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Sonic Underground Collector’s Edition Vol 2 #Giveaway

Sonic Underground Collector’s Edition

Volume 2  – 3 Disc Set NOW on DVD

sonic underground

 Join Sonic (voiced by Family Matters Jaleel White), and his siblings, Sonia and Manic, as they fight to be reunited with their long-lost mother, Queen Aleena. In this second and final set of episodes, we return to Dr. Robotnik having his sights set upon Queen Aleena’s crown jewel, which glows as it moves closer to her. Sonic, Manic, and Sonia need to recover the jewel before Dr. Robotnik does. They need to do this not only to find their mother but also to protect her from Dr. Robotnik. Will they succeed? When they aren’t battling Dr. Robotnik and his henchmen, Sonic and his siblings make time for their rock band, Sonic Underground. With over seven hours of content, this final set is sure to showcase all the best Sonic episodes from the tunes to the great battles. Based on the popular SEGA video game character, this Sonic the Hedgehog collection is a must-have for all Sonic fans!

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Shark Genius Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaning System

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System
Shark’s Smartest Steam Mop Ever

Shark Genius Steam Mop

The Shark Genius steam mop is designed with hands free cleaning in mind.

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Black + Decker Lithium Stick Vac with ORA™ Technology 24V MAX

Black + Decker Lithium Stick Vac with ORA™ Technology 24V MAX
Makes Cleaning up day to day messes Fast and Easy

BLACK + DECKER Lithium Stick Vac with ORA Technology 24-Volt

The Black + Decker Lithium Stick Vac with ORA™ Technology is lightweight and maneuverable with lasting suction power.

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Pamper Her with a Live Clean Mother’s Day

Live Clean Mother’s Day

Live Clean Mother's Day

Shower the woman in your life with Live Clean plant and naturally derived hair, skin and body products to enhance her natural beauty.

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Have a Relaxing Tea Moment on the Go with Libre Tea Glasses

Libre Tea Glasses
Perfect for the Tea Loving Woman on the Go

Libre Tea Glasses

Libre Tea Glasses make the perfect gift for tea lovers.

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Lipidol A New Skincare Lineup from the makers of BioOil

From the Makers of BioOil

Have you heard about Lipidol? The five new skincare oils to cleanse and moisturize the face and body? The lineup includes Cleansing Face Oil, Cleansing Body Oil, Overnight Face Oil, After-Shower Oil and After-Shave Oil. These oils contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin and are lightly scented with essential oils.

Lipidol-Makers of BioOil-ShoppersDM-Walmart-CanadianLineup
This year for Mother’s day spoil the special woman in your life by giving her a mini spa experience at home with her own set of Lipidol Oils.

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The Sock Panda: Let’s Start a Conversation & Help Give Back!

Quality Made, Fun Socks

Start a Conversation with The Sock Panda

sock panda Have I mentioned The Sock Panda before? YES! I have, and you can check it out here. When I’m thinking gifts for those I love, I love to include my favourite products. I want to share the things I love most with the people I love most! Makes sense, right?

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Balmshot: A Better Designed Lip Balm For Mother’s Day

Balmshot – A Better Designed Lip Balm


I am going to revisit one of my favourite “beauty” products from last year. Balmshot. This isn’t my first mention of Balmshot lip balms. My previous review can be found here. We have been using these lip balms now for almost 6 months, and we love them more than ever.

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SteamMachine 53 by Homeright: A Better Kind of Clean #EarthDay

Just in Time for Earth Day AND Mother’s Day

SteamMachine by HomeRight: A Better Kind of Clean


SteamMachine: Get the most out of this chemical free multi-purpose steamer by using the attachments to disinfect and clean floors, stovetops, ovens, kitchen counter tops, bathroom fixtures and barbecue grills. The SteamMachine leaves behind no chemical residue and kills 99% of all germs and bacteria including; e-coli, salmonella, and staph. Use the steam mop to disinfect your hard floor surfaces; such as tile, vinyl and linoleum. The high pressurized steam blasts the surface and the cleaning pad wipes the surface clean. The SteamMachine canister comes equipped with two wheels to move with you as you clean. The SteamMachine uses pressurized, high temperature, steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, grease, grime and kill bacteria. 8 Piece accessory pack included with this model SteamMachine. Optional wallpaper steam plate available under part number C800893 (not included). Easy to use, just add water!

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The Lightsaber Collection from Pangea Brands: Summon Your Inner Jedi This Mother’s Day

Pangea Brands Lightsaber Collection

Prepare Food and Eat Like a Jedi


Growing up, Star Wars was a huge part of my movie watching experiences. I remember when Return of the Jedi was released to theatres. My sister and I must have made our Dad take us to see it at least 5 or 6 times at Studio 82 on Heritage Drive.  Studio 82 closed down in 1986 – but the sign is still there. I have some awesome childhood memories of going to the movies there with my Dad in the early 80s and seeing movies like Return of the Jedi. I am old school and prefer the original 3 movies, but I have to admit when I saw the Lightsaber products from Pangea Brands I did a little fan girl squeal.

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