to have my hair style and feel pretty for the day.

Before I proceed, I want to disclose that the hair dryer was NOT turned on while taking the photo. Also, I had dried my hair about half way and then took the photo. Why? Great Question!. You see, the electrical wiring in my rented home is less than ideal. The hair dryer kept tripping the breaker and hence I needed to test the hair dryer using an outlet located in another room which has less than ideal lighting.

xtava Anemone Hair Dryer-3

Product as described by the Seller
The Anemone hair dryer features a compact, ergonomic design and a super chic and colorful air intake filter reminiscent of its namesake flower. Named for the Greek word for “wind flower,” alluding to its salon-grade 1875W DC motor and powerful airflow, the Anemone does not compromise on effectiveness. Equipped with the latest in ionic technology, hair is protected from dryness and damage thanks to gently moisture-reserving, static-neutralizing and frizz-controlling ions. The penetrating heat rays target the innermost layer of hair, delivering speedy results and therefore less hair-to-heat contact to protect your strands.

Uniquely Designed – The Anemone features a one-of-a-kind, colorful floral inspired air intake filter
Smart Heat – Ionic heat deeply penetrates inside the hair for less damage and faster results
2 temperatures, 3 speed settings and a cool shot button adjust heat to best suit your hair type
Concentrator Nozzles – The Anemone comes equipped with a pair of detachable concentrator nozzles designed to smooth and style hair with ease
As practical as it is stylish, the Anemone is compact and ergonomic for effortless styling

Yes, a lot of fancy wording and describing but what I and I believe YOU are interested in is this: Does it Work? Is it worth the cost? Is everything that is being described TRUE?

The xtava  Anemone Hair Dryer is definitely everything as described.  

With my hair being so thin and normally dry and brittle, whenever I use a hair dryer it tends to frizz and fly away. It at times reminds me of touching the static ball at the Ontario Science Centre. Okay, mayyybe not THAT bad but bad enough. -lol-

Also, even though my hair is thin, it can take some time to dry with a hair dryer. Perhaps the dryers I have used in the past just were not putting out the amount of heat needed, I do not know.

What I do know is this.

My hair did not take as long as usual to dry! Which I loved! I really hate standing in my bathroom in front of the sink for what seems like an eternity. Staring into my mirror as I watch my hair blow around like I was standing outside in a gale force wind. My legs gets tired and cramped to where I, more often than not, say forget it and turn the hair dryer off and let air and nature finish the job.

I don’t know about you but I have experienced this in the past. Have you ever finished blow drying your hair and once you are finished you touch something or begin to gently stroke the brush through your hair and all of a sudden you get that tell tale zap like you just walked across the carpet and touched the cat? Yes, that has happened to me before. -lol-

My hair was not fly away and frizzy or full of static electricity after using the xtava  Anemone Hair Dryer and to me that was the icing on the cake.  I believe one of the reasons why was the feature of the Cold Shot button. Designed to give your hair a blast of cool air thereby diffusing any static. Love love that!

A great feature of this product is that it weighs just over a pound so it is lightweight.

The packaging is beautiful and the hair dryer is tucked tightly within.

xtava Anemone Hair Dryer-4

xtava Anemone Hair Dryer-5

This I have to say is the BEST feature of the hair dryer as far as safety goes. It has a TEST and RESET built right into the plug.

xtava Anemone Hair Dryer-6

I really loved all the features and using the xtava Anemone Hair Dryer and to me it is worth every penny in my opinion.

xtava  Anemone Hair Dryer is available on Amazon.ca

Price: $60.00 CDN  (As of April 20th, 2016)

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Xtava for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.