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xtava Black Silk Straightener #xtcanada

xtava Black Silk Straightener-3I have used other straighteners in the past but I couldn’t wait to test xtava’s Black Silk Straightener. I love comparing products against others I have used and I was excited to see if the xtava Black Silk Straightener reached or even exceed my expectations.

This is me. No make-up, no nothing and no blow dried hair. Right out of the shower after the air has done that job for me. My hair used to be straight as a board, that is, until after I had children. It began to go wavy and resemble a bad perm that was on it’s way out. Now, I need to straighten my hair to have it resemble what it used to look like naturally.

xtava Black Silk Straightener-6

My parents were not the shutterbugs and hence I have very little photo’s of me as a child. That said, you can clearly see here, not a curl in sight. Oh and I was more on the blonder side as well (my hair began to darken in my early 20’s).

xtava Black Silk Straightener-7

Product Description & Claims

When the Black Silk Straightener is initially plugged in and turned on, the led temperature reading will be 350°F.  Simply pressing the – or + buttons will increase or reduce the temperature. I was truly impressed at how fast the flat iron reached my target heat temperature. I watched the temperature indicator as the numbers raced by quickly. It seemed like a matter of seconds and my target of 410°F was reached. Even though it was claimed that the Black Silk Straightener was quick to heat, I really was expecting to be sitting and waiting. I was proved wrong in my assumption. I like when I am proved wrong as it means that the product’s claim is correct!

xtava Black Silk Straightener-4

I loved the length of the cord.  The extra length leaves you with a free range of mobility. The ability to move steps away from where you are standing in order to reach and grab something (like a brush, comb, hair spray or your cell phone). It is a truly great advantage when the outlets are further away than what would be ideal. It allows for movement and being comfortable in the fact that you won’t be pulling the cord out of the socket or worse yet, losing grip on the flat iron with the slightest turn of your arm. I have done that in the past with other products that had much shorter cords.

When the Black Silk Straightener is initially turned on there will be a smell as it heats up but that goes away, I found anyhow. My hair did not have any visible “steam” rising from it as I was styling it. Also, my hair did not burn!! The plates heated my hair so it would flatten, however, it was not so much that the heat remained in my hair afterwards. My hair quickly cooled down and was not hot to the touch as I have experienced with other flat irons. This is a result that I really loved.

The Black Silk Straightener comes in a beautiful box and accompanied by a just as nice travel bag. The product will arrive packaged within a satin looking box with another similar styled package within.

xtava 001

With just a flip of the lid, the Black Silk Straightener will be found inside along with the Heat Resistant Travel bag. You will see the metallic tin foil resemblance inside. This is what makes the bag heat resistant. I can travel anywhere around the world and safely use the flat iron knowing that the voltage will be compatible with the Black Silk Straightener wherever I am.

xtava 002

While styling my hair, I had a knock at my door. I sat the straightener down and ran. After all, it could have been the UPS or FedEx man paying me a visit!!! I neglected to turn the straightener off. It turned out to be a neighbour coming to visit and was side tracked for over an hour. I totally forgot about the flat iron until my company had left. It was then a big gasp came over me and I ran to the bathroom. Sure enough, the Black Silk Straightener was shut off – totally. Needless to say I did have a huge sigh of relief.

While I do love this feature, I wonder if there would be a day when the technology would be reached where the shut off time would be in the 5-10 minute range. Perhaps a sensor of sorts that could detect movement of the straighter or a sensor to detect that I was no longer using the straightener as it would not be able to sense my hair within the plates.

It’s not that I am worried about a catastrophic fire, but less hydro used is less money spent by me. Yes, I love being green.

The handle is very comfortable to hold. There is no heat that you can feel on the outer side of the flat iron, even at the highest temperature. Actually, come to think of it, I really didn’t feel any heat at all unlike with other flat irons I have used in the past where the heat can be felt while holding the flat iron and even in the hair strands after I was done styling. I felt very safe using the Black Silk Straightener.

While I personally do not understand the whole technological aspect of the product, what I do know is this. My hair is thinner than it used to be, dryer than it has ever been, dull and I might say – no – I will say that most days it feels like horse hair. As I have aged my hair has lost it’s softness and shine. After using the Black Silk Straightener off and on for the past 2 weeks, I noticed that when I styled my hair there was a definite shine to it and it did feel softer.

xtava Black Silk Straightener-1

Lucky me!! Now that the hubby has seen and felt my hair, I will have to straighten it everyday -lol-

xtava Black Silk Straightener-2

I really loved using the xtava Black Silk Straightener and to me it is worth every penny. There is a saying ” you get what you pay for”. While in some cases, this can be very untrue, however, the xtava Black Silk Straightener is worth it in my opinion.

xtava Black Silk Straightener is available on Amazon.ca

Price: $115.99 CDN + $9.98 shipping CDN (As of April 18th, 2016)
Note: Not eligible for Amazon Prime.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Xtava for testing purposes. My opinions are my own and have not been altered by any influence in any way.




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    Thank you for sharing your experience with the Xtava hair straightener! Your hair looks really good and I wud love to try them on me!!…
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